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Obama-released Taliban member swapped for Bowe Bergdahl tried to return to terror — One of the Taliban members swapped by the Obama administration in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has reportedly tried to return to terrorist activity.

Marc Loving, D'Angelo Russell carry Ohio State past No. 16 Maryland — COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Marc Loving scored 19 points and D'Angelo Russell added 18 points and 14 rebounds to lead Ohio State to an 80-56 victory over No. 16 Maryland on Thursday night.

Nationals' Jayson Werth pleads guilty to reckless driving charge

Jan 29, 2015

RT @Tom_Schad: #Nats Jayson Werth pleads guilty to reckless driving. Per @JulieCareyNBC, he will begin serving 5-day sentence Fri.

Jan 29, 2015

#Nats Jayson Werth pleads guilty to reckless driving. Per @JulieCareyNBC, he will begin serving 5-day sentence Fri.

Eric Holder says Justice Dept. must combat human trafficking better — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. called upon the Justice Department Thursday to "redouble our efforts" in fighting human trafficking. "It is unacceptable that millions of people toil in the shadows even as we speak -people who are viewed by their traffickers as nothing more than commodities," Mr. Holder said at an event marking National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Catholic Relief Services' 'graphic' sex-ed course incompatible with church teachings — A Virginia nonprofit research group is blowing the whistle on a "graphic sexuality education program" that a Catholic service organization has administered to children in Rwanda. The "My Changing Body: Puberty and Fertility Awareness for Young People" curriculum was introduced in Rwanda in 2009 by Catholic Relief Services even though it's based on content from organizations that offer or promote contraception and abortion, said Michael Hichborn, president of Lepanto Institute in Partlow, Virginia.
Jan 29, 2015

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Hillary Clinton Libya war genocide narrative rejected by U.S. intelligence — The intelligence community gathered no specific evidence of an impending genocide in Libya in spring 2011, undercutting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's primary argument for using the U.S. military to remove Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power, an event that has left his country in chaos, according to officials with direct knowledge of the dispute.
Jan 29, 2015

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Jan 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton's 'WMD' moment: U.S. intelligence saw false narrative in Libya:

Chris Christie backs legalized sports betting in bid to boost Atlantic City - and 2016 hopes — If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had his way, football fans would be flocking to Atlantic City this weekend to plunk down bets on the Super Bowl as part of his plan to help pull the city out of a tailspin.
Jan 29, 2015

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John McCain to anti-war protesters: 'Get out of here, you low-life scum' — Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain got fed up with anti-war protesters during a hearing on Thursday, telling them to "get out of here, you low-life scum." As the hearing started, several protesters approached the table holding signs and shouting at 91-year-old Henry Kissinger, who was on hand for a hearing on global security challenges, CNN reported.

Seattle to fine residents for throwing food in garbage — Seattle has become the first city in the country to start punishing residents caught throwing food away. The law took effect on Jan. 1, but the city won't actually start issuing fines until July. Right now, bright red "Scarlet Letter"-like tags are being slapped on violators' cans in an effort to educate the public before fines are handed out, NPR reported.

CUNY, seeking gender-inclusive environment, tells staff to stop using 'Mr., Mrs., Ms.' — A new memo issued by the Graduate Center at the City University of New York instructs faculty and staff to stop using courtesy titles for men and women, such as "Mr., Mrs. or Ms.," so as not to offend students seeking to learn in a gender-inclusive environment.

Seattle's defense could go down as one of the best units in NFL history — Are the Seattle Seahawks the best defense in NFL history? "I'll let you guys decide that," Seattle defensive end Cliff Avril told reporters earlier this week in Phoenix, where the Seahawks are preparing to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia's proposal for gender-segregated Olympics rejected — Saudi Arabia's proposal to jointly host the 2020 Olympic Games was swiftly rejected for suggesting the competition would be for men only, with the women's competition taking place in Bahrain. A consultant to the Saudi Olympic Committee, Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud, had suggested the ultraconservative kingdom bid jointly with Bahrain so that the women's events could be held there, The Telegraph reported.

LOVERRO: Junior Seau's likely Hall of Fame selection could be troublesome for NFL — Who will speak for Junior Seau when he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio in August? Will his wife Gina represent the late linebacker, who died in May 2013 at the age of 43 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound? Will she say this?

Hillary Clinton undercut on Libya war by Pentagon and Congress, secret tapes reveal — Top Pentagon officials and a senior Democrat in Congress so distrusted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2011 march to war in Libya that they opened their own diplomatic channels with the Gadhafi regime in an effort to halt the escalating crisis, according to secret audio recordings recovered from Tripoli.

Stevie Wonder decries racism against Obama during Andrae Crouch eulogy — While performing the eulogy for gospel music legend Andraé Crouch, Stevie Wonder decried what he believes is racism against President Obama, arguing that despite the president's best efforts, too many Americans dislike him simply because he's black.

Why Azerbaijan is important to America and the free world — Last year marked the 23rd anniversary of Azerbaijan's independence from the Soviet Union. Why is that important to America? It's in a part of the world that is in a chaotic state. Azerbaijan, after a mere 23 years of independence, stands out as a friend to America and a stabilizing force in the region.
Jan 29, 2015

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Communist Party USA: 'Working with the Democratic Party' is key — John Bachtell, chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA, said in a lengthy essay for "People's World" that America needed a third political party committed to uphold labor - but until that time comes, communists ought to work with Democrats, especially in the coming elections.

Chelsea Handler dons Israeli flag pasties in lastest 'free the nipple' stunt — Comedian Chelsea Handler slapped on a couple of Israeli flag pasties and sat atop a camel for a photo she posted on Instagram as part of the "free the nipple" movement.

Keystone filibuster fails, pipeline poised for approval — The Keystone XL pipeline is closer than it's ever been to approval after the Senate overcame a Democrat-led filibuster Thursday and was headed for a final passage vote later in the day - setting up an eventual showdown with President Obama, who has promised a veto.