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Best Bloody Mary brunch cocktails — Get the lowdown on the best beer bars to open within the past year, tastings and other boozy happenings From cheese-curd purists to newfangled updates, here are New York's best takes on that Canadian junk-food classic Browse through our full list or choose your next brunch spot by category
Oct 01, 2014

Pretty proud that this story got my Bloody-Mary–hating editor to crave one:… (Thanks for the sipping help, @minaliu.)

Taste test: new pumpkin, candy corn and other fall-flavored foods — From pumpkin spice M&Ms to apple crisp yogurt to caramel apple soda and candy corn Oreos, we tried every fall-inspired food we could find.
Oct 01, 2014

We did a taste test of "fall flavors" including a vodka that tastes like Lil Wayne's breath.…

Sep 30, 2014

There's a whole latte "pumpkin spice" crap on the shelves these days. Our expanded fall-flavors taste test: