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This Video Will Melt Your Heart (and Make Your Day)

Dec 19, 2014

i thought this was cute but according to the 2 people listening but i guess it's not. #failingatlife

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The Record-Breaking Star of the Beer Mile Championships? A Lady Scientist — Shes a scientist, a runner and a fan of beer. No wonder she smashed the Beer Miles womens world record!
Dec 18, 2014

The Record-Breaking Star of the Beer Mile Championships? A Lady Scientist - SELF

The Subtle Change That Will Make Your Relationship Last Longer

Dec 18, 2014

This subtle change will make your relationship last longer (hint: it has to do with the little things)

The Key to Living a Longer Life (Hint: It's Not Diet or Exercise!)

The Top 20 #SELFMade Moments of 2014 — 3. The Prevalance of Kale and Good Old Green Juice Guys, it's no secret we love kale: The superfood has amazing powers, including cancer-fighting antioxidants along with doses of vitamins A, C, K and some protein, too. But we weren't the only ones singing the leafy green's praises: It seems that green juice was the go-to drink for 2014.

So This Is What Happens To Body Fat When You Lose Weight — Here's a health pop quiz for you: What happens to those extra pounds when you lose weight? If your answer is something along the lines of fat is converted to energy or heat, you're not alone.

Who Controls Childbirth? — That I am pregnant again is an act of either incredible optimism or mind-blowing amnesia. As the sonogram technician squirts jelly over my abdomen for my 20-week checkup, I think it's the latter. Watching this baby, who the tech tells me is a boy, I am not caught up in visions of his future; I'm caught up in visions of mine.