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Why Jonathan Portes left NIESR — If you follow UK economics, you have almost certainly heard of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research  - one of the country's oldest and most prestigious independent economic analysis institutions. You may have heard, too, that NIESR's director, Jonathan Portes, is leaving the Institute abruptly, before the end of his five year term as director (due to expire in January).

World Is On Brink Of New Recession, IMF Warns — The world is back on the brink of recession, the International Monetary Fund has warned in its latest assessment of the global economy. The IMF cut its forecast for world economic growth this year from 3.3% to 3.1%.

IMF Warns World On Brink Of New Recession — Sky News - First for Breaking News, video, headlines, analysis and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the UK and worldwide.
Oct 06, 2015

Here’s my full story on the IMF forecast cuts which put the world back on the brink of recession…

Leaking economy could cost Britain dear — The amount of income generated in the UK which ends up abroad is at an all-time high. If only we knew how to stop it George Osborne's catchphrase in his speech to the Conservative party conference yesterday - "we are the builders" - was a masterstroke, except for one small detail.

What a car crash tells us about China’s future — If Beijing's economy suffers a slump, the absence of a fair legal system or social safety net could be disastrous I was in a car crash last week. As our minibus following George Osborne around China careered out of Shanghai, we smashed into some poor fellow in a hatchback.
Sep 30, 2015

Today economists think China will soon overtake the US economy. In 60s economists thought USSR wld soon overtake US…

Osborne Invites Bidding For HS2 Building Work — The official construction process for Britain's new high speed rail system has now begun, with the Chancellor opening the bidding for companies to begin building the railway line. In an exclusive interview with Sky News, George Osborne revealed that companies would now be able to bid for the right to build the rail routes and tunnels for the first phase of High Speed Two, linking London and Birmingham.
Sep 23, 2015

Official construction process for HS2 has now begun: biz can now bid to build route, @george_osborne tells @skynews:…

Sep 23, 2015

Osborne Invites Bidding For HS2 Building Work - Invites bidding, we all know his pals will get it. Always do!…

Sep 24, 2015

Osborne Invites Bidding For HS2 Building Work - but not here it seems.White elephant update...…

Osborne To Tell China Let's 'Stick Together' — The Chancellor is to pledge not to "run away from China", despite the country's economic and market turmoil. In a speech at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, George Osborne will attempt to calm concerns that China's "Black Monday", the double digit fall in prices last month, would export economic chaos and instability around the world.

The living wage is just a shot in the dark — Osborne's plan is widely backed and hasn't spooked business, but it's not the answer to low productivity or the wealth gap I was midway through a conversation with an MP the other day when he burst into a tirade: "We've got a real problem in this country. Social mobility has basically imploded.
Sep 22, 2015

The living wage is just a shot in the dark: it’s not the answer to low productivity argues @EdConwaySky…

Sep 22, 2015

Many Cons think stealing Lab's econ clothes makes political sense and is smart economics. R they right? @EdConwaySky…

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Good, the bad and the ugly of Corbynomics — Labour's new economic strategy may look bonkers but if the recovery is blown off course, it could come in quite handy Quiz question: which prominent politician wants to scale back austerity, raise the UK's tax burden and has long been pushing for people's quantitative easing - or the closest thing to it?
Sep 15, 2015

Good, bad and ugly of Corbynomics by @EdConwaySky Refreshingly even-tempered on the new Labour leader's ideas:…

Sep 15, 2015

RT @rafaelbehr: Good, bad and ugly of Corbynomics by @EdConwaySky Refreshingly even-tempered on the new Labour leader's ideas:…

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China can’t just be a glorified assembly line — The world's largest economy needs to kick its addiction to debt-fuelled investment and make smarter products If you're wondering why China seems to be running into crisis after crisis, you've probably got at least part of the answer in your pocket. Fish out your smartphone, flip it over and see where it was made.
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Oct 08, 2015

Are there ANY establishment figures left untainted by scandal these days?…

Oct 08, 2015

Triumph of forecasting. Markets' expectations for UK interest rate increases. And what actually transpired...

Oct 08, 2015

RT @bankofengland: ...Minutes of the MPC meeting reveal a vote of 8-1 to maintain #BankRate and a unanimous vote to maintain the stock of Asset Purchases

Oct 07, 2015

RT @CapEconEurope: @EdConwaySky But UK's ratio of public debt to GDP less than half of Greece's. So UK can borrow cheaply & Greece is locke…

Oct 07, 2015

According to IMF figures, Britain's government deficit in 2015 will be bigger (4.25% of GDP) than Greece's (4.17%).

Oct 07, 2015

Worried abt markets? Like colourful charts? Check out the IMF financial stability report:…

Oct 07, 2015

Two IMF charts explain why the world economy is in trouble. 1. Emerging econ debt enormous 2. China debts going bad

Oct 07, 2015

RT @Edwina_Currie: @EdConwaySky The Churchills never paid their bills in Westerham near Chartwell. They were known for living way above their means.

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