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Schools ban parents from wearing pyjamas at drop off

telegraph.co.uk — "It's about setting an example and having self esteem." Since the letters have been issued many schools have noticed a sharp decline in the number of parents wearing pyjamas in the playground. Chris Wain, the head teacher for Pallister Park, said: "Parents have respected our wishes and responded appropriately.

How to be a modern gentlewoman: no fake tan, fat talk or knickers in packets

telegraph.co.uk — 1) Work A gentlewoman has a job that she pursues with purpose. She is never sycophantic, but equally charming to one and all. She holds the door open for as many men as open it for her, reacting with graciousness either way.

Why is Westminster, unlike Washington, still intoxicated by the cult of youth?

telegraph.co.uk — Is Hillary Clinton destined to be the David Davis of American politics ? It's an odd parallel to draw, I know, but hear me out. Davis was an early favourite for the Conservative leadership almost a decade ago.
RT @cathynewman: Would Britain elect a 60-something granny to the top job? America might do just that. But which granny? New blog telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-p…
Would Britain elect a 60-something granny to the top job? America might do just that. But which granny? New blog telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-p…
Two older women potentially in contention for Whitehouse, Warren & Clinton, sends powerful message to UK @cathynewman telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-p…

Pope Francis tells divorced woman she should be allowed Communion

telegraph.co.uk — When asked whether the remarks attributed to the Pope were correct, a Vatican spokesman told The Telegraph: "We would neither confirm nor deny that - this was a private telephone call made by the Holy Father and we would not divulge the details."
Most of Pope Francis's reforms have been changes of emphasis. This could be his biggest break yet with doctrine: telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/…
RT @FrEdwardBeck: Pope Francis tells divorced woman she should be allowed Communion. Vatican will not confirm or deny. telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/…

How to be a modern gentleman: no fuschia trousers, cats, or tweeting

telegraph.co.uk — New rules, now published in the magazine, outline the ideal attributes of men, including guidance on hair styling, social media and a non-negotiable ban on pre-tied bow ties. While some, such as being punctual, honest and dress to suit each occasion, may not have changed in the last century, others focus on more modern concerns.
Traits of a gentleman, according to Country Life mag: Never uses Twitter, only makes love on his elbows: bit.ly/1fnVYqz
How to be a modern gentleman, by @Countrylifemag Although if you're reading this, you're already ruled out I'm afraid telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter…
Broadly agree with these Gentlemanly Commandments - but 'Makes love on his elbows' is just baffling... telegraph.co.uk/men/10780195/H…

Arsenal eye move for Southampton's Calum Chambers with continuing doubts over future of Bacary Sagna

telegraph.co.uk — In an interview last week with the Telegraph, Chambers described Southampton as "the perfect place to be" and there is an argument that he would still benefit from another season of regular Premier League football at St Mary's. Chambers also agreed a new contract last summer that commits him to the club until 2017.
Arsenal target Calum Chambers...and continue summer planning in further sign Wenger intends to stay telegraph.co.uk/sport/football…

Copacabana in lockdown after violence breaks out in favela close to tourist beach

telegraph.co.uk — Protests in the wake of the discovery turned ugly, forcing police to close the main road running through the neighbourhood while nearby Ipanema metro station closed all but one of its entrances for security reasons. One man was killed during the unrest.

Tony Blair is right about Islamic extremism, but wrong to oppose it by appealing to moral relativism

blogs.telegraph.co.uk — I'm not a Tony Blair hater. The public case he made for Britain's involvement in the Iraq War, which emphasised weapons of mass destruction, was clearly based on bad intelligence, though I don't believe he knew it was bad at the time. I think he made the right decision for the wrong reasons - or, [...]
My response to Tony Blair's speech about Islamic extremism -- not extremist enough! blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyyoung…
Tony Blair is right about Islamic extremism, but wrong to oppose it by appealing to moral relativism: I'm not ... bit.ly/1jM67jw

Allison Pearson: Wishy-washy Anglicans like me should speak up for the Church

telegraph.co.uk — Then, the vicar said something that was truly shocking. For many years, he had asked the town's primary school if he could speak to the children during assembly. All his approaches had been rebuffed. Perhaps, Nigel said pointedly, his successor might have more luck gaining access to Aldeburgh's youngsters.
You don’t have to be religious to do good, but doing good seems to come easier to the religious, says @allisonpearson tinyurl.com/lms5lr6

Georgia will allow guns in churches

telegraph.co.uk — Earlier this week a similar liberalising gun reform measure was vetoed by Jan Brewer, the Republican governor of Arizona. Georgia's Safe Carry Act - dubbed by critics as the "guns everywhere bill" - was hailed by the National Rifle Association, which has been fighting a rearguard action to defend the right to bear arms following December 2012 massacre of schoolchildren at Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Josie Cunningham abortion row reveals hypocrisy over 'pro-choice' movement

telegraph.co.uk — Josie Cunningham and the media circus surrounding her represents so much of what is wrong with British celebrity culture - being famous for achieving nothing, an almost proudly displayed addiction to beauty procedures that have rendered her appearance little more than a parody, and blatant courting of the tabloids with whichever salacious soundbites will create maximum publicity.
RT @dinarickman: I agree with this. I'm pro choice, which means everyone's choice. Doesn't matter if I personally approve or not telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-h…
Josie Cunningham abortion row reveals 'pure hypocrisy' from those who apparently pro-choice, argues @CatherineLScott telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-h…

The Pope, Communion and divorce: the mystery deepens

blogs.telegraph.co.uk — Confusion reigns over Pope Francis's apparent phone call to an Argentine woman giving her permission to receive Holy Communion. There are claims now that it is her husband who is divorced; she is in a 19-year civil marriage with him, which would still bar her from the sacrament - and indeed her parish priest seems [...]

Christians are scared because they are the hated majority

blogs.telegraph.co.uk — Almost 60 per cent of Britons call themselves Christians. That's more than half the country, though some innumerate liberals disagree. Yet although a majority, Christians, as Dominic Grieve has told The Telegraph, are afraid to speak up? I don't blame them. To admit to being religious today, as the Attorney General pointed out, is to [...]
RT @heavensby: What do you think of @CristinaOhq's blog post? Is it getting harder to admit to being Christian in the UK or easier? blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/cristinao…

Ukip and Nigel Farage set to be beaten by Ed Miliband

blogs.telegraph.co.uk — A quick thought on Ukip. Another poll on the European elections puts the party three points behind Labour. Today's YouGov survey for The Sun has Labour on 30 per cent, Ukip on 27 per cent and the Tories down on 22 per cent. Those are the same numbers recorded by ICM for The Sunday Telegraph [...]

Disabled children 'murders' - what is spinal muscular atrophy?

telegraph.co.uk — Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic neuromuscular disease that limits a person's physical abilities, such as moving, walking and breathing, but does not affect their mental development. The condition is inherited from parents and affects the nerves that control muscle function.
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