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Yes, Republicans can impeach President Obama — When Congress heads off on its upcoming five-week recess, some Republicans, at town halls with constituents, will bring up the "I" word: impeachment. Barack Obama, they'll say, needs to be removed from office. The reasons, in their view, are many: Benghazi. The IRS. An inability to control the Mexican border, to name but three.
Jul 29, 2014

New column: GOP could impeach President - but not remove him from office - while hurting themselves. In @TheWeek…

Paul Ryan's anti-poverty plan is another sign of life in the GOP — aul Ryan is a lawmaker that people love to hate. He's got that midwestern good-boy affect. He's into P90x and has a body that power squatters loathe. He reportedly had his interns read books by the cartoonish hater of altruism and "moochers," Ayn Rand.
Jul 29, 2014

The Ryan plan on poverty is another green shoot. The era of not-thinking on the right is ending.…