Economics Editor of Sky News, columnist at The Times. More about The Summit here:

IMF crisis echoes — The economy in crisis. Capital markets in revolt. Half of all under-25 year olds out of work. A left-wing government in office, with Marxist ministers determined to re-nationalise every major industry. And a deeply unpopular bailout from the International Monetary Fund. No, I'm not talking about Greece today, but Britain in 1976.

What if we had to take the Greek medicine? — The troika prescribing Greece a bitter economic cure might have some radical treatments for Britain's public finances Strange as this might sound to the average Greek, bailouts sometimes have happy endings. Look no further than the last major developed country to receive help from the International Monetary Fund: the United Kingdom.

The thin line between victory and defeat — The clue came right at the start of Yanis Varoufakis' press conference. Up until last night's bailout extension deal, the Greek finance minister spent most of his international media appearances addressing an international audience - speaking fluent, verbose English, taking questions from outlets from around the world.

When crunch talks go wrong — It's a little-known fact that John Maynard Keynes was dosed up on mind-altering drugs when he carried out one of the most important economic negotiations in British history. The ageing economist was suffering from heart disease when he was sent away to secure Britain's post-war loan with the Americans.

Tough Talks On Greek Debt As D-Day Looms — These could well prove the most important few days in the euro's existence. In the corridors and meeting rooms of the Justus Lipsus building in Brussels, Greece and its euro counterparts have been charged with discussing how to keep the struggling nation in the single currency. Their chances of success seem to be flagging.

The anonymous officials who hold the fate of the euro in their hands — You probably haven't heard of Thomas Steffens or Carlo Monticelli. Even if you've been following euro crisis summits for years the names probably don't ring any bells. But if a deal is finally struck to keep Greece in the euro in the coming weeks, their fingerprints will be all over it.

No solution in sight to this toxic Greek crisis — Syriza's position keeps changing, while Germany and others will not countenance paying off the Mount Olympus of debt Occasionally in the teeth of a crisis, a vignette can encapsulate the real issue. In the case of the Greek saga, there was one such moment in Istanbul last week.

Wanted: a target the Bank can actually hit — Inflation targeting has guided economic policy for decades but when it fails to prevent disasters, it's time to change This month marks a rather momentous anniversary. Twenty five years ago an obscure central bank on the other side of the world did something radical.

All part of the plan? — Strange as this might sound, the most interesting thing about Downing Street's decision to hold a meeting this morning on the prospect of a Greek euro exit has nothing to do with the meeting itself.

The Summit — A brilliant narrative history of the most colorful and important economic summit in history-held during the height of World War II. The idea of world leaders gathering in the midst of economic crisis has become all too familiar. But the meeting at Bretton Woods in 1944 was different.
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Feb 27, 2015

RT @SkyNews: First known photograph emerges of Mohammed Emwazi - known as "Jihadi John" - as an adult

Feb 27, 2015

@tomashirstecon thx. Striking how quickly prime london has turned - tho more fiscal (CGT, stamp avoidance, mansion tax fears) than monetary

Feb 27, 2015

Prices in Kensington & Chelsea performing worse than anywhere else in London. RIP the prime London property bubble

Feb 27, 2015

London house price inflation is now dropping about as fast as it was rising a year or so ago. Land Reg figs:

Feb 27, 2015

RT @YanniKouts: Bundestag's approval of Greek bailout extension passed by largest margin of any eurozone crisis related vote to date /via @OpenEurope

Feb 27, 2015

Some excellent graphs on the UK economy from the @ONS, including this ugly one on trade…

Feb 27, 2015

Great piece by John Lanchester on robots, productivity and the future in the @LRB…

Feb 26, 2015

How Keynes invented QE - passage from Treatise on Money, in a Ben Broadbent speech, via @toby_n:

Feb 26, 2015

Just awful. IS publishes videos of them gleefully destroying 3,000 year old artefacts in Mosul…

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