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Sony: The Interview 'will be distributed' — A lawyer from Sony has confirmed that the studio will be releasing The Interview, despite pulling the film from cinemas ahead of its proposed Christmas Day release date last week after threats from cyberterrorists. David Boies appeared on American media show Meet the Press on NBC on Sunday to clear up the studio's position.

New York to tackle subway's spreading scourge — New York is asking men to sit tight when they ride the subway, as it seeks to tackle a modern menace known as "manspreading".

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrested after 'going ballistic' at Heathrow — Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrested by armed police at Heathrow airport after being refused access to the first-class lounge, it was reported. Eight officers are believed to have stopped the Prince of Wales's goddaughter, 42, as she tried to enter the lounge on Saturday.

The Telegraph Christmas books quiz 2014 — 3. Which Christmas single took its title from that of a novel by J P Donleavy published in 1973? 4. Which writer, who died on Christmas Eve 1863, wrote a novel that shares its title with that of a place in The Pilgrim's Progress - and that of a glossy magazine?
Dec 22, 2014

Bored at work? Keen to start the family bickering early? Take our Christmas Books Quiz…

2014 world news review of the year: Ukraine, Gaza, Islamic State — It has been a monumental year for world news, starting with protests in Kiev that turned violent, brought down the Ukrainian government and led to a war in the east of the country that was still raging at the end of December.

Winter solstice celebrations at Stonehenge, in pictures — Revellers, druids and pagans celebrate the sunrise closest to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, in Stonehenge

Dr Evil sends a video message to the Sony hackers — When Dr Evil speaks, the world listens. Mike Myers has reprised his role as the bald-headed villain from the Austin Powers films to send a message to the Sony hackers. Speaking on NBC's Saturday Night Live, Myers said: "I've pre-empted this programme because I'm furious that North Korea [the country believed to be behind the hack] and Sony Pictures have both given evil organisations a bad name."

Sturgill Simpson, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, album review — The Kentucky-born singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson says that "in my experience, love is the only certainty. That's what this record is about". His baritone singing voice is almost classic Waylon Jennings-style country but his lyrics are beguiling and powerful.

SNP on course to hold balance of power in Westminster, according to new poll showing depth of Labour's collapse — The SNP is on course to hold the balance of power in Westminster after the next election as a poll revealed almost half of all Scottish voters plan to back the party. A staggering collapse in Labour's appeal north of the border will see the Nationalists win 54 of the 59 Scottish constituencies and play a central role in any Coalition negotiations, pollsters found.
Dec 22, 2014

Our take on Survation poll -- SNP on course to hold balance of power in Westminster:

The Interview and North Korea: what happened to America's true grit? — The BBC is about to use a short story about the assassination of Margaret Thatcher - one of the most venerated leaders of post-war British history - as its Book at Bedtime. Since the first cheeps of human creativity, the idea of killing the king has been an indispensable staple of drama - and in this case the thing is obviously not intended seriously.
Dec 22, 2014

@MayorofLondon lays down a challenge to America: "Give us the Hollywood ending that free speech demands"…

Dec 21, 2014

Boris: Come on America. It’s time for Hollywood to give us the ending that free speech

Weekend rugby review: Christian Wade is Wasps' star attraction and Dylan Hartley is a World Cup problem — Should that now be the end of Dylan Hartley's England career? Is this now the point where Stuart Lancaster says that enough is enough? We have heard it too many times now where Hartley has said that he is a reformed character. Once a hot-head, always a hot-head.

5 best books of 2014 — "The wild can be human work," writes Helen Macdonald in this Samuel Johnson Prize-winning book. Her eloquent, unusual and heartfelt story, about training a goshawk and remembering the lessons of her recently dead father, finds humanity and wildness in surprising places. 2.

Dylan Hartley's England future could be on line if RFU hands out hefty ban for elbow — Dylan Hartley could find out on Tuesday evening whether he will receive a lengthy ban for the the red card he received for elbowing Leicester centre Matt Smith in the face in Saturday's Premiership clash.
Dec 22, 2014

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14 tips for dealing with the Christmas present 'man dash' — 1. Make a list. It sounds tedious, but get that paper and pen out the night before. Write whom you have to buy for and any ideas, favourite brands or hints they've recently made. You could also add the budget for each, next to the name, so that you can keep track of your finances.

In charts: the funds wiped out by the falling oil price — The sharp fall has sent oil and gas shares into freefall as fears mount that these companies will have their profit margins squeezed and could be forced to cut their dividends. Or worse: some companies' projects will have be written off, as they are only feasible if oil can be sold above a certain price.

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils erection of his new statue

By JJ Bull — After winning the Club World Cup with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo flew to his home town of Madeira to unveil this new bronze statue of himself. Some of you may have noticed certain exaggerated anatomical details on the body of it. Well, the photographer definitely did anyway, because there is no way these photos are shot [...]

Sandra the orangutan granted limited human rights — If there is no appeal, she will be transferred to a sanctuary in Brazil where she can enjoy greater space freedom. "This opens the way not only for other Great Apes, but also for other sentient beings which are unfairly and arbitrarily deprived of their liberty in zoos, circuses, water parks and scientific laboratories," the daily La Nacion newspaper quoted Paul Buompadre, a lawyer for AFADA, as saying.

Sony hack: British university trained North Korean elite in computer security — Under the package, two North Korean students have been given scholarships to study on the MSc post-graduate electronic, network and computer engineering course. The cost for each student came to £28,000, covering flights, accommodation, course fees and a monthly stipend. The money came from university funds collected from the fees of other overseas students.
Dec 22, 2014

RT @robcrilly: British university trained N Korean elite in computer security - with £28k bursaries scheme intended to broaden minds

Dec 21, 2014

British university trained N Korean elite in computer security - with £28k bursaries scheme intended to broaden minds

Revolutionary lens restores complete vision to ageing eyes — Ms Wright suffered from cataracts and struggled to see objects up close which made driving virtually impossible and working at a computer increasingly difficult. "I have never had particularly good eyesight," said Ms Wright, "I had cataracts and long-sightedness and I would get a sense that there was a blank space in part of my vision.