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Sexual Crimes On Britain's Trains Increase — The number of sexual crimes committed on trains in England, Wales and Scotland has gone up in the past year. The latest figures released by British Transport Police (BTP) show a 20% increase, with 1,117 sexual offences in 2013/14 compared to 925 in 2012/13.
Aug 21, 2014

Sexual Crimes On Britain's Trains Increase. Rise 'partly down to high-profile historical sexual offence cases'.…

Robin Williams' Ashes Scattered By Family — Robin Williams was cremated the day after he died and his family scattered his ashes in San Francisco Bay, according to reports. has obtained the Hollywood star's official death certificate issued by the State of California which confirmed his death at his Tiburon home on August 11.

US Doctor Infected With Ebola Leaves Hospital — US Doctor Infected With Ebola Leaves Hospital

Russia Denies Sanctions Revenge On McDonald's — Russia's food safety agency has denied it has closed four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow as an act of revenge for US sanctions. Rospotrebnadzor insisted there was no political motivation behind the decision to shut the burger chain's operations , saying it was responding to complaints from customers.

Foley Family Sent Email Threat By IS Kidnappers — A "rage-filled" email was sent to the family of murdered US journalist James Foley days before his death, it has emerged. The email stated the kidnappers were furious at US airstrikes against Islamic State militants and implied the journalist would die in revenge.

Richard Dawkins Sparks Down's Syndrome Row — Richard Dawkins has sparked an angry response on Twitter after he claimed it would be "immoral" to continue a pregnancy if the mother knew the foetus had Down's Syndrome. The British scientist made the comment in reply to a user who said they would face a "real ethical dilemma" if they conceived a baby with the syndrome.

Labour Pledge To Get Tough With Energy Firms — Energy companies' licences could be revoked by a new regulator to help protect the interests of the public under a Labour government, the party has announced. Shadow energy and climate change secretary Caroline Flint said the Government had helped create a "broken energy market".

Winehouse To Look Over Her Beloved Camden — A life-sized statue of Amy Winehouse with her trademark beehive hairstyle will be unveiled in Camden. The Back To Black singer will be immortalised when the bronze is shown to the public on September 14 - which would have been her birthday.

Hostages Valuable To IS Militants Dead Or Alive — The Anglo-Saxon nations have a characteristically robust attitude to paying for the release of hostages whether held by criminals or political movements. They don't. Not, at least, officially... Much like the muddle of Middle East policy that tangles out of Whitehall and Washington, so the "principles" which govern kidnappers are a mess.
Aug 20, 2014

RT @Stone_SkyNews: Analysis worth reading by @kileysky: what's ISIS' motive for beheadings? Stop US bombing or draw them into quagmire?…

Aug 20, 2014

Analysis worth reading by @kileysky: what's ISIS' motive for beheadings? Stop US bombing or draw them into quagmire?…

Bush Gets Soaked But Who Does He Nominate? — The former US leader first jokes it would not be "presidential" of him to accept the ice bucket challenge, then gets soaked.

Metal Exoskeleton To Be Tested By US Navy — The US Navy is testing two metal exoskeletons which could help its ship maintenance crews to hold heavy tools without getting fatigued. The load-bearing devices were developed by contractor Lockheed Martin and will now be tested and evaluated by the military.

Yosemite Climber Falls To Death After Proposal — A veteran rock climber has died in a fall in Yosemite National Park just hours after asking his girlfriend to marry him. Brad Parker, a 36-year-old from Northern California, fell from Matthes Crest, considered one of the most difficult peaks to scale in the park.
Aug 20, 2014

Yosemite Climber Falls To Death After Proposal. Veteran climber died in fall just hours after girlfriend said yes.…

Stand Up Be Counted — A place where 16-25 year olds can speak out and debate the issues that matter.
Aug 20, 2014

RT @ClaireShermanMT: Great webinar this afternoon with @tomcheshiresky on @SkySUBC a campaign to get more young voices heard! Get involved

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James Foley 'Died Doing Job He Believed In' — A friend and colleague of the US journalist apparently beheaded in a video released by militants has said he died doing something "he truly believed in". Film maker Matthew VanDyke was with James Foley in Syria just a fortnight before the 40-year-old was abducted.