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Pentagon Quietly Doubles Count Of Labs Mistakenly Sent Live Anthrax — Late on Monday, the Department of Defense added 106 labs to the 86 already known to have received still-living spores of anthrax over the last decade. In an update to its anthrax laboratory review website, the Defense Department's investigation now includes labs in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, The U.S.
Jul 28, 2015

Pentagon Quietly Doubles Count Of Labs Sent Live Anthrax, by @dvergano (who's@ hearings later)…

Jul 28, 2015

RT @passantino: Pentagon quietly doubles number of labs mistakenly sent live anthrax to 192 worldwide…

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Army Refuses To Admit Human Error In Anthrax Scandal — ARLINGTON, Virginia - Scientists at an Army lab that shipped live anthrax samples that were supposed to be dead to labs worldwide should have realized they were making the mistake, defense officials said on Thursday at a Pentagon briefing.

We Could Have Reached Pluto 29 Years Ago If Not For Nixon's NASA — via WordLink - This weeks exciting Pluto flyby could have happened on March 9, 1986, if that mission hadn't been killed off by fierce infighting among scientists, politicians, and defense contractors.
Jul 20, 2015

RT @wordlink: We Could Have Reached Pluto 29 Years Ago If Not For Nixon's NASA @dvergano @buzzfeednews

We Could Have Reached Pluto 19 Years Ago If Not For Nixon's NASA — Towering over the frozen plains of Pluto, icy mountains stand some 11,000 feet tall. On its companion moon, Charon, a miles-deep canyon and a 600-mile-long cliff mark a surprisingly smooth surface made of ice.

The Real Story Behind That Video Of An Abortion Doctor Discussing Harvesting Organs — For sale, human fetal stem cells: $200. Long used in medical research, such cells are at the center of controversy once more after a hidden camera video purportedly showed a Planned Parenthood doctor talking about the sale of fetal body parts.
Jul 14, 2015

very proud of @dvergano @paldhous @azeen_g for quick reporting on a topic that's basically science's third rail:…

Jul 14, 2015

Here’s How Fetal Organs Are Actually Used In Scientific Research…

Jul 14, 2015

RT @virginiahughes: very proud of @dvergano @paldhous @azeen_g for quick reporting on a topic that's basically science's third rail:…

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Costly Rocket Disaster Raises Questions About Future Of The Space Station — NASA lost $110 million in last month's SpaceX rocket explosion, along with docking equipment, a space suit, and other space station supplies, an agency official said on Friday. At a Congressional hearing on the future of the International Space Station in light of three cargo launch mishaps in the last year, space subcommittee representatives asked the space agency what comes next for the football-field-sized lab orbiting some 250 miles overhead.

Critics Slam Study Claiming Your Nose Can Detect A Trillion Smells — How many different scents can your nose pick up? A trillion, according to a highly publicized study published last year in Science magazine. Before that, conventional wisdom was that people could only discern around 10,000 smells. The study made headlines everywhere, and was nominated for "Breakthrough of the Year" by the prestigious journal.

Nobel Prizes Started With a Bang — Blame it on Madame Curie. Mix the French-Polish physicist's early celebrity, some jousting for international prestige before World War I, and the surging importance of physical sciences over the last century, and you have the recipe that made the Nobel Prize -announced every year this week in October-the world's preeminent award.

Creepy Studies Claiming That Eyeballs Nudge You To Vote Are Likely Bunk — In 2011, political scientists tested an odd hypothesis: that someone staring at you would make you more inclined to vote. Costas Panagopoulos of Fordham University made "get out the vote" fliers featuring photos of human eyeballs, and sent them to residents of Key West, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky.

Here Are The Odds Of The Next Rocket Explosion — High in the Florida sky the rocket climbed, a fireball lifting the 20-story aluminum tower, the pride of a new era in space. "Vehicle on course, on track," said NASA's George Diller, two minutes into the Falcon 9 rocket's trip to the International Space Station on Sunday morning.
Jul 01, 2015

RT @BuzzFeedScience: Why is rocket science, well, rocket science? Play our game to see odds of the next explosion:…

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Jul 31, 2015

RT @ivanoransky: Hospital dress code "bans visible tattoos and body piercings," also "insists that all employees must wear underwear"…

Jul 31, 2015

RT @bartona104: "as the project developed we decided a more interesting angle was..." um what.…

Jul 31, 2015

RT @alisonannyoung: Editorial via @NatureNews: "It should not be left up to the media to discover serious [biolab] accidents..."…

Jul 31, 2015

@drgitlin @j_timmer @EamonOFlynn Also "things are tough all over," say editors post-recession. times tuff for lawyers, factories, reporters

Jul 31, 2015

@EamonOFlynn @j_timmer Seems clear PhD employment needs rewiring similar to med schools a century ago. Too many bright, good people stuck.

Jul 31, 2015

@EamonOFlynn Only peripherally, too inside baseball for news. Depressing coda to many intvu's tho. @j_timmer quote seemed provocative.

Jul 31, 2015

RT @j_timmer: "There needs to be broad recognition that the postdoctoral fellowship is a failed experiment, it has become a vast parking lot for talent."

Jul 30, 2015

fwiw, NASA confirmed y'day no word from Roscosmos of plans to train ISS crews in Crimea, contra… #space

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