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Hope amid the ruins — This is a country famed for its archaeology. From the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens to the Temple of Poseidon on the southernmost tip of Attica and the once-great cities of Macedonia. Reminders of an era when this country dominated the ancient world. But even more striking are the modern ruins.

Want to see my bazooka? — There was a tense wait in the last few moments before Mario Draghi arrived in the press room today. After all, the European Central Bank president is rarely late. As the minutes ticked on, the journalists sitting there looked around nervously and muttered to themselves.

Basle’s secretive bankers have all the power — As economists and celebrities flock to Davos, the place where real decisions are made prefers to shun the limelight It is the most exclusive meeting in the world. A secret gathering of the planet's most powerful men and women. They convene far from prying eyes in a grand dining room overlooking the Swiss Alps.

Joyflation is on the way for Britain — According to Karl Otto Pöhl: 'Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it's out, you can hardly get it back in the tube again.' Sadly, the former president of the Bundesbank passed away last month and narrowly missed out on a rather unexpected phenomenon.

CPI drops to 15-year low

The most expensive statistical mistake in history — What would you say if I told you that, due to a bizarre statistical anomaly UK taxpayers - you and me - were unnecessarily being charged £2bn more than we should be? A year. And that, over time that was likely to balloon into tens, if not hundreds of billions of pounds?

Down, down, down. Eurozone prices on the plunge — Some say you can't call it "deflation" until it's become a chronic problem. But whatever you call it: deflation, disinflation, negative inflation, what we've learnt today is that prices across the eurozone are now falling on a year-on-year basis. The annual rate at which the single currency's main index of prices is dropped from 0.3% in November to -0.1% in December.

Two years on, a Greek exit is even likelier — Greece's leftwingers and many eurocrats think there could be benefits if Athens quit the euro. Both are wrong Before we begin I should make a confession. Two and a half years ago, when Mario Draghi ended the euro crisis, I nearly missed the story.

How to talk economics in an election — In the end, every election comes back down to economics. If only the same could be said about electoral campaigning. For while it may look to all extents and purposes as if all the candidates are talking in economic language - about deficits, GDP, unemployment and so on - the truth is that election campaigns are where real, considered economics goes to die.

Britain: no longer a nation of homeowners — As I write in my column in today's Times [£], one of the landmark moments that happened this year (without anyone seeming to notice) was that Britain's home ownership rate dropped beneath the EU average (for the pre-accession 15 countries) for the first time on record.
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