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Mystery Surrounds Delicate Nasca Lines Threatened by Greenpeace Stunt — Dan Vergano Published December 12, 2014 Ancient line drawings in the Andean desert, one of history's biggest mysteries, generated a firestorm of complaints against an environmental group that damaged the lines in a stunt this week.

Rosetta Spacecraft Suggests Asteroids, Not Comets, Birthed Earth's Oceans — Dan Vergano Published December 10, 2014 Asteroids, not comets, likely delivered Earth's ancient oceans from space, concludes a Wednesday study from the Rosetta spacecraft, now in orbit around a comet that is a frozen relic from the dawn of the planets. Where did the Earth's oceans come from?

Feathered Fossils Give Scaly Dinosaurs a Makeover — Dan Vergano Published December 9, 2014 Which came first, the feathers or the birds? Feathers first, scientists now say definitively. Yet this feathery revelation doesn't arise from discoveries of ancient birds, but of birds' ancestors-dinosaurs. At a recent Berlin conference, scientists celebrated continuing revelations from the most famous feathered dinosaur, Archaeopteryx , in the city where the most complete specimen resides.

NASA's Orion Launch Will Test Future of Manned Spaceflight — Dan Vergano Published December 4, 2014 Update: NASA's Orion spacecraft launched successfully at 7:05 a.m. EST on Friday. The space capsule, unmanned for this test flight, successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 11:29 a.m. EST. A trial by fire awaits the astronaut capsule intended for NASA's future deep space voyages, now sitting atop an unmanned rocket on a Florida launchpad.

5 Ways Einstein Was a Regular Guy

Orion's 'Picture Perfect' Splashdown Marks New Era in Spaceflight — Dan Vergano Published December 5, 2014 NASA's newest spacecraft successfully splashed down on Friday, opening a new era in deep-space exploration. Unmanned for this test flight, the Orion space capsule successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 11:29 a.m. EST, after a 20,000 mile per hour (32,000 kilometer per hour) plunge through the atmosphere.

DNA Confirms: Here Lieth Richard III, Under Yon Parking Lot — Dan Vergano Published December 2, 2014 Now is the winter of discontent for those who believed in the legitimacy of the royal Tudor line, called into question on Tuesday by a study confirming that the bones excavated under a parking lot in 2012 belonged to Richard III.

'Jurassic World' Dinosaurs Stuck in the 1980s, Experts Grumble

Monkeys Steer Wheelchairs With Their Brains, Raising Hope for Paralyzed People — Dan Vergano Published November 18, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C.-Experimental wheelchairs and exoskeletons controlled by thought alone offer surprising insights into the brain, neuroscientists reported on Monday. Best known for his experimental exoskeleton that helped a paralyzed man kick the opening ball for June's World Cup in Brazil, Duke University neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis presented the latest "brain-machine interface" findings from his team's "Walk Again Project" at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.

Astronomers Cheer 'Audacious' Landing on Comet — Dan Vergano Published November 12, 2014 TUCSON, Arizona-Scientists packed into a hotel conference room erupted in celebration Wednesday morning on word of the first soft landing of a spacecraft on a comet. Primed by early views of the comet, the successful landing promises answers to vexing mysteries about these icy visitors from deep space.
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Dec 18, 2014

RT @NASAWatch: NASA, SpaceX Delay Launch of Fifth SpaceX Resupply Mission to Space Station #SpaceX5

Dec 17, 2014

RT @gbrumfiel: Each iteration makes it more terrifying. MT @wellerstein: I have recently updated NUKEMAP's — give it a whirl:…

Dec 17, 2014

Volcano expedition finds ′A′a & pahoehoe lava's cook up different kinds of snowpack steam blasts (ab$…)

Dec 17, 2014

RT @Joelcpj: Interactive graphic with data, details of all 220 journalists imprisoned around the word.…

Dec 17, 2014

RT @jr_pritchard: C Kuo carefully reads statement on #bicep2 results. We've seen B modes, but need more info to exclude dust. #iap2014

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