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Most Talked About WNYC Stories

NYC Sherpas Mourn Those Killed on Everest

wnyc.org — NYC Sherpas Mourn Those Killed on Everest (WNYC/Arun Venugopal) The deaths of 16 guides on Mount Everest last week has prompted an industry crisis in Nepal, with dozens of Sherpas packing up and government officials desperately trying to salvage the climbing season.
RT @bethfertig: Queens is home to largest Sherpa community in US, LISTEN to their stories post-Everest deaths with @arunNYC wnyc.org/story/nyc-sher… @wnyc
The sherpas of New York: taxi driver, salesman at Tent & Trails. YES. Great stuff from @arunNYC wnyc.org/story/nyc-sher…
NYC never ceases to amaze: MT: @bethfertig Queens is home to largest Sherpa community in US. Their stories... wnyc.org/story/nyc-sher…
Queens is home to largest Sherpa community in US, LISTEN to their stories post-Everest deaths with @arunNYC wnyc.org/story/nyc-sher… @wnyc
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wnyc.org — It feels like Winter is never going to end, but we can’t stop fantasizing about this Spring actually becoming Spring. So we asked some of our hosts to introduce us to their favorite luminous springtime songs to set the mood, whether or not the weather cooperates.

Our Favorite Children's Stories

wnyc.org — For kids and their parents, bedtime often starts with a few books. Elizabeth Bird, a Youth Materials Specialist from the New York Public Library, talks about some of our favorite classic story books and some of the popular newcomers. And we’ll be taking listener calls. Tell us: what was your favorite book as a child?
A @nypl librarian on @LeonardLopate shares some great books to read to kids. She loved Mr.Tiger Goes Wild. You? bit.ly/1f75hAH
From today's show: the classic children's books we loved as kids and the new ones we love as adults bit.ly/1f75hAH
Callers shared their favorite children's stories with Elizabeth Bird of the #NYPL and @LeonardLopate wnyc.org/story/our-favo… @wnyc
Caller Helen's son insisted that she read the FDNY's recruitment brochure each and every night. bit.ly/1f75hAH
Now: a look at our favorite bedtime stories, as kids and as parents. What's yours? bit.ly/1f75hAH
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Kelis: From 'Milkshake' To 'Food,' A Soulful Reinvention

soundcheck.wnyc.org — Singer songwriter Kelis Rogers, who's also a trained chef, is best known for her 2003 hit "Milkshake." But on her new album, Food, the R&B artist combines her two loves to make a delicious reinvention. Hear Kelis perform in the Soundcheck studio, and talk with Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast.
Trained chef & musician Kelis: From 'Milkshake' To 'Food,' A Soulful Reinvention wnyc.org/2C7Nn via @soundcheck

NYC Officials Expect a 'Heavy Lift' in Pre-K Expansion

wnyc.org — (Yasmeen Khan) Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration publicly has maintained confidence in its ability to quickly expand quality pre-kindergarten programs in New York City and touted its strengths, including a precedent of high-quality city programs to build on and ongoing cooperation among city agencies to open new pre-k classrooms by September.
RT @yasmeenkhan: Managing expectations on pre-k expansion: "There are going to be lots of things that are not perfectly defined" wnyc.org/story/city-off…
Managing expectations on pre-k expansion: "There are going to be lots of things that are not perfectly defined" wnyc.org/story/city-off…

Sunscreen and Vaseline: The Art of Cheating in Baseball

wnyc.org — A ten-game suspension has been handed down to New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda, after he was ejected from Wednesday's game against the Red Sox in Fenway Park. Pineda was tossed from the game for using a foreign substance on the mound. Specifically, he was applying pine tar to the baseball.
One former MLB pitcher @wnyc on #Pineda: his "lazy" smear of pine tar was insult to those who cheat in masterful way. bit.ly/1mFoZmN

The Brian Lehrer Show

wnyc.org — City Year is part of the AmeriCorps program and will be celebrating 25 years next month. Erica Hamilton, vice president and executive director of City Year New York, explains how fellows spend their time and what communities get from the program. Plus, she'll take your calls.
Erica Hamilton of @CityYearNewYork talks about the goals and accomplishments of the 25 year old org wnyc.org/story/year-cit…

Goodbye Net Neutrality?

wnyc.org — The FCC proposed new rules that would leave the concept of net neutrality all but dead. David Carr, media columnist and culture reporter for the New York Times and Nancy Scola, a reporter who covers the intersections of technology, politics, and policy for publications like Reuters, the Washingtonian, and theAtlantic.com, discuss this and the case Aereo is making before the Supreme Court.
.@carr2n of @NYTimes and journalist @nancyscola weigh the implications of FFC's new rules threatening net neutrality wnyc.org/story/goodbye-…

Why Lupita Nyong'o's 'People' Cover Is So Significant

wnyc.org — It has been a very good 12 months for Lupita Nyong'o: piles of awards (including an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Patsy in 12 Years a Slave), a contract to be the face of Lancôme Paris cosmetics, and now this: the cover of People's annual "50 Most Beautiful" issue.
Why Lupita Nyong'o's 'People' Cover Is So Significant wnyc.org/2C7SD via @WNYC

Is Everything More Delicious When You Eat With Your Hands?

wnyc.org — My wife Meera and I often have non-Indian guests over for dinner - typically a sumptuous Indian meal that she makes. Everyone digs into their rice and daal, hariyali chicken and prawn curry with silverware. Then my daughter clears her throat and quietly asks if she can please just eat with her hands.
WATCH: "The hand is our God-given fork," says @arunNYC on the Indian custom he says makes food more delicious =wnyc.org/story/is-every… @wnyc

City Opposes More Environmental Oversight Rules for Schools

wnyc.org — (Beth Fertig/WNYC) Legislation requiring the city to report more data about environmental testing at public schools met resistance from the Department of Education on Thursday because, the D.O.E. claimed, the requirements would be too onerous. The bill was introduced recently to provide more oversight and transparency in cases where the city leases buildings.
Would a bill requiring #NYCSchools to report all enviro tests be productive or create unwarranted anxiety? wnyc.org/story/ed-depar… @wnyc

US Government's Fatal Flaw - Regulations

wnyc.org — Philip K. Howard, founder and chair of Common Good and the author of The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government (W. W. Norton & Company, 2014), argues that government is broken, not because of politics, but a reliance on anachronistic rules and regulations at the expense of common sense.
Washington may have too much politics but it does not have enough common sense says @PhilipKHoward of @commongood wnyc.org/story/us-gover…

See Central Park's $38 Million Renovation of Tavern on The Green

wnyc.org — (Stephen Nessen/WNYC) The iconic Central Park eatery Tavern on the Green is back in business, five years after going bankrupt. Its new owners removed the Los Vegas-style glitz of the former tourist trap and replaced them with Victorian Gothic details, dark wood and an open kitchen.

Bed-Stuy Residents React to #MyNYPD Twitter Fail

wnyc.org — More Recommended Links Suspicion of the New York Police Department runs deep in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. And so when the department asked Twitter users to post pictures of themselves with officers - and instead of posting smiling tourist pictures, users tweeted out photos of police officers tussling with protesters - Bed-Stuy residents weren't surprised.
RT @BethRants: Bed-Stuy Residents React to #MyNYPD Twitter Fail ht.ly/w8xfT via @KathleenHoran
RT @WNYC: "A friendly relationship it doesn't happen overnight." Bed-Stuy reacts to #mynypd: bit.ly/1l953Jt pic.twitter.com/LAOI3V2Rd1
RT @BethRants: Bed-Stuy Residents React to #MyNYPD Twitter Fail ht.ly/w8xfT via @KathleenHoran
Residents of Bedford Stuyvesand weren't surprised by negative photos in response to #MYNYPD wnyc.org/story/bed-stuy… @wnyc @kathleenhoran
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Transportation Is the Number One Cause of Worker Deaths

wnyc.org — (Tim Boyle/Getty Images) The single biggest cause of worker deaths in America in 2012 was "transportation incidents," according to new data ( pdf) released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Almost 2,000 of the 4,628 workplace fatalities that year involved some kind of moving vehicle: a car, truck, boat, plane, train, even "animals used for transportation purposes."
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