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Live blog: Andy Murray in the Australian Open final — Andy Murray has roared into the final of the Australian Open where he faces Novak Djokovic. Can he beat the Serbian and win the Open for the first time? Sports writer Stuart Bathgate will be online on Sunday at 8am to discuss the match as it happens.
Feb 01, 2015

RT @TheScotsman: Andy wins the second set after another tense tie-break! Come on Andy! great play! Live Blog:

Feb 01, 2015

RT @ts_sport: Andy Murray's fiancée Kim Sears pokes fun at herself with this T-shirt #comeonandy Liveblog:

Euan McColm: Kim Sears’ profanity is like poetry — J UDGING by the reaction, you might've thought Kim Sears had done something terrible rather than something magnificent. As Andy Murray clinched the fourth set in his Australian Open semi-final on Thursday, television cameras - as they often do - turned to his fiancée. She was certainly excited.

Dani Garavelli: Scotland can let Nessie retire — IT'S WEIRD that in the very same week the Natural History Museum in London decided to evict its big, pretendy dinosaur from the iconic Hintze Hall, VisitBritain announced it was putting ours at the centre of a £2m advertising campaign.
Feb 01, 2015

RT @DaniGaravelli1: We should take our lead from the Natural History Museum + ditch our big pretendy dinosaur. My column on Nessie.

Andrew Wilson: Jim Murphy is selling snake oil — WHATEVER else you can accuse the new Scottish Labour leadership of they are certainly finding their voice again. They use it the way a child uses a new drum; loudly, indiscriminately and without any sense of rhythm. Their approach is disruption, not coherence. Labour's once stronghold country has turned its back and closed its ears to it.

Dani Garavelli: The enduring appeal of EastEnders — Duf, duf, duf... as the nation's favourite soap noir warms up for a 30th anniversary orgy of denouements, Dani Garavelli examines the enduring appeal of EastEnders THEIR faces expressionless, the figures drift as one through the night towards a city garden as a gate swings back and forth on its hinges.
Feb 01, 2015

RT @DaniGaravelli1: As EastEnders celebrates its 30th birthday with an orgy of revelations, I wrote this on its duf duf duf appeal.

SNP pushes for TV election debate in Scotland — THE SNP last night called for one of the three network general election televised leaders' debates to be held in Scotland. Tomorrow Nicola Sturgeon's party will meet with ITV and BBC representatives, who are in Edinburgh to fine tune details of the debates.

Rural Scottish cinemas get Hollywood treatment — DIGITAL technology is helping to revive the bygone days of the town picture house by bringing the latest Hollywood blockbusters to small Scottish rural communities. Across Scotland, satellite and superfast broadband internet technology is being combined with the latest digital projectors and tablet systems to give far-flung communities access to films the same week that they come out in city centre cinemas.
Feb 01, 2015

RT @SiobhanSynnot: Digital technology will bring week-of-release blockbusters and arthouse hits to far flung Scottish communities:…

Jan 31, 2015

Digital technology will bring week-of-release blockbusters and arthouse hits to far flung Scottish communities:…

A silent movie starring sheep: Aardman’s new film — SHAUN the Sheep has been given a new fleece of life in an Aardman film inspired by Jacques Tati AS YOU enter Aardman's studio area, you can't miss the 1950s science fiction movie poster of a woman towering over a tiny cityscape and figures, with a car in her left hand.
Feb 01, 2015

Inspirational posters are as important to Aardman as Wurlitzers are to Feathers McGraw. On set with Shaun the Sheep:…

Leaders: SNP’s abortion dilemma — Different strategy required for home rule agenda, and Nats must make plain how they will use devolved powers WHAT is the SNP position on the constitution? This is not a trick question - not yet anyway. The answer, of course, is independence.

Old Firm fixture a tale of Kenny Miller’s crossing — IF anyone wanted to do a pictorial study of the great Glasgow derby through the ages, all they would require to chart the recent period was to rake out various snaps of Kenny Miller. In the jousting between Celtic and Rangers, no player has sharpened his lance in more different guises than the 35-year-old striker.
Jan 31, 2015

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John Mullin: Justice is put in the dock — Jurors have cast doubt on the conviction of a Glasgow nurse for murdering patients. It wouldn't be the first time such doubts have led to innocent men being freed, writes John Mullin When my former BBC colleague Mark Daly goes about his business, it is always wise to watch, listen and learn.
Jan 31, 2015

And here's something a tad more serious.... John Mullin: Justice is put in the dock - The Scotsman:…

Gleneagles hotel set to go up for sale — GLENEAGLES hotel is to be put up for sale after owner Diageo said it had received "numerous expressions of interest" since last year's Ryder Cup golf tournament. There is speculation the five-star Perthshire resort could fetch more than £200 million.

Brian Wilson: The new culture of control-freakery — The story of Andy Scott's attempts to get funding gives a frightening insight into Quango Scotland, says Brian Wilson Anyone who wants an easy guide to how the Scottish quango system (or Quango Scotland as I will pithily rebrand it) operates should read the evidence submitted to a Holyrood committee by the sculptor, Andy Scott.
Jan 31, 2015

RT @jondewarjj: The SNP government is determined to make all arts and 3rd sector organisations pump out their propaganda.… #SNPout

Jan 31, 2015

Kelpies, quango Scotland, SNP 'control freakery', fears over speaking out against government @BrianWilson1967 opinion…

Film reviews: Big Hero 6 | Son of a Gun | Trash — ALISTAIR Harkness reviews the week's new cinema releases Big Hero 6 (PG) Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams Voices: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, TJ Miller, Maya Rudolph Star rating: *** Given the current dominance of Marvel and the resurgence of Disney Animation, there's a surprising lack of corporate synergy in this first big scale Disney animated adaptation of a Marvel property.
Jan 31, 2015

In @TheScotsman: why BIG HERO 6 isn't a Marvel + Ewan McGregor's Oz actioner SON OF GUN & the rubbish TRASH reviewed:…

Film reviews: Inherent Vice | Kingsman — A FOG of confusion envelopes this poignant adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's shaggy dog story, while Kingsman offers a gleefully violent and playfully subversive spin on a gone-respectable genre INHERENT VICE (15) Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Joanna Newsom, Katherine Waterston Star rating: **** With his previous film, The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson made a movie that intentionally or not worked as an article of faith.
Jan 31, 2015

In @TheScotsman today: I wrap my head around P.T. Anderson's INHERENT VICE & Colin Firth going kill-crazy in KINGSMAN…

Scotland’s weather: More snow, 70mph winds to hit — BLIZZARDS of heavy snow and winds up to 70mph will hit northern and eastern Scotland today and tomorrow, the Met Office said in its latest severe weather warning. The agency said more than 25cm (10in) of snow would fall on higher-level routes during the yellow - "be aware" - alert from 1pm today until noon tomorrow.

Jane Bradley: Supermarkets should check our errors — I'm a big fan of macaroni cheese and banana splits. So is my friend Laura and her family. A good job - as that's what they're going to be eating for ... oh, at least the next 18 months. Laura, who lives in rural Perthshire with her husband and three children, did her weekly online supermarket shop the other day.

Prince Charles household ‘beset by in-fighting’ — THE Prince of Wales' household is so riddled with backstabbing and in-fighting it is nicknamed Wolf Hall, a new book has revealed. Bitter rivalries led to the collapse of a multimillion-pound deal to house all of the Prince's charities under one roof, costing more than £100,000, the book claims. Charles: The Heart of A King, by Time magazine journalist Catherine Mayer, paints a picture of Clarence House as a household torn apart by turf wars.
Jan 31, 2015

RT @TheScotsman: Prince Charles' household riven with backstabbing and in-fighting, new book claims

'Just taking the car out for a spin' will never be quite the same again — REVERSING out of your driveway on a dreich winter's morning with parked cars obscuring the view is a daily stress for many motorists. But this could be the perfect solution: a driveway that spins 180 degrees, so that your parked car is always facing the right direction.
Jan 31, 2015

Car turntables for driveways are in the news today. Sounds familiar? Here's the first report by @TheScotsman in 2007:…