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Interactive: Dane County mortgage rates — Rates for new mortgage loan applications are compiled from a survey of eight banks, savings and loans and other mortgage lenders in Dane County. Data updated Aug. 20, 2014.

Sign swaps will improve Madison streetscapes — What's the best place for a billboard in Madison? On top of a small shop in the Greenbush neighborhood? Or out along the Beltline? The answer is obvious: The Beltline is more appropriate. That's why the city should let sign companies, in limited cases, move billboards to new and more suitable spots if they're impeding improvements to neighborhoods.

John Nygren: Republicans made the right decision on Medicaid — I continue to read with disappointment the calls to accept federal funds to expand the state's generous Medicaid program. Furthermore, the claim that Republicans are blocking citizens from accessing health care is dead wrong. Protecting taxpayers from future costs of an unsustainable government program is one of the reasons the governor and lawmakers decided to turn down the federal funds.
Aug 20, 2014

.@rep89: "Medicaid for those who can get affordable coverage in private sector wd increase premiums for every1 else"…