Economics Editor of Sky News, columnist at The Times. More about The Summit here:

Greece’s Che Guevara crashed the economy — Ousted finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was hailed a hero for defying Europe but has impoverished his fellow citizens Strange as this might sound, George Osborne had something of a soft spot for Yanis Varoufakis.

Why Greeks Are Scratching Their Heads Over Vote — Normally referendum questions are pretty simple, as are the answers. You're handed a straightforward proposition, vote Yes or No and then the matter is settled. The big problem with the Greek referendum is that neither the question nor the answer are simple in the slightest. Let's start with the question itself.

The dream of closer union is melting away — The euro's founders believed it would supplant the dollar as a reserve currency and knit Europe together. It has failed at both In more than a decade of reporting on the euro, I can't recall anything like the scene in the press room of the European Council building on Saturday.

It really ain’t that simple… — If you've been following the Greek crisis for the past week or so you're probably wondering why on earth it is that all of these crunch meetings have been collapsing. You can boil it down to three reasons. First, it's because there's so much at stake.

The most unfulfilled manifesto in history? — If the proposals tabled by Greece at yesterday's Brussels summit are anything to go by, Syriza will have to make so many u-turns on its election promises that its 2015 manifesto may go down as the most unfulfilled in modern political history.

The IMF gambled on Greece and has lost — Optimism at the euro's launch has turned into backbiting and betrayal. No wonder Christine Lagarde is panicking Harold Pinter's play Betrayal takes a story of marital infidelity and tells it backwards. It begins with the weary former lovers reflecting on their seven-year affair and the wrecks of their marriages and ends with the first flush of their romance.

Cartoons Show Players At Heart Of Grexit Crisis — European leaders are in tense talks over Greece's possible exit from the eurozone if it fails to repay IMF debt payments this month. :: Angela Merkel Of all the characters in this drama, Angela Merkel is the single most important. Partly because Germany has all the money.

Grèce. Quelqu’un a-t-il un plan ? — Les pompiers qui font la manche, un ministère des Finances déserté, et personne pour expliquer à l'éditeur économique de la chaîne britannique Sky News comment la Grèce pourrait se redresser. Reportage.

Don’t listen to the anti-trade scaremongers — Campaigners warn that trade deals will mean selling off the health service. In reality, they will bring prosperity for all The first time I was tear-gassed I was writing a story that no one wanted to read.

Cash-strapped Greece is on a road to nowhere — Hospital budgets cut by 94 per cent and firefighters begging in the street - this is what a nation on the brink looks like Have you ever wondered what it's like in a finance ministry on the brink of bankruptcy? Having spent some time in the Greek one last week, I can give you the answer: surprisingly serene.
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Jul 07, 2015

Great @ons interactive tool on what the welfare budget consists of. Interesting timing, ahead of tomo's summer Budget…

Jul 07, 2015

Spoke to one shipping company chief who said he'd used all his company's spare cash to buy fuel. "Better that than a bank haircut" #Greece

Jul 07, 2015

Acc to boss of one dept store here in Athens they've seen a rush to buy furniture, white goods etc. Ppl desperate to convert cash to assets

Jul 07, 2015

What happens next in #Greece? The whole thing is so complicated I had to clone myself to explain it:…

Jul 06, 2015

Am considering donning a jacket and tie for my next live out of Athens. Thoughts?

Jul 06, 2015

.@yanisvaroufakis on being a finance minister: “It’s a very big lump on one’s conscience and shoulders, isn’t it? Ask any Chancellor”

Jul 06, 2015

ECB decision to tighten collateral conditions on Greece’s banking system will make life even tougher. Reopening Thursday v v ambitious

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