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More Americans drinking BPA in canned beer — Quartz writes about the increase in sales of canned beer in How the craft beer revolution made cans cool again. They describe how cans came to be acceptable for beer. Concerns about canned beer bearing a metallic taste, which once was a factor that made bottles more appealing, should be long gone now.
Nov 24, 2014

Hey @CityLab that “ water based polymer lining” in beer cans is made of Bisphenol A. Bottles are better.

This holiday season, try to focus less on physical gifts and more on experiential ones — Giving gifts just for the sake of giving loses its noble purpose when it results in an overstuffed house and more trash in our landfill sites. My family and I are preparing to leave for two months in Brazil, which means that we'll be away for Christmas.

General Mills agrees to drop “100% natural” labeling in face of lawsuit — In the fight for a better food system, it's a largely known that labels like "all natural" mean next to nothing. There's no legal definition of what constitutes natural food in the U.S., and manufacturers have used the word widely and liberally. Yet the pushback against this misleading term is growing.
Nov 24, 2014

General Mills agrees to drop “100% natural” labeling in face of lawsuit

Giant Rat-Eating Plant Discovered in the Philippines — Something about carnivorous plants just strikes the imagination--what kid isn't awed/grossed out by Venus Flytraps when they first see them? To this day, as a (semi) grown man, I still admit to determining insect-eating plants to be "really cool." So what would the world think of a plant that eats rats?
Nov 21, 2014

This giant rat-eating plant was named after Sir David Attenborough h/t @chrishpeak21 @drewmagary

Nov 21, 2014

RT @chrishpeak: @drewmagary I'm all set, man. thanks "Giant Rat-Eating Plant Discovered in the Philippines"

Behind the scenes: Tesla's factory upgrade, which includes X-Men characters, climbing plants, giant robots, etc — Robots named after X-Men characters... From making zero cars a few years ago, Tesla made 22,000 last year, is now on pace to make 35,000 this year, and expects to make about 50,000 next year (a growth of about 50% in one year).
Nov 21, 2014

RT @TreeHugger: Tesla's factory upgrade: X-Men characters, climbing plants, giant robots, etc

Three questions to ask when decluttering — Decluttering, the question of what to keep and what to get rid of, has been weighing on my wife's and my mind for the last year. We just went through a massive downsizing from a three-storey house with full basement to about a third of the house, 830 square feet above grade and 300 in the lower level (I don't call it a basement anymore), in which we both live and work.
Nov 21, 2014

downsizing is hard; kept this bit of plaster molding from a reno I did decades ago ever since.

LED bulbs look just like old timey Edison incandescents, make steampunk energy efficient — If there is one restaurant design trend that I object to, it's the hanging of dozens of bare old-fashioned bulbs like this in Toronto's Guu Izakaya. They take the most inefficient bulbs one can find and cover the ceiling with them. I admit that it looks terrific, and that people really look good under the warm bulbs.
Nov 24, 2014

Via @TreeHugger: 'LED bulbs look just like old timey Edison incandescents, make steampunk energy efficient'

Nov 20, 2014

The incandescent is well and truly dead; now they even make steampunky old fashioned LEDs.