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David Bowie: Five Years and 7 Other Movie Performances — The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1976 Bowie's first lead performance was as an alien who travels to earth to save his home planet from a severe drought. Although Bowie had claimed to be done with Ziggy Stardust by then, you can see touches of his extraterrestrial alter ego in the androgynous look and orange-tinged hair.
Aug 01, 2014

RT @voguemagazine: The many metamorpheses of David Bowie in film-from The Hunger to Labyrinth:

Fall's Best Shirts and How to Wear Them — You really don't want the one off his back. You want your own. Starched, slouchy, stripy, strict: this September, the shirt is tops. " SEE THE SLIDESHOW " Market Editors: Kelly Connor and Chelsea Zalopany Hair: Ilker Akyol; Makeup: Susie Sobol Set Design: Jesse Kaufmann/FRANK REPS Photographed on location at Highline Stages See: Sex on the Beach: The 31 Hottest Swimsuits of the Summer, Hitched!
Aug 01, 2014

In which @voguemagazine proves it helps to shoot market stuff on models, even if they're the only ones doing it.…