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Gordon Waddell: What is the SPFL hoping to achieve by seizing the SFA when it doesn't seem able to run it's own organisation? — IT'S like watching a helpless baby trying to run before it can even crawl. The SPFL is less than a year old. Still in its infancy. It clearly doesn't even know who or what it is yet. So what the hell is it aiming to achieve gunning for someone else's organisation when it doesn't appear ready to run its own yet?

SPFL to hijack the SFA in a secret plot to remove old boy network from Scottish football — Home News Sport Entertainment Lifestyle TV In Your Area Business SCOTTISH Professional Football League bosses are set to ignite a civil war in the upper echelons of Scottish football as they move to grab the under fire Scottish Football Association's power.
Very interesting story: “@GordonWaddell: Exclusive: another civil war looms for Scottish football...…