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Did Katy Perry Ruin a Child's Birthday Party?

vanityfair.com — Katy Perry's latest music video, for the song "Birthday," involves her going undercover to children's birthday parties and doing wacky things. In one segment, which she teased last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show, she dressed up like a birthday clown and pretended to whack someone with a piñata stick and wander into the street, causing a car accident.

Vanity Fair’s 2014 Tribeca Film Festival Party: Photos From the Red Carpet and Inside the Big Event

vanityfair.com — With food from Thomas Keller and Per Se and some of New York's most powerful figures in media, film, television, and politics, the event honored the ongoing film festival
RT @VanityFair: Join us at our Tribeca Film Festival party, with photos from the red carpet and inside the celebration. vnty.fr/1tEsXQT

What Will Become of New York’s Most Beautiful Ruin?

vanityfair.com — Philip Johnson is said to have once remarked that his New York State Pavilion, the leftover structure from the 1964 New York World's Fair in Flushing Meadow Park, was turning into a wonderful ruin.
RT @TimothyNoah1: Robert Moses as Flushing Meadows Ozymandias: "Look on my New York State Pavilion and despair!" Yup, it's still there. vanityfair.com/online/daily/2…
Robert Moses as Flushing Meadows Ozymandias: "Look on my New York State Pavilion and despair!" Yup, it's still there. vanityfair.com/online/daily/2…

Game of Thrones Actress Dishes the Dirt on the Purple Wedding and Wardrobe Malfunctions

vanityfair.com — But We Are Not Men Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, the unluckiest bride in Westeros, spoke to Seth Meyers last night about the Purple Wedding, running marathons, and that Lisbeth Salander hair she's sporting for the Hunger Games films. Meyers, a big fan of the George R.R.
RT @VanityFair: Natalie Dormer describes behind the scenes of Game of Thrones as skirt hoisting, Scrabble playing fun vnty.fr/1lFLdYS

Jodie Foster Marries Photographer Alexandra Hedison

vanityfair.com — TYING THE KNOT Jodie Foster has married her girlfriend of a year, Alexandra Hedison, according to an E! News report (which was confirmed by Foster's rep). Foster and Hedison have been dating since "sometime last summer," news which also broke via E! News.

Vanity Fair Nominates Mark Shand

vanityfair.com — Nicky Haslam nominates Mark Shand, because India's endangered elephants will never forget him. B ecause a lifetime of travel has imbued Mark Shand with not only a love of adventure but also a commitment to saving endangered animals.

Get Beyoncé’s To-Die-For Style

vanityfair.com — There is a reason why Beyoncé has been labeled the Queen Bey of music. Her rhythmic vocals, lust-worthy dance moves, and opulent videos are on a level of no other. Fashion-wise, the singer, much like her husband, has succeeded in adding enough runway austerity to her look to keep us focused.

The Katie Holmes Career Reinvention Begins?

vanityfair.com — With all the tabloid noise about her courtship with Tom Cruise, her marriage to Tom Cruise, her divorce from Tom Cruise, and the child she shares with Tom Cruise, it's easy to forget that Katie Holmes is, y'know, an actress. With a career of her own and presumably ambitions that have nothing to do with an old relationship.