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ExxonMobil Finally Updates Worker Protection Policy — After years of lobbying from LGBT organizations and activists across the country, ExxonMobil's Board of Directors announced Friday that the company's equal employment and workplace protection policies will prohibit discrimination against LGBT employees. Many advocates in this field say ExxonMobil has made the change because President Barack Obama issued an executive order last year prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors, which includes Exxon.
Jan 30, 2015

This is huge: After 17 "no" votes, ExxonMobil has added protections for LGBT workers -… @TheAdvocateMag #LGBT

WATCH: 'Broadway Boyfriends' From 'Survivor' Get Engaged — Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly, who were affectionately known as the "Broadway Boyfriends" while competing last year on the CBS reality show Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water, are engaged to be married. Canfield popped the question Wednesday evening during their new cabaret act, From Broadway to Survivor, at New York's 54 Below.

Op-ed: Prejudice, Parental Choice, and the Death of Leelah Alcorn — My family has followed the heartbreaking story of Leelah Alcorn's suicide since we first learned of the news. How tragic to read that any teenager or child has reached the point of such despair. As I'm an ally to the trans community and the parent of a teenager, this issue hits very close to home.

Sally Kern Doesn't Hate Anyone, Says Sally Kern — Oklahoma state lawmaker Sally Kern, who has authored three new bills intended to roll back LGBT progress in the state, says she doesn't "hate anybody" but that LGBT people are on "the wrong side of the moral issue."

#TBT: What I Know About Football — Not to play into stereotype too much, but you could fill a giant thimble with what I know about football. Yes, I went to all my high school football games, and for one season I was the game mascot, Buzzy the Hornet. I wore a giant papier-mâché hornet's head, a gold and white striped sweater, and white pants.

'Arrow' and 'Flash' Creator Aims to Make TV Superheroes 'Look Like America' — Pictured above: The Flash and Arrow producer and cocreator Greg Berlanti When fans settled in to watch the 13th episode of Arrow 's second season almost a year ago, they had no idea the show based on DC Comics' Emerald Archer was about to make television history.
Jan 29, 2015

If you're a fan of #Arrow or #TheFlash, thanks to Greg Berlanti, chances are you're going to see yourself on screen.…

Jan 28, 2015

One of many reasons why @GBerlanti rocks: #Arrow, #TheFlash Creator Aims to Make TV Superheroes 'Look Like America'…

Jan 28, 2015

RT @LauInLA: One of many reasons why @GBerlanti rocks: #Arrow, #TheFlash Creator Aims to Make TV Superheroes 'Look Like America'…

What LGBT Policy Challenges Are on Deck for 2015? — Coming Out at Work Is Still Risky for Some One of the big questions this year is whether a Republican-led Congress will even approach a bill to protect LGBT people against workplace discrimination. For the last four decades, nearly every Congress has introduced legislation to provide protection against discrimination or bias on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, to no avail.
Jan 28, 2015

RT @splcenter: At least 5 states are considering laws that would legally discriminate against LGBT people: