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Candidates for governor take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — Gov. John Kitzhaber and his opponent Rep. Dennis Richardson both took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posted their respective videos on YouTube this morning. Their videos had very different tones, as Kitzhaber discussed medical research and Richardson evoked partisanship and the campaign. Have you seen other politicians or public figures take the challenge?

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Fire extinguisher ignites debate on journalistic ethics — Here's an interesting questions: When is a fire extinguisher not a fire extinguisher? The answer in this case is when it becomes the topic of a journalism ethics discussion. Here's the deal: It's Fourth of July at the Mongold Boat Ramp at Detroit Lake, and Kerry Elwood of Salem is getting a pre-launch inspection before the triumphal backing-down-the-ramp of his home-made wooden houseboat, which was two years in the crafting.

Two injured after shooting in Red Robin parking lot — The Marion County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that while no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting at Red Robin Wednesday night, they do believe the incident was gang-related. Deputies were called to the restaurant at 8:50 a.m. on a reported disturbance.