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3D 'bioprinting': 10 things you should know about how it works

techrepublic.com — The healthcare industry is trying to capitalize on 3D printing, and fast. From prosthetic limbs and various surgical devices made with plastics and metals, to using cells to print human organs, experiments in this industry are progressing quickly. The world of bioprinting is still very new and ambiguous.

Use your words: Dictating emails, notes, and more with iOS 7

techrepublic.com — Since iOS 5, Apple has included a dictation feature in iOS (and has moved this same feature over to the Mac desktop as of OS X Mountain Lion). Despite this feature being included on all iOS devices these days, many users either don't know about or don't use on a regular basis.

Amazon's competitors start to take developers seriously

techrepublic.com — Never underestimate the overwhelming power of convenience. Time and time again, the would-be challengers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) have focused on the absolute wrong things. "We're more secure!" they shout. "We offer better performance!" they intone. But no one seems to listen, in large part because they're offering up the wrong arguments.