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An open letter to #brands about Gamergate — Dear Corporate PR Departments, You've probably heard of this thing called Gamergate. (In case you haven't, this will get you up to speed.) Chances are, if your company is even remotely connected with tech or media, you've already been inundated with emails and tweets demanding that somebody be fired, or some ad campaign pulled, or some publication burned to the ground.
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10 soldiers welcomed home by very happy dogs — In recent years years, YouTube's collection of doggy welcome home videos has exploded. Before we begin, you might want to grab some tissues. 1. PRINCESS This soldier gets a face-lickingly warm welcome home from Princess, the tiniest dog in our collection. 2.
Oct 23, 2014

Daww! love this. MT @TheWeek 10 videos of soldiers welcomed home by very happy dogs: