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Most Talked About Time Magazine Stories

College Rankings: How To Make Your Own

time.com — See how colleges stack up based on what you think is most important in a school Last year, the Obama Administration announced a plan to assess schools on how well they serve their students, based on metrics like graduation rate, tuition, and the percentage of students who receive Pell Grants, the federally funded scholarships for low-income families.
Man of the people @ChrisWilsonDC wants you to make your own college rankings. Give it a whirl. ti.me/1jLaWJQ
Before the Obama does it later this year, create your own college ranking system now with simple swipe of mouse. time.com/71782/make-you…
RT @chriswilsondc: University of California-San Diego is the top school in my college ratings. See them all: time.com/71782/make-you…
University of California-San Diego is the top school in my college ratings. See them all: time.com/71782/make-you…

Palcohol Approval Was Government “Error”

time.com — The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau rescinded its April 8 'label approval' of controversial new product Palcohol The federal government admitted Monday that its recent approval of Palcohol-a powdered alcohol which turns water into vodka and rum-was actually done in "error."
Show 5 more tweets from Jonathan Stankiewicz, Chris Furnari, Kirsten Salyer, David Teicher, Laura Stampler

U.S. Sending 600 Troops for Exercises Near Russia

time.com — The U.S. will deploy about 600 troops for training exercises in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to reassure NATO and regional allies adjacent to Russia The U.S. will send hundreds of troops to East Europe for training exercises, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, as the Americans look to reassure nervous allies near Russia.
@TIME: U.S. to deploy about 600 troops for military exercises near Russia ti.me/1idL0tv”. And the EU/UN is doing what?...
@TIME: U.S. to deploy about 600 troops for military exercises near Russia ti.me/1idL0tv

Our Carrier Video Is Way Cooler Than Yours

time.com — Ever since 1986′s , music and the carefully-choreographed mayhem that happens on a carrier's flight deck have gone together like peanut butter and chocolate. But if you thought such confections are limited to the U.S. Navy, you'd be wrong.

India Elections: Non-Resident Indians Go Home to Help in Polls

time.com — Desperate for change, thousands of Indians have given up cushy lives in the U.S. and elsewhere and returned home to act as volunteers or even stand as candidates in the India's elections For months, braving India's hot summer, Maya Vishwakarma crisscrossed the dusty roads of Hoshangabad, her hometown in Madhya Pradesh, central India.
Thousands brave summer heat, return home to vote in #IndiaElections. ti.me/1mwQSxl via @TIMEWorld

The Problem With the New Isolationism

time.com — Power, like nature, abhors a vacuum. The ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Russia has once again focused attention on the question of America's international role. There is, across the political spectrum, a strong streak of anti-interventionism which holds that we should minimize our involvement abroad except for clear-cut national security purposes.

Ukraine: Crisis Continues as Kiev Cancels Easter Truce

time.com — The crisis in eastern Ukraine continues as Kiev promises new efforts to oust separatists from government buildings and Moscow dismisses U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's threat of additional sanctions Ukraine's spiraling crisis continued unabated on Wednesday as Kiev called an official end to the Easter Truce in eastern Ukraine and promised to launch new operations to dislodge pro-Russian forces occupying government buildings.
RT @TIME: Tensions high in Ukraine after Kiev calls off Easter truce ti.me/1lDUQCY

Are You Mom Enough?

content.time.com — TIME Magazine Cover: Are You Mom Enough?

South Korea Ferry Disaster: Sewol Death Toll Tops 150, Probe Broadens

time.com — More than 100 people remain missing after the Sewol sank off South Korea last week, prompting the arrest of at least seven crew members Updated at 6:45 p.m. EST A series of funerals were held Tuesday morning for victims of the ill-fated ferry that sank off South Korea's coast six days earlier, as the death toll surpassed 150.
South Korean ferry death toll hits 150, with more than 100 people still missing ti.me/QtO5do

Palcohol: How Do You Make Powdered Alcohol

time.com — It looks like powdered alcohol is no longer approved, but we're still wondering how it's made The Internet was in a tizzy yesterday over what appeared to be the approval of powdered alcohol, which had the potential to be added to water or food, or snorted.

The Confidence Code: How Perfectionism Holds Women Back

time.com — A new book by journalists (and recovering self-doubters) Katty Kay and Claire Shipman looks at why women still lack confidence no matter how much they've accomplished There are certain things one might assume you're supposed to have mastered as a columnist. One is how to start a column.
@TIME: It's not you, it's science: How perfectionism holds women back ti.me/1hmUFIq” Really? Because I thought it was just me...
It's official: the perfect is the enemy of the good. @jess7bennett on how perfectionism holds women back: time.com/70558/its-not-… via @TIME

Justin Bieber: Pop Star Visits Tokyo’s Controversial Yasukuni Shrine

time.com — But hey, what's the big deal if you've already desecrated the Argentine national flag, disrespected the legacy of holocaust victim Anne Frank and cursed Bill Clinton on camera? Did Justin Bieber just honor the memories of some Japan's worst war criminals during his recent trip to Tokyo? You better belieb it!
Does the U.S.-Japan security treaty also cover Justin Bieber as well as the Senkaku islands? time.com/73264/justin-b…

There Is Now An App for Prostitution

time.com — Germany, where prostitution has become a massive business, now has an app to facilitate client, sex-worker connections. The new app, Peppr, is similar to a dating site, but it's for connecting prostitutes to clients. In 2002, Germany legalized prostitution, and the industry there has expanded dramatically since then.

Mobile Phone Addiction Is on the Rise

time.com — The number of people who launch apps more than 60 times per day on phones or tablets doubled in the past year If you're constantly checking your phone despite the pleas of your mom, boss or significant other, you might just be a " mobile addict " - and you're not alone.
@TIME: Here's proof you're more addicted to your phone (and tablet) than ever ti.me/1rhJxE7” As if I didn't already know this...

Women Are Better Than Men at the Sexy Voice

time.com — Thanks to mate selection, women may be better sweet talkers A low, breathy voice is what we've decided as a society is "sexy," whether you're male or female. But according to a new study, men are not very good at it.