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Most Talked About Sky News Stories

Andy Warhol Originals Found On Floppy Disk

news.sky.com — Original artworks by Andy Warhol which have been lost for three decades have been found on Commodore Amiga floppy disks. The artist was commissioned by Commodore in 1985 to demonstrate the graphic capabilities of their flagship computer. The images have since lay dormant on floppy disks in the archives of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
RT @SkyNews: Artworks by Warhol which have been lost for 3 decades are found on floppy disks news.sky.com/story/1248397/… pic.twitter.com/gbvonzZHkp
Andy Warhol Originals Found On Floppy Disk. Original works lost for 3 decades have been found. news.sky.com/story/1248397/… pic.twitter.com/LtPEduw7wj

Gym Fees 'Could Stop Mortgage Approvals'

news.sky.com — Homebuyers could find themselves turned down for a mortgage because of their gym memberships, phone bills and pension payments, under new rules introduced this weekend, experts have warned. Mortgage advisors said new restrictions introduced under the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) would drastically increase the intrusiveness of checks undergone by applicants.
RT @MattBayleySky: Why gym membership, pension payments and using your mobile phone could damage your mortgage prospects by @EdConwaySky bit.ly/1lHEWHZ
Best excuse for being lazy I've seen all week... Gym Fees 'Could Stop Mortgage Approvals' via @SkyNewsBiz news.sky.com/story/1248067/…

Revealed: The 50 Streets With Slowest Broadband

news.sky.com — The 50 streets with the country's slowest broadband download speeds are revealed - but is yours one of them? A street in Essex has been named as having the slowest broadband in Britain - 30 times slower than the UK average speed.
Revealed: The 50 Streets With Slowest Broadband. Wheatley Road in Corringham, Essex is slowest at 0.6 Mbps. news.sky.com/story/1247908/…
RT @MattBayleySky: Live in Wheatley Road, Corringham, Essex? You officially have the slowest broadband in Britain says @tomcheshiresky bit.ly/1lHFnlp
Do you live on 1 of the 50 streets revealed to have slowest broadband? Or perhaps you can't see this... via @SkyNews news.sky.com/story/1247908/…

Blood Of World’s Oldest Woman Shows Life Limit

Is there a limit to life? Results are in from analysis of blood from world's oldest woman - bit.ly/1mIkrP7

F1 Boss Ecclestone To Face Bribery Charges

news.sky.com — Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone is due to appear in court in Munich at the start of his trial on charges of bribery. The trial could threaten his control of F1 and, if proven, could see him jailed for up to 10 years.
RT: “@pkelso: In Munich, for start of Bernie Ecclestone's trial on bribery charges. Some background to the case here news.sky.com/story/1248222/…
In Munich, for start of Bernie Ecclestone's trial on bribery charges. Some background to the case here news.sky.com/story/1248222/…
To Munich, for start of Bernie Ecclestone's trial on bribery charges. Some background to the case here news.sky.com/story/1248222/…

Pictured: RAF Jets Intercept Russian Bombers

news.sky.com — Pictures showing the moment two Russian bombers were chased away from Britain by RAF fighter jets have been released. The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev Tu-95 Bears, were spotted near UK airspace on Wednesday. They were turned away off the coast of northeast Scotland by two Typhoon fighters scrambled from RAF Leuchars.

Putin: Ukraine 'Crime' Will Have Consequences

news.sky.com — Vladimir Putin has warned there will be "consequences" if Ukraine has used its army against pro-Russian activists in the east. Ukraine's interior ministry said "up to five" rebels were killed in a military operation to clear the eastern town of Slavyansk on Thursday.

UKIP Member Suspended Over 'Repellent Views'

news.sky.com — UKIP Member Suspended Over 'Repellent Views'

'China's Twitter' Owner Loses Licences Over Porn

news.sky.com — One of China's largest internet companies has had two of its licences revoked by the Government because of online pornography. Chinese state media announced the blocking of some of the output of Sina.com, which runs the Weibo social media site, among others.

'Ukraine A Pawn In US Game Against Russia'

news.sky.com — Barack Obama has warned Russia could face "consequences" after accusing the Kremlin of not honouring an international agreement aimed at defusing the Ukraine crisis. The Geneva accord between Russia, Ukraine, the US and EU called for an end to violence in eastern Ukraine and compelled armed groups to surrender weapons and leave official buildings.
Russia has accused the West of instigating a "revolution" in Ukraine as part of a "geopolitical game" against Moscow. bit.ly/1ihbU3Y

Labour Looks At Breaking Ties With Co-Op Bank

news.sky.com — Labour is considering breaking its historic links with the struggling Co-op bank. The party has confirmed it is "reviewing its financial arrangements", but insists it is for commercial reasons. It is reported Labour is looking to move loans worth more than £1m to the trade union-owned Unity Trust Bank.

Obama Gets A Kicking From Robot Soccer Ace

news.sky.com — Looking amused, President Barack Obama has played around with a humanoid robot during his visit to Japan. "Welcome to Miraikan, Mr President. It is a pleasure to meet you," said ASIMO, the robot made by Honda. Mr Obama bowed.

Firefighters To Strike For Three Days In May

news.sky.com — Firefighters To Strike For Three Days In May
BREAKING: Firefighters To Strike For Three Days In May. news.sky.com/story/1248654/…

Canadian Fashion Tycoon Eyes Lehman F1 Stake

Exclusive: Fashion tycoon Lawrence Stroll has been in talks to buy part or all of Lehman Brothers' F1 stake. bit.ly/1jUJpWp

FBI Probes Abuse Teacher's London School Link

news.sky.com — British detectives are helping an international investigation into a suspected child predator whose 90 known victims may include boys at an elite London school. William James Vahey, 64, killed himself in a Minnesota motel room on March 21 - two days after FBI agents filed for a warrant to search a computer thumb drive containing child abuse images featuring at least 90 children aged from 12-14.
UK School Confirms Paedophile Teacher Abused Pupils. @SkyNews told of abuse at London school news.sky.com/story/1248205/… pic.twitter.com/xUg5e2EXyn
UK School Confirms US Paedophile Abused Pupils. More live on @SkyNews at 2. news.sky.com/story/1248205/…
FBI Hunts For UK Victims Of Paedophile Teacher. The latest from the London school William Vahey worked at. news.sky.com/story/1248205/…
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