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Nimrat Kaur, the Actress You Love to Hate on Homeland — "I love being told how evil I am all of a sudden. It's giving me great pleasure right now, I have to say!" Nimrat Kaur is almost eight thousand miles away when we reach her by phone, settled at home in Bombay for the first time since starting her work on the fourth season of Homeland this June.

Happy 75th Birthday, Tina Turner! — Some feminist icons publish books with titles like A Vindication of the Rights of Women -hello, Mary Wollstonecraft! Some show their solidarity with workers by going down into coal mines where females, let alone First Ladies, had previously feared to tread-hi, Eleanor Roosevelt!
Nov 26, 2014

Tomorrow may be Thanksgiving, but today is Tina Turner's 75th birthday. @voguemagazine

The Great Podcast Resurgence: Serial and 7 Others to Binge-Listen to Now — It seems we can't go anywhere these days without hearing about a new spin-off of This American Life that has quickly become the most popular podcast of all time, according to Apple (it's the fastest-ever to reach five million downloads on iTunes).

Why Halle Berry’s Lawsuit over Her Daughter’s Hair Matters

Why People Are Protesting in Ferguson — In the early years I spent observing the criminal justice system-first, as someone who investigated police misconduct, and later as a crime and courts reporter for a small newspaper in Connecticut-I discovered how easy it was to meet the "probable cause" standard.
Nov 25, 2014

What are laws if not applied to everyone? @MonicaBPotts on why people are protesting in Ferguson: @voguemagazine

A Lesson in Holiday Floral Arrangements from Putnam & Putnam — A beautiful floral arrangement can be the pièce de resistance of any well-laid table. But those who have tried at home to create an artfully chaotic flower bouquet know that it's not as easy as it may seem. To achieve that wild yet effortlessly elegant look requires an understanding of composition, balance, and texture.
Nov 25, 2014

There's more to a wild floral arrangement than you think-- Putnam & Putnam offer a how-to for your Thanksgiving table

Amal Clooney and the Statement Coat Trend of Winter 2014 — With the holiday travel season already kicking into high gear, one way to look elegant at the airport is to channel international attorney and newlywed Amal Clooney. The jet-setting barrister showed her fashion acumen earlier this year with her wedding wardrobe and has since become just as well known for her style as her legal expertise.

The U.S. Congress Will at Last Include 100 Women — Jeannette Rankin, Republican of Montana, was the first woman in Congress, elected in 1916. A suffragist and pacifist, she served one term notable for her vote against America's entry into World War I, which cost her reelection. Rankin was elected to Congress again in 1940, and she cast the only vote against declaring war on Japan after Pearl Harbor.

Space, the Final Frontier (for Social Media): Talk to Astronauts with New App Friends in Space — Yesterday, celestial history was made when Italy's first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, was launched into space aboard a Russian Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft that dropped her off, along with fellow astronauts Terry Virts (of NASA) and the Russian Federal Space Agency's Anton Shkaplerov, at the International Space Station (ISS) for a six-month mission.

How to Make a Mille-Feuille Pastry — On the eve of holiday season, Tamar Adler-a lifelong dessert abstainer-takes a crash course in classical pastry. Can she conquer the fiendishly difficult mille-feuille? It began in late summer, with a question "innocent as June," as Emily Dickinson wrote. Subject: remaining things we'd like to change after we married.

Scenes from the 2014 CFA World Championship Cat Show — More than 1,000 felines competed for honors at the 2014 CFA World Championship Cat Show, held in Philadelphia by the Cat Fanciers' Association.
Nov 24, 2014

Our dispatch from the Cat Fanciers' Association's World Championship Cat Show. #meowmix @voguemagazine

Pinterest Engineer Tracy Chou is Breaking the Silicon Ceiling — "There are a lot of engineers here," Tracy Chou, a programmer at Pinterest and one of the fastest-rising engineers in tech, tells me one evening at Dogpatch Boulders, a climbing gym named after the bayside San Francisco neighborhood now transformed into a playground for the start-up set.