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The TX. 10: Helping Stray Animals in Winter — 1. Leave a box outside with straw inside to offer shelter from the snow. 2. Leave a bowl of water outside and check it often, so it doesn't turn to ice. 3. Put out a bowl of dog/cat food for any stray that passes by. 4....

'Promise broken' to immigrants; end the stigma — "Yo prometo lealtad a la bandera, de los estados Unidos de America, y a la Republica que representa, una Nacion bajo Dios, entera, con libertad y justicia para todos," my best friend says to me. That's the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish - the same pledge that my parents and thousands of other immigrants cling to in times of desperation.
Jan 26, 2015

#Utah teen is proud to be an #immigrant, tired of assumptions she is not American or 'not from here.' @standardex…

Files declassified: UFO investigations in Utah — HILL AIR FORCE BASE - Once upon a time, the United States Air Force spent time and money chasing flying saucers, extraterrestrial beings and other unexplained phenomena reported to be occupying our skies.

Avalanche Training at Snowbasin — Ski Patrol members and volunteers took part in an avalanche training simulation at Snowbasin on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015. Snowbasin staff, search and rescue dogs, and around 30 skiers searched for buried volunteers, dummies and beacons in the Middle Bowl Cirque.

Davis chamber leaders look for legislative influence — KAYSVILLE - Angie Osguthorpe says working with the Davis Chamber of Commerce has been a dream job, and now she gets to continue that work in the role of president and CEO. Osguthorpe recently was named to succeed Jim Smith, who has assumed his new duties in public office as a Davis County commissioner.
Jan 26, 2015

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Journalists' deaths leave holes in tight-knit (dysfunctional) family — A newsroom is very much like a family. Often tight-knit, occasionally dysfunctional, but always - always - family. Even after a reporter or editor leaves a newspaper, he or she is forever thought of as part of the newsroom's extended family.
Jan 26, 2015

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Keep alcohol out of your child’s hands — WASHINGTON TERRACE - Let's keep alcohol away from teenagers. Simple task, right? What can be simple - and something that could make all the difference in the world - is to have an open conversation, and set boundaries and rules, with our children before they enter junior high school.

VIDEO: Toby the monkey comforts Angelica, in timeout — Watch what happens when one monkey at the zoo is put in timeout. The other monkey comes to the rescue and consoles by putting an arm around the other and giving a head and neck massage. Angelica was put in timeout according to the...

Yosemite climber says he hopes historic feat inspires others — SALT LAKE CITY - Kevin Jorgeson's hands still bear souvenirs from the historic climb Dawn Wall of El Capitan he completed with his partner last week. The scabs on his fingertips are so thick that track pads on computers and phones don't register his touch.

'The End of the Tour' tells uneasy tale — For director James Ponsoldt, the story behind "The End of the Tour" was impossible to resist. First of all, it was about two modern literary figures he admired, novelist David Foster Wallace and journalist/author David Lipsky. In 1996, Lipsky conducted a five-day interview with Wallace for Rolling Stone magazine, but the article was never run.

'Racing Extinction' shows global decline — Director Louie Psihoyos could have spend Sundance 2009 basking in the glowing reviews of "The Cove," his film about the practice of dolphin slaughter, which would go on to win the festival's U.S. audience award and a 2010 Best Documentary Oscar. But Psihoyos packed two books to read during the festival.

''71' a solid film with authentic battle scenes — Gary Hook, a young British soldier played by Jack O'Connell ("Unbroken"), is not having a good day. A fresh recruit, he doesn't get much time to spend with his son before being shipped off on his first mission.