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Extraordinary Machines — THELONIOUS MONK QUARTET Thelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall (Blue Note) Funny ha ha and funny peculiar, Monk's startling block chords, disdain for the romantic arpeggio, and flat-out genius have long rendered him rock's favorite jazz pianist, and the spiritual ambition of Coltrane's endless sheets of sound left a deeper impression on hippiedom and its musical aftermaths than any other jazz.
Jan 31, 2015

Robert Christgau didn’t much like Antony and the Johnsons: “Right, he suffers. But billions of humans have it worse”…

The Article That Made Mario Cuomo Governor in 1982 - No Kidding! — When I wrote this story, in June 1982, during the Democratic primary campaign for New York governor, Mario Cuomo was still seven points behind Ed Koch, who had defeated him for mayor only five years earlier with a strong death penalty pitch that Cuomo always courageously resisted.

Meet the Two New Yorkers Who Are Starting a Preschool for Adults — Courtesy of Michelle Joni Lapidos Michelle Joni Lapidos is the girl who would not grow up. At least not in the conventional sense of being bogged down by anxiety and an unloved job. Pretty, with red hair and an incessant desire to play, Lapidos is a part-hippie, part-four-year-old devoted to seeing adults break out of their routines and re-discover the "magic" of childhood.
Jan 30, 2015

let's play a game called "Portlandia Skit Or Actual Thing That Exists." Ready? Adult preschool. Which is it?

An Exciting Elixir for a Stale Statesmen: Mitt Romney Inspires Our Beer of the Week — Andrew Unterberg It's barely 2015 and we already have our first official casualty of the Almighty 2016 Presidential Election Cycle. Mr. Romney, we hardly knew ye. Just kidding, Mittens. You've been clamoring for the highest office in the land since all the way back when John McCain was a widely respected figure in national politics.

Ask Andrew W.K.: Feeling Overwhelmed Counts as Partying — Photo by Rick Day [ Editor's note: Every Wednesday, New York City's own Andrew W.K. takes your life questions and sets you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose, or - no surprise here - a party. Need his help?

Take Flight with These 25 Drone Films From the NYC Drone Film Fest — Randy Scott Slavin is something of a drone evangelist. "People have never seen the inside of a volcano before. But drones have gone there," the filmmaker says of the airborne, remote-controlled computers. "There are so many ways these technologies can be used for good."

Why Pairing Wine With Your Super Bowl Snacks Is Not Pretentious — Lauren Mowery for the Village Voice Wine shouldn't be foisted on to every culinary event; no matter how grand or mundane, some matches are better left alone: the Kentucky Derby and bourbon, or bagels, lox, and black coffee (okay, a glass of Champagne wouldn't be so terrible with either).

A Fervent Cop Supporter Changes His Mind About NYPD After Gravity Knife Arrest — Courtesy: Carsten Vogel A few weeks ago, when relations between the NYPD and mayor Bill de Blasio were at their nadir, some of Carsten Vogel's friends had been enthusiastically bashing the NYPD on Facebook. Vogel, who has always been a police supporter and even counts some cops among his friends, took exception to their criticisms of the NYPD.

Here's How Mayor Bill de Blasio's Expressive Sign Language Interpreter Got the Job — During recent emergency press conferences about Ebola and potentially life-threatening blizzards, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has had to share a little of the limelight. That's because, just a little off to Hizzoner's right, a deaf interpreter has been drawing audience eyes with his deeply expressive sign language.

In Black or White, the Race Drama is Cartoonish — There are few hard-and-fast rules in screenwriting, but here's one I think we can agree on: Something's gone wrong if your crowd-pleasing family drama asks audiences to hope a child's father proves to be a crackhead.
Jan 30, 2015

RT @AlbertSamaha: if there's one positive thing about the movie "black or white," it's that we get to read @studiesincrap rip it apart:…

Jan 30, 2015

if there's one positive thing about the movie "black or white," it's that we get to read @studiesincrap rip it apart:…

Jan 30, 2015

Most painful thing about BLACK OR WHITE's portrayal of black: It really thinks it means well. Review:…

Jan 29, 2015

Kevin Costner's BLACK OR WHITE actually asks viewers to *root* for the young black man to be a crackhead. A review:…