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Swaziland Groups Urges International Pressure on Government

voanews.com — Banned opposition groups in Swaziland are calling on the international community to withdraw support from King Mswati III's government to pressure the administration to embrace their demands for democratic reforms. Mario Masuku, leader of the People's United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), says the opposition contends the administration uses state institutions such as the police and the judicial services to undermine freedom of speech and association, as well as intimidate and harass opponents of the government.

African Union Team to Visit South Sudan to Probe Rights Abuses

voanews.com — An African Union (AU) commission set up to investigate human rights abuses committed during the four-month-old conflict in South Sudan is poised to begin a visit to the young country, the AU said Tuesday.

Rhino Horns Worth $5.2M Stolen in South Africa

voanews.com — Rhino horn stock piles worth over $5.2 million have been stolen from a South African game park office, the raided tourist agency said on Tuesday, in the first known theft of its kind.