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The Future of 'Corporate Welfare' in Texas after Rick Perry

texasobserver.org — Is it too early to consider Rick Perry's legacy? Some state lawmakers already are, at least indirectly. Legislators are considering what to do with some of the guv's signature programs, the big corporate subsidy funds that have been plagued by charges of cronyism and inefficiency since their inception.
Today, lawmakers considered what to do with Rick Perry's slush funds after he leaves office. texasobserver.org/future-corpora…

To Kill? Or Not to Kill?

texasobserver.org — One morning in August 2011, Matagorda County District Attorney Steven Reis drove out to a crime scene at a remote, secluded farmhouse. A 78-year-old man named Glen Sam Prinzing had been found dead at his property on the edge of Markham, a town of a thousand residents 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and about 90 miles southwest of Houston.
The inside story of how a prosecutor handles death penalty case. @TexasObserver #longform story by @MauriceChammah. bit.ly/1id9fqY
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Greg Abbott Floats Achievement School District for Struggling Schools

texasobserver.org — One of the Texas Legislature's more entertaining moments in 2013-before, well, you know -was the late-session fight in the House over a bill creating the "Texas Achievement School District," to centralize school turnaround efforts across Texas under a single superintendent. Sen. Royce West and Rep.
About to record this week’s @TexasObserver radio, with a bit on Greg Abbott’s “Achievement School District” proposal texasobserver.org/greg-abbott-pr…
If Abbott's “Achievement School District” sounds familiar, Dems proposed it in #txlege last year, too. texasobserver.org/greg-abbott-pr…
Greg Abbott’s latest education proposal includes a plan that could hand struggling schools over to charter operators. texasobserver.org/greg-abbott-pr…