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An ode to Apple's fading iPod: It begat the iPhone — Summary: The iPod has been relegated to the non-material "other" revenue bucket for Apple starting next quarter. But its DNA lives on in the iPhone, iOS and App Store. Starting with its first quarter, Apple will relegate the iPod to the "other" revenue category, an area that signals that the music player just isn't material to the company anymore.

IBM's future: 6 things it needs to thrive — IBM has now paid Globalfoundires $1.5B to take over all of its semiconductor manufacturing operations, which used to be known as IBM Microelectronics. As a result Big Blue is now "Fabless", or lacking its own chip fabrication capability, like its enterprise competitors HP, Fujitsu and Oracle, that also sell big iron enterprise servers that run on UNIX, but have processors that are produced by others.

Apple adds a few more security fixes in iOS 8.1 — Summary: It's only about a month since iOS 8.0 was released so there's not much new in security patches to add to 8.1. Two of the fixes also show up in a new Apple TV version. The big news about iOS 8.1, released today, is support for Apple Pay and a few less-notable features.
Oct 20, 2014

Apple adds a few more security fixes in iOS 8.1 - It's only about a month since iOS 8.0 was released so there's no...

Australian government warrantless data requests pass 500,000 — Summary: The Australian communications watchdog has revealed that Australian government agencies are accessing more data than we previously thought. Requests from government agencies for Australian telecommunications customers' phone, internet, and address data surpassed over 500,000 in the last financial year, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3: Why I'm not buying either one — Summary: I have a history of buying each new iPad, but the two new ones have no appeal for me. Apple showed off its two new iPads recently, most notably the iPad Air 2. The new mini didn't get much air time from Apple at the launch event, but the new Air got lots of exposure by the Apple crew.

IBM: Can it transform fast enough? — Summary: In technology there's no such thing as too big too fail. There may be some serious cases of too big to succeed. IBM's third quarter results show how the company needs to run faster to keep up with changes in IT.

Citrix acquires RightSignature, adds doc signing — Summary: The two companies were already integration partners and sealed the arrangement with an acquisition. Citrix on Monday said it acquired RightSignature, a company that provides online document signing tools. The company said it will add RightSignature to its ShareFile service. The two offerings were already integrated and offered as a joint suite.
Oct 20, 2014

ZDNet: Citrix acquires RightSignature, adds doc signing

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Our cloud plays well with others — Summary: With its latest Azure strategy update, it marked another chance for Microsoft to differentiate its cloud infrastructure from Google and Amazon Web Services. SAN FRANCISCO--- Microsoft brought the cloud -- along with a dash of fall rain -- from Redmond, Wash. to the Bay Area on Monday morning.
Oct 20, 2014

ZDNet: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Our cloud plays well with others

Microsoft's wearables game plan: How a fitness band fits in — Summary: Microsoft isn't going the Smartwatch 2.0 route with its rumored fitness band. Instead, the company has a more targeted and cloud-connected wearables game plan, sources say. Rumors about a coming Microsoft smartwatch have been circulating for a while. As of a few months ago, that " smartwatch" was sounding more like it would be a fitness band.