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BSkyB Unveils Plan For European Pay-TV Giant — The owner of Sky News has announced an ambitious plan to create a European pay-television giant that will more than treble the company's potential customer base. Announcing its full-year results on Friday, BSkyB confirmed that it had reached a deal with 21st Century Fox (21CF) to acquire its 100% interest in Sky Italia and 57.4% stake in Sky Deutschland in deals worth a combined £5.3bn.

Tulisa Found Guilty Of Assaulting Blogger — Tulisa Found Guilty Of Assaulting Blogger

UK Economy Emerges From Six-Year Downturn — UK Economy Emerges From Six-Year Downturn

RBS Confirms 92% Profits Boost A Week Early — RBS Confirms 92% Profits Boost A Week Early

UK Economic Depression To Be Declared 'Over' — The longest economic depression in British history will be declared over today, with the Office for National Statistics expected to confirm that the recovery is strengthening. The ONS is expected to report that the economy grew by around 0.8% or 0.9% in the second quarter of the year.

MoD Refused Scottish Colours For Red Arrows — A request by Commonwealth Games organisers for the Red Arrows to trail the colours of the Scottish flag during the opening ceremony was overruled by the Government, it has emerged. The Ministry of Defence confirmed it was approached by the organising committee who asked if the traditional red, white and blue smoke could be switched for blue and white.
Jul 25, 2014

New Defence Secretary Michael Fallon refuses Scottish colours for Red Arrows at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony:….

Three Palestinians Killed In West Bank Protest — Key Dates In The Gaza-Israel Conflict Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip continues with forces attempting to destroy Hamas' weapons arsenal and rocketing-firing capabilities.
Jul 25, 2014

RT @SherineT: Our report on the school attack yesterday &what happened in #Khuzaa (video on the right "15 dead..")… #…

Jul 25, 2014

Our report on the school attack yesterday &what happened in #Khuzaa (video on the right "15 dead..")… #Gaza

Miliband: 'I Am Not Your Bacon Sandwich PM' — Ed Miliband has told people if they wanted a Prime Minister who could eat a bacon sandwich then they should "vote for the other guy". In an honest and open speech, the Labour leader detailed his popularity shortcomings, effectively conceded he was "weird" and appeared to encourage people to vote for David Cameron.
Jul 25, 2014

Not the Daily Mash:"Miliband said if ppl want a PM who could eat a bacon sandwich, they shd "vote for the other guy""…

Fifi Geldof's Anger At 'Selfish' Peaches Remark — Fifi Geldof has hit out at a social media user who criticised her late sister Peaches for being "selfish". The 31-year-old posted her response on her Instagram page on Thursday, expressing her anger at what she called the "viciousness" of the reaction to the mother-of-two's death in April.
Jul 25, 2014

RT @SkyNews: Fifi Geldof hits out at Instagram user who criticised her sister Peaches for being "selfish"…

Mikaeel Kular's Mother Admits Killing Her Son — Mikaeel Kular's Mother Admits Killing Her Son
Jul 25, 2014

Terrible, tragic story... Should she have been allowed to plead to a lesser charge than murder?

Illegal Immigrants Caught Trying To Leave UK — A group of illegal immigrants have been caught trying to leave the UK and smuggle themselves into France by hiding in a lorry on a cross-channel ferry. The Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghani and Sri Lankan nationals were caught by French border police when the P&O Spirit of France docked in Calais on Tuesday.
Jul 25, 2014

Has it got that bad since I left? Illegal immigrants caught trying to smuggle themselves out of UK.

Amazon Bleeds Value After Posting $126m Loss — Amazon's strategy of putting investment ahead of profits prompted a further share sell-off in after-hours trading last night, when it emerged losses deteriorated in its last quarter. The Internet retailer's costly shift towards digital content and consumer electronics businesses was a key factor behind its net loss of $126m (£74.1m) - double what analysts had been expecting.

Man's Penis 'Cut Off In Botched Circumcision' — Doctors at a US hospital are accused of mistakenly amputating a man's penis during what was supposed to be a routine circumcision. Johnny Lee Banks, of Birmingham, Alabama, and his wife sued the facility for medical malpractice on Tuesday, seeking an unspecified dollar amount.

'Pregnant' Burglar Shot Dead By Homeowner — An 80-year-old retiree says he has no remorse after shooting a female burglar who said she was pregnant just before he fired.

Air Algerie Plane Wreckage Found In Mali — The wreckage of an Air Algerie flight which vanished from radar in West Africa has been discovered in southern Mali - but no survivors have yet been found, authorities have said. Burkina Faso's commander in chief Gilbert Diendere said the burnt-out wreckage of flight AH5017 was found south of the Mali town of Gao.