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What Makes A City The ‘Best’? — What Makes A City The 'Best'? What makes a good place to live in America today? We'll talk with the people who size up our cities and towns. Guests Jonah Ogles , associate editor at Outside Magazine. (@jonahogles) Matt Carmichael , editor, (@mcarmichael) Emily Badger , urban policy reporter for the Washington Post.
Oct 02, 2014

RT @OnPointRadio: 'Cities are these living organisms that change over time. Our tastes change, too.' @emilymbadger

Oct 02, 2014

I'm talking with @OnPointRadio this a.m. about where you should live (or where other ppl think you should live):

Voters Punt On NFL Scandals, WBUR Poll Finds — Political campaigns are used to football interfering with campaign season; good luck getting a voter to answer either the door or the phone when the Patriots are on. But this year the NFL - or more specifically, the league's handling of alleged domestic violence by players - is impacting the political campaign in another way.
Oct 02, 2014

RT @Zeninjor: WBUR poll: 87% of voters say #NFL scandals haven't changed amount of football they'll watch

Oct 02, 2014

WBUR poll: 87% of voters say #NFL scandals haven't changed amount of football they'll watch

Why There Is A Crisis In Business Education — After years of declining applications for MBA programs, some schools are reporting gains. But Kenneth Freeman, dean at Boston University's School of Management says the upswing is not something to celebrate. That's because many employers are complaining that an MBA is no longer preparing people for today's business world.

A Media Blast From the Past — NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik has noticed an interesting trend in print publications. One of the most popular stories at The New Republic is by George Orwell, who died in 1950.
Oct 02, 2014

RT @elteng12: So pleased @hereandnow did a piece on the archival project I've been helping with @tnr. Best part of my job!…

Oct 01, 2014

Why what's old is new again - my NPR conversation on the push by news orgs to resurrect articles from dusty archives…