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Scottish Independence: Decision Day For Voters — Around four million Scottish voters go to the polls today in a referendum that will change Britain forever, whatever the outcome. A Yes vote at the end of a hard-fought campaign will bring an end to the Union of the United Kingdom that has stood for more than 300 years.

School Cops To Give Up Grenade Launchers — A Los Angeles school district says it will return three grenade launchers it received under a federal programme that hands down surplus military gear to local law enforcement. LA Unified said in a statement that the 40mm arms were not "essential life-saving items" for the city's school police. "We ...
Sep 17, 2014

What do you get if you cross the Pentagon, grenade launchers in schools, teddy bears and tanks? This *insane* story:…

Skunk Found With Beer Can Stuck On Its Head — A skunk found with a beer can stuck on its head outside a fraternity house in Ohio has been rescued. Police in Oxford responded to the unusual call on Sunday morning to find the mammal blindly banging into shrubs outside the house.

Girls Playing More Video Games Than Boys — The growth in mobile gaming apps means more women are playing video games than men, according to a study. The Gaming Revolution report by research agency Populous revealed 52% of people who had played some form of video game in the last six months were female; an increase from 49% three years ago.
Sep 17, 2014

Girls Playing More Video Games Than Boys. Study finds UK gamers now hit 33.5m partly thanks to girls and apps.…

Sky News - Scottish Referendum — Sky News Scottish Referendum
Sep 17, 2014

RT @EmilyPurserSky: From midnight, we go quiet on #indyref while those 4.3 million Scots vote. In the meantime, here's our data console…

Sep 17, 2014

By contrast, E Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, has highest house prices/wages in Scot. Likely no.…

Sep 17, 2014

Dundee, "city of yes", has higher unemp, lower wages, lower avg age than rest of Scotland.…

Circle Line Speed Challenge: Man Races Train — Bored by his usual morning commute, a train passenger came up with a novel way of spicing things up - racing London's Circle Line. James Heptonstall dived off a Tube train at one station, sprinted 380 metres to the next station - and arrived in time to catch the same train.
Sep 17, 2014

Circle Line Speed Challenge: Man Races Train. Man dived off a Tube train at one station, sprinted to the next in time…

Support For Brit Quizzed About Thailand Murders — People should not "jump to conclusions", according to a close friend of the British man who has been questioned by police about the murder of two backpackers in Thailand. Christopher Ware and his brother James, from Jersey, have been interviewed by Thai police investigating the killing of David Miller, 24, and 23-year-old Hannah Witheridge from Norfolk.

Thursday's National Newspaper Front Pages — THE PAPERS' TOP STORIES :: Scotland's day of destiny dominates the newspapers as voters prepare to have their say in the historic ballot which could, potentially, end 307 years of a United Kingdom. The Daily Express says the independence vote sees "Great Britain On The Brink".

Men Arrested After Falling From Lorry On M6 — Three men have been arrested on the M6 after a witness described seeing them fall from underneath a lorry. They were found walking along the hard shoulder near junction 8 of the northbound carriageway just before 9.15am. Police believe the men - two 33-year-olds and a 27-year-old - are from Africa and may have hidden on the lorry travelling from Calais.

MyWardrobe Opens Door To New Funds — The online fashion retailer MyWardrobe is plotting a new fundraising targeting millions of pounds in new investment less than a year after being rescued from administration. Sky News understands that MyWardrobe, which stocks collections by designers such as Mulberry and Tom Ford, has held talks in recent days with firms about working on a prospective deal, although the company has yet to appoint advisers to handle the discussions.
Sep 17, 2014

Exclusive: As Asos lurches from one profit warning to another, online fashion retailer MyWardrobe seeks new funding.

A Third Of Women 'Victims Of Domestic Abuse' — One in three women in Britain have suffered domestic violence, according to a new survey. And the poll found more than a third of victims (35%) had kept it a secret from friends and family. National women's charity Refuge said the findings suggested an increased awareness of the crime among women, but that it remained a hidden problem.