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Molly White Tells Staff to Ask Muslims to Pledge Allegiance — Freshman Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) is a fireball, and we knew that. Fiercely pro-life-she blames her two abortions for a history of substance abuse and mental anguish-she might be the only member of the Legislature to haul around plastic models of fetuses in her SUV.
Jan 29, 2015

Molly White is fringe, but there's a consistent undercurrent of anti-Muslim bigotry on the Texas right:… #txlege

Jan 29, 2015

RT @Forrest4Trees: Rep. @MollyWhiteTX’s wields the Israeli flag "as if it were a wooden stake, to menace vampires.”… #txlege

Jan 29, 2015

Good line RT @Forrest4Trees: @MollyWhiteTX wields Israeli flag "as if it were a wooden stake, to menace vampires.”…

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Teach for America Finds Growing Support in Texas — In the heat of the budget debate last legislative session, on the day House members were set to vote on their version of the appropriations bill, state Rep. Mary Gonzalez proposed spending $2 million on a program to help classroom aides become fully certified teachers.
Jan 29, 2015

RT @TexasObserver: As national debate over Teach for America heats up, Texas officials keep pledging more support:… #txlege

Jan 29, 2015

If there ever were a time for Texas to reconsider its financial support for Teach for America, it’s now:… #txlege

Texas Juvenile Justice Reformers Take Victory Lap — Since a 2007 sex abuse scandal at a state-run youth lockup in West Texas, state lawmakers have entirely remade Texas' juvenile justice system, shuttering many of the state's prison-like juvenile facilities and keeping many more kids under supervision close to home.
Jan 29, 2015

And now for some positive news from the #txlege: Juvenile justice reforms are keeping kids out of lockups.…

Finding a Place Within the Texas Myth — As a kid I learned that being Texan meant having an independent spirit, big trucks, boots and good manners. We had all of that in South Texas, but I also noticed that the Texas myth did not include Latinas.

After Judge's Rebuke, Rick Perry Digs In — Rick Perry, of course, is no longer governor, so the get-together he and his legal team arranged today took place not in his old official digs, but in a meeting room at the Omni Hotel in Austin. The raised speaking platform his team had assembled for the press conference put Perry's head close to the Lone Star Room's drab ceiling.
Jan 28, 2015

RT @TexasObserver: Rick Perry—remember him?—lost a good early chance to dispense with his indictments. So he's digging in.… #txlege

Bill by Sen. Don Huffines Would Undo Local LGBT Protections — Sen. Don Huffines, a Republican from Dallas, has filed a bill that would prohibit cities from enforcing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances. Huffines' Senate Bill 343, introduced Friday, is a sweeping proposal that would bar local governments from implementing ordinances that are more stringent than state law on the same subject, unless otherwise authorized by statute.
Jan 27, 2015

What LGBT rights, plastic bags, fracking have in common: TX GOP leaders oppose local control…

Jan 27, 2015

To be clear: The Huffines bill attacks all forms of local control, not just LGBT nondiscrim. ordinances.… #txlege

Jan 27, 2015

RT @Forrest4Trees: To defeat the gay agenda, it appears @DonHuffines is willing to just do away with local control.… #txlege

Jan 27, 2015

To defeat the gay agenda, it appears @DonHuffines is willing to just do away with local control.… #txlege

Dan Patrick and Jane Nelson Release Tax-Cut Heavy Budget — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senate Finance Committee Chair Jane Nelson released the first draft of the Senate's budget plan Tuesday morning, outlining a proposal which places a heavy emphasis on tax cuts and transportation funding.
Jan 27, 2015

What did the budget-writers in the TX Senate shortchange to pay for $4 billion in proposed tax cuts?… #txlege

Open Carry Activists Rally at Capitol — Dozens of gun rights activists gathered in front of the Capitol Monday morning to voice their support for a bill that would end Texas' 144-year ban on the open carry of handguns. If passed, House Bill 195 by state Rep.
Jan 26, 2015

We’ve got three kick-ass fellows covering the #txlege. Here’s @kelseyjukam’s post on the open carry rally today.…

The High Cost of Depression — It was a Sunday morning in May and I was wedged into the cab of a pickup with my roommate, Jessica Ellison, and her younger brother, Matthew. We were on our way to Tyler to attend the funeral of Jason Dion Cutting, Jessica's best friend, dead by his own hand at the age of 33.