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Six Must-Attend Events: January 23-February 5 — To Infinity and Beyond You can get the most out of "The Infinity Machine," located in the Menil Collection's Byzantine Fresco Chapel, by lying down on the floor.

Is Austin’s Reign as Leader of Texas Growth Ending? — January is when all various institutes, companies, and business-minded publications do an annual list-dump of "best cities for x" so everyone can keep track of where they should or shouldn't be living in the new year.
Jan 30, 2015

RT @TexasMonthly Austin gets dethroned by Houston as the nation's fastest-growest city.

Jan 29, 2015

Houston knocks Austin off the list of fastest-growing American cities.…

A New Day, This One With Muslims and Bigotry — Today was Texas Muslims Capitol Day, meaning that several hundred Muslims (and friends) traveled from around the state to spend a day "to learn about the democratic political process." Among the things we all learned is that Texas, such a big state, also includes a number of people who would take this as an occasion for a protest.

HBO’s "The Jinx" Will Unveil Exclusive Video of Robert Durst’s Galveston Trial — Robert Durst uttered those words in a state district courtroom during his 2003 trial for the murder of Morris Black, his neighbor at 2213 Avenue K in Galveston. Now, for the first time, people will actually see and hear Durst saying them.
Jan 29, 2015

"@TexasMonthly: Is America ready for the "Serial" comparison to be applied to Robert Durst?"

Hotel Concierge Obliges a Guest's Request for Lots of Nicolas Cage — The job of a hotel concierge is to accomodate customer needs whenever possible, to ensure that their stay is pleasant and that whatever comforts from home they require are available to them.
Jan 29, 2015

It Could Happen To You?! MT @TexasMonthly: A Riverwalk hotel guest got all her Nic Cage wishes granted by the staff.

Abnormal Mycology — It all started with a dog. My friend's bulging-eyed, pointy-eared terrier that I said looked like a gremlin. Or was it a mogwai? As the hour and the wine waned, she explained the difference between the two, a conversation that put me in mind of gnarly creatures that emerge when conditions are just right.
Jan 29, 2015

This month in "abnormal mycology": @clbond's fantastic essay on the strange protuberance in her backyard:…

Trip Guide: San Antonio's Southtown — Let the other out-of-towners swarm the Alamo while you slip away to Southtown, a two-square-mile swatch just a few blocks below San Antonio's touristy epicenter. Here, tucked into historic pockets are grassroots art communities and notable architectural gems (not to mention the local enthusiasts working to preserve both) as well as more than enough unpretentious watering holes and good restaurants to make you consider taking up permanent residence.
Jan 29, 2015

RT @TexasMonthly: Let the other out-of-towners swarm the Alamo while you slip away to San Antonio's Southtown.

The Texanist, Special Reporter Edition — Q: What sort of advice do you have for Tiger Woods's new swing guru, Dallasite Chris Como? The Texanist's Editor, Austin A: When the news broke late last year that Tiger Woods had hired Chris Como, currently of Plano's Gleneagles Country Club, as his swing coach, it got the Texanist to thinking.

Why It Matters That Austin's Black Population is Being Pushed to the Suburbs — Here's a sobering demographic fact that came to national attention last year: Austin is the only large, fast-growing city whose African-American population is shrinking. Such was the troubling conclusion of a report authored by UT's Professor Eric Tang and Postdoc Chunhui Ren, which analyzed US Census Bureau data.
Jan 28, 2015

Smart @dansolomon read RT @TexasMonthly: Why it matters that Austin's black pop. is being pushed to the suburbs

Jan 28, 2015

Really smart pushback to the fivethirtyeight piece I tweeted earlier about race and gentrification in Austin:…

You Call That Texas Chili? Get A Rope. — Well, at least it doesn't have beans in it. That was Brennan's-trained Houston chef (and native son) Randy Evans's first reaction on scanning over the "Texas chili" recipe in today's New York Times , one purportedly handed over to writer Julia Moskin-who is co-authoring an upcoming chili cookbook with veteran Texas food sage Robb Walsh, a former co-worker of mine at the Houston Press and Houstonia Magazine -by someone described only as "a native of Austin."
Jan 28, 2015

Next Yanks'll use finishing salt on BBQ. Wait, already do @MightyQuinnsBBQ MT Call That Texas Chili? GetARope @TMfood

Step Right Up | Texas Monthly — The way to a true Texas dance hall-not the urban simulations, with their cosmetic trusses, last-call footraces, and she's-mine testosterone-is through the country, a long drive by pastures and cornfields and cattle guards, past driveways that look like roads and roads with numbers for names.
Jan 28, 2015

A mighty fine idea!… RT @jessicalucero11: can I just travel the state of Texas going to different dance halls

Death and Twitter — The truth is an elusive, much disputed, and highly valuable commodity in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a sprawling border city fifteen minutes south of McAllen. Residents witness a shootout that leaves dozens dead, and the government reports a minor disturbance. A businessman receives a call from "kidnappers" demanding immediate ransom, then discovers there is no actual kidnapping.

A New Day on Guns — I wrote for the February issue, and among my predictions was that Democrats should be stoical about a preview of the 84th Legislature the push to legalize open carry of handguns, because it 's a) not that big of a deal and b) such a bill would pass easily: Republicans have enough votes and Greg Abbott had already said he would sign it.

Blake Benthall: Confirmed Goody Two-Shoes, Alleged International Drug Kingpin — An old friend says Houston's Benthall, the alleged administrator of online drug emporium Silk Road 2.0, is an even unlikelier drug lord than Austinite Ross Ulbricht, who is currently on trial for running Silk Road 1.0. Which is not say that she thinks Benthall is innocent...
Jan 28, 2015

Meet Blake Benthall: Confirmed Goody Two-Shoes, Alleged International Drug Kingpin… by @geronimolomax @TexasMonthly

An Evening With Mr. Cub — To most baseball fans, Ernie Banks was "Mr. Sunshine," a power-hitting teddy bear of a man with a thousand-watt smile, a genial man who lived for baseball and only baseball. "Mr Cub," as the Dallas native was also known, has gone down in diamond lore as the man who always said, "It's a beautiful day for a ballgame ...

Through the Looking Glass — On November 10 Giovanni Capriglione, a Republican state representative from Southlake, appeared on a panel convened by the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party and took a lonely stand. The topic that evening was the 2015 legislative session, which would begin January 13.
Jan 27, 2015

I previewed the #84R for the February issue. So far, I was wrong on open carry but right on the big picture #txlege:…