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Poll Reveals Rift Between Scientists, Regular Folks — Dan Vergano Published January 29, 2015 What do the the International Space Station and bioengineered fuels have in common? They're about the only technological advances that both scientists and the American public actually like. On most other scientific matters, a widespread "opinion gap" splits the experts from everyday folks, pollsters at the Pew Research Center reported Thursday.

At Newly Discovered Water Temple, Maya Offered Sacrifices to End Drought — Dan Vergano Published January 27, 2015 Nestled in a quiet forest in Belize, a deep aquamarine pool holds ruins from a time when the ancient Maya turned to a "drought cult," archaeologists suggest, and hurried sacrifices to a water god to try to stave off the fall of their civilization.

Blizzard of Nor'Easters No Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change — Dan Vergano Published January 26, 2015 TV meteorologists may be calling it Winter Storm Juno, but climate scientists have a different name for the "once-in-a-century" blizzard that's expected to blanket the U.S. East Coast from New Jersey to Maine starting on Monday. They call it completely predictable.

Human Ancestors May Have Used Tools Half-Million Years Earlier Than Thought — Dan Vergano Published January 22, 2015 New Science in Brief Who swung the first hammer stone? Early human ancestors may have hefted tools more than three million years ago, ancient hand bones suggest. That's roughly half a million years earlier than the oldest stone tools yet discovered.

X-Rays Reveal Snippets From Papyrus Scrolls That Survived Mount Vesuvius — Dan Vergano Published January 20, 2015 The charred scrolls of ancient Herculaneum may yet yield their secrets, suggests an x-ray analysis released Tuesday of one previously impenetrable roll of papyrus. The volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., destroying the wealthy Roman resort town of Herculaneum along with the better-known Pompeii.

Astronomers Spy "Bullet" Galaxy Blasting Through Other Galaxies — Dan Vergano Published January 14, 2015 What's New A distant galaxy pierced another group of galaxies like a bullet, astronomers report, in a cosmic collision some 1.4 billion light-years away. Observations from Europe's XMM-Newton X-ray space telescope reveal that the bullet galaxy blasted through a galaxy cluster called Abell 4067 at 814 miles (1,310 kilometers) per second.

Elon Musk Attempts Daring First, Landing a Rocket on a Boat — Dan Vergano Published January 9, 2015 Rockets have landed on the moon and on Mars, but now SpaceX rocket maven Elon Musk aims to land one someplace really exotic- a barge floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The barge, or "autonomous spaceport drone ship" as SpaceX calls it, is scheduled to land its returned rocket on Saturday, about 17 minutes after the planned 4:47 a.m.

Alien Life on Mars? NASA Rover Spots Methane, a Possible Sign of Microbes — NASA's Curiosity rover detects spikes of methane gas on Mars, puzzling scientists and pointing to surprising geology or perhaps microbial life.

Mystery Surrounds Delicate Nasca Lines Threatened by Greenpeace Stunt — Dan Vergano Published December 12, 2014 Ancient line drawings in the Andean desert, one of history's biggest mysteries, generated a firestorm of complaints against an environmental group that damaged the lines in a stunt this week.

Rosetta Spacecraft Suggests Asteroids, Not Comets, Birthed Earth's Oceans — Dan Vergano Published December 10, 2014 Asteroids, not comets, likely delivered Earth's ancient oceans from space, concludes a Wednesday study from the Rosetta spacecraft, now in orbit around a comet that is a frozen relic from the dawn of the planets. Where did the Earth's oceans come from?
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RT @brossardd: I'll discuss results, methods at #AAAS2015 MT @dvergano Pew poll shows "disconnect" between scientists, U.S. public

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RT @peterdedmonds: According to this rumor, joint #BICEP2/@Planck analysis has struck out in finding evidence for GWs from inflation.…

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RT @TheLeakeyFndtn: Brad Pitt in negotiations to play Richard Leakey in Angelina Jolie's "Africa".

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Review science book mailbag: the Obelisk and the Englishman: The Pioneering Discoveries of Egyptologist William Bankes by Dorothy Seyler

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"Traditional, Modern, and Post-Secular Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States." ab$…

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