Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

New app is like Facebook for pot lovers — MassRoots is the latest app that's similar to Facebook or Instagram but specially caters to people who love weed. CNN's Ana Cabrera has more.

Opini�n: Es el momento de una revoluci�n por la marihuana medicinal — (CNN) - Veo señales de una revolución por todas partes. Lo veo en las páginas de opinión de los periódicos, y en las papeletas estatales en casi la mitad de Estados Unidos. Lo veo en los políticos que alguna vez prefirieron irse por lo seguro en este tema tan controversial, pero ahora están dispuestos a arriesgar su futuro por él.

Sanjay Gupta: Time for a medical marijuana revolution — Dr. Sanjay Gupta puts medical marijuana under the microscope again with "Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution " at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on CNN. I see it in the op-ed pages of the newspapers, and on the state ballots in nearly half the country.

President Obama and climate change: 5 things I learned — After the event at Washington's Howard University on Tuesday, Obama sat down with me for a one-on-one interview. I asked him about the science behind climate change and public health and the message he wants the average American to take away, as well as how enforceable his action plan is.

Finally - Some Hope For People With ALS — A promising trial using stem cells may become the first successful treatment for the devastating disease that killed Lou Gehrig.

Your Brain on Multitasking — You're not actually doing both activities at the same time, in fact, you're now diverting your attention from one part of your brain to another part of your brain. That takes time, that takes resources, that takes brain cells.

3 Valuable Things Fitness Trackers Can Tell You -- And 2 Things To Ignore — Photo: Adam Voorhes As a gadget guy, I've gone through several wearable activity trackers over the years. My first love was the Fitbit. Then I moved on to the Nike+ Fuelband, and now I'm trying the Up by Jawbone.

When Grief Becomes a Disorder — Grief over the death of a loved one is a natural emotional response to loss and an inevitable part of life. As universal as grief is, the grieving process is a very individual experience. How deeply or long a person grieves depends on many factors, and distinguishing between normal grief and a debilitating condition like complicated grief or depression can be difficult.

Blowing Up the World: A Solution for Macular Degeneration — There's nothing more annoying at the movies than having to sit behind a guy with a big head who blocks the center of the screen. But imagine if that guy left the movie theater with you and stood between you and whatever you wanted to look at...forever.

How Grief Can Make You Sick — "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear," wrote author C.S. Lewis, reflecting on his wife's death. Like fear, grief is a common human response with psychological and physical implications. Losing a loved one is an emotionally painful experience that can have a real effect on the mind and body.
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Apr 18, 2015

RT @CoryBooker: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Apr 16, 2015

.@coryxoxo not taught in medical school. an illegal substance. this can help. #Weed3

Apr 16, 2015

This girl really did have an impact on my thinking. But, there are countless others, who still suffer. #Weed3

Apr 16, 2015

.@leoudtohan haven't seen the research on autism. But, here is a source of other conditions being reviewed. #Weed3

Apr 16, 2015

here is a short video of how cannabis can affect the body with the help of scientists from around the world. #Weed3

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