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None — Credit: The Perfect Game Foundation Posted on July 22, 2014 at 5:35 PM An Editorial From WFAA Sports Blogger Patrick Despain Most, if not all, of you know our own Pete Delkus our chief meteorologist at WFAA. Pete's smooth, dapper, and his feel for delivering the weather is unmatched in this market.
Jul 22, 2014

Those were the days! MT @BaseballTX: The side of Pete Delkus many don’t know from @PatrickDespain

Surge of intestinal illness in Tarrant County — Tarrant County Public Health issued a warning Monday about an outbreak of Cyclosporiasis, a foodborne illness caused by a microscopic parasite that leads to severe intestinal problems. Tarrant County said there has been a spike in cases during July. Prior to this month, there were just eight cases reported in the State of Texas, and Tarrant County had seen just one.