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Why Michael Weinstein Gets Blamed for PrEP Myths — Lyndon H. LaRouche is not a name many Californians in the know say with a smile.
Oct 31, 2014

Michael Weinstein pioneered the fight against HIV stigma. So why are people so upset with him now? (@TheAdvocateMag)

Meet the People Fired for Being LGBT in 2013 — Despite what some Republican leaders claim, employment discrimination is very real for LGBT people, even in 2013. While House Speaker John Boehner said he sees "no basis or need" for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, these 11 LGBT people who were fired could have had their livelihoods spared if it was illegal nationally to fire someone for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Tim Cook: Being Gay Has Helped Me Lead Apple — By coming out as gay, Tim Cook becomes the most influential and powerful CEO of any company to live openly, providing an example that was missing at the highest levels of the business world. "While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now," Cook writes in an essay for Bloomberg BusinessWeek .

LISTEN: Edie Windsor's Message for Fla. Gov. Rick Scott — The woman whose lawsuit effectively dismantled the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, clearing the way for the federal government to recognize same-sex marriage, has a few words for one Republican governor stubbornly refusing to let marriage equality come to his state. Edie Windsor, the 85-year-old widow who successfully sued the U.S.

STUDY: Despite Discrimination, Trans Parents Are Raising Happy Kids — According to a new report from the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles, the vast majority of transgender parents have positive relationships with their children, including after coming out and transitioning. The study also found that while the children of trans parents may face unique challenges or discrimination, they were developmentally on-target when compared to kids raised by cisgender (nontrans) parents.

Stage Frights: 5 Scary Good NYC Shows — Bedbugs!!! With the help of her gay assistant, an exterminator accidentally mutates New York's bedbugs into human-size monsters in out creators Paul Leschen and Fred Sauter's freakishly funny sci-fi rock musical. Think Rocky Horror meets Little Shop. As Cimex, leader of the killer critters, Chris Hall channels the love child of Adam Lambert and David Bowie from Labyrinth.

WATCH: Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano Star in Starbucks' First LGBT Commercial — The coffee company's first LGBT commercial is a real drag.

Study Shows 'On-Demand' PrEP to Drastically Reduce HIV Infection — A new study demonstrates that PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, will significantly reduce HIV transmission if taken immediately before sex. In the report, ANRS Ipergay, the rate of infection was shown to be reduced by 80 percent, reports Metro Weekly .

The Scariest Antigay Candidates in Next Week's Election — With both Halloween and Election Day coming up, it's time to look at a list of truly frightening antigay candidates whose ideology is no treat for LGBT Americans. Some, unfortunately, are sure to be elected (or reelected), some are in close races, and some have the chance of that proverbial snowball in hell.
Oct 29, 2014

A truly frightening story for Halloween if you're #lgbt... possible midterm election results:…

Couple Plead Guilty to Torture Death of 8-Year-Old They Thought Was Gay — A Southern California couple who beat an 8-year-old boy to death because they reportedly thought he was gay have agreed to plead guilty to murder and torture charges. Pearl Fernandez, the boy's mother, and her former boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, reached the plea agreement last week and will be imprisoned for life without parole, avoiding the death penalty, reports Los Angeles TV station KNBC.
Oct 29, 2014

This makes me sad, angry and sick. The system is a big failure.