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dolphin. senior writer @techcrunch. formerly @eyeem @yahoo @thenextweb @textplus. #BlameDrewsCancer'er and excited for space travel.

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Take The Safe Road To Austin

techcrunch.com — Whether they're actually fully safe or not yet for your own joyriding, Google's self-driving cars are pretty damn cool. It looks like people other than Googlers and journalists will get to take a look, as the company has shared that Austin, TX is next to get a visit. Why Austin?

Reddit’s Community: Can’t Win With ‘Em, Can’t Win Without ‘Em

techcrunch.com — You know the story from beginning to end: A regular old website earns popularity, gains top users who are almost celebrities, and then, the site dies more quickly than it rose. A lot happens in between, but that's the basics of it. Digg was a perfect example of this.

writing makes me happy.

medium.com — i've always enjoyed expressing myself via the written word, but didn't know exactly how much until i became a tech journalist. i've worked on the "inside" of companies for most of my career (most recently with eyeem), but i've also told stories about the inner workings of the googles and twitters of the world as a journalist.

when an app isn’t an app

medium.com — in 2009, i was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. i turned to twitter as my outlet. i was able to connect with folks and ask for help, take my mind off of things and it basically kept me feeling safe and sane. that's why i use the shit out of twitter.

seriously, ama - Unlocking the safe. - Medium

medium.com — on monday (3/9/15) , i'll be doing an AMA on reddit titled: "I'm getting an Auto Stem Cell Transplant AMA" it'll be at 3pm ET/12pm PT i'll be answering all the things. it happens to be the day that i'm going back into the hospital for phase two, getting my collected stem cells back.

#swabface - Medium

medium.com — when we started #blamedrewscancer five years ago, it started with an inside joke between friends. i can't even tell you how much strength it gave me to see people beat the shit out of my cancer with complaints about everything from nickelback to having cancer themselves.

that’s really not what i ordered…again.

medium.com — well, hello there. i remember writing one of these oh about....5 years ago . i sat there facing the dr. as he told me that i had hodgkin's lymphoma, something very foreign to me. this time, it's not so foreign...and it's back. it's hodgkin's.

the long road back.

medium.com — i'm about five years out of having hodgkins lymphoma and i'm still alive and kicking. for that i'm extremely thankful and blessed. it was a long long road back, one that i really haven't talked about much. the reason for that is there is no book on the aftermath of cancer.

Which came first, the file or the conversation?

blog.convo.com — Now that a lot of companies are turning to the internet to handle all of their project tracking and hosting needs, we're now just scratching the surface of how to run a company "in the cloud." All that phrase really means is that we're not always in the same place at the same time, but...

Sarcasm Gets Its Own Font

thenextweb.com — Sarcasm and the Internet go hand in hand. You certainly can't have one without the other. But for so long, we've had to express our sarcasm with weird tags and fonts, which made being sarcastic such a chore. That all stops now, thanks to the creators of "Sarcastic Font", which is italics, but in reverse.
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