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Quantitative Easing: a great way to spend a lot of money — So Farewell then, Quantitative Easing. The six most tiresome syllables in the England language have left the building. For the first time since the early days of the financial crisis, there is no major central bank around the world actively engaged in this experimental policy of creating money and buying bonds.

Europe is still awaiting its Thatcher moment — Many in Brussels are desperate for Britain to stay inside the EU as an ally in the campaign for sweeping reform Imagine a parallel universe where the UK was run not from Westminster but by local government. Where Whitehall wielded only the slightest influence on the regions, each of which had almost complete independence to set its own economic and social policies.

Britain’s rather expensive recovery — It's a rum state of affairs when Britain is apparently punished for having a strong economy. After all, we've spent the past five or six years telling ourselves that all we desperately need is a bit of growth.

Averting another financial crash starts at home — If there's one thing to be said for last week's market misery, it is that it did at least remind us just how infrequently bad economic news has made the front pages in recent months. A good economy is, from a news editor's point of view, a boring economy; and in recent months Britain has been the one place to bore them all.

(N)ever-increasing rates — Here is a chart, part nicked from the OBR's latest Forecast Evaluation Report and part updated with the latest market projections. Very simply, it shows you how markets' expectations for interest rates have changed rather radically over the past few years.

Global Markets Q&A: What Is Causing The Fall? — Volatile trading has continued into a second day after weak growth reports sparked a big sell-off earlier this week. But what has caused the markets to get jittery? :: What are the main forces behind the global growth problems? Good question.

Q&A: why are markets falling? — Here's a Q&A on the market turmoil we've seen over the past few weeks, which you can also find on the Sky News website. Good question: as ever with global markets there's no straightforward answer, but here are three likely factors: first, the economy in the Eurozone is doing worse than many had expected; so you'd expect share prices, which have raced away in recent months, to come down.

We can cope with failing banks, but global recession is a challenge too far — Ed Conway is Economics Editor of Sky News George Osborne usually likes to round off Washington financial conferences with a day trip to a Civil War battlefield. This past weekend the chosen pastime was a touch less cerebral: he and his team drove down to Philadelphia to see the NFL grudge match between the Eagles and the New York Giants.

The UK is paying the price of its jobs miracle — The recession brought less unemployment than feared but the chancellor is feeling the cost in lower tax receipts How did you spend the last weekend? Believe it or not, George Osborne spent his being feted as a hero. As the International Monetary Fund held its annual meetings in Washington DC, finance minister after finance minister lined up to congratulate the chancellor.

Fears UK Will Be Hit By New Euro Recession — The euro crisis is back. But this time it's different. That's the general gist of the discussions at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington this week. For this time around the meetings - a key opportunity for policymakers to catch up on the state of the global economy - have coincided with a fresh bout of fear over the euro area.
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Oct 31, 2014

Consumer confidence at all time highs for richest 25%. Nowhere near as high for the poorest 25%. h/t M Saunders:

Oct 31, 2014

RT @andypeaps: It's that 0.05% that makes me feel safe RT @Margin_C: *BOE SETS LEVERAGE RATIO AT 4.05% FOR BIGGEST UK BANKS

Oct 31, 2014

The real expert on war debt repayment is @toby_n. Here's something he wrote abt the prospect earlier this month (£)…

Oct 31, 2014

.@George_Osborne announces he's paying off part of Britain's WW1 debt. Should actually save the Exchequer money…

Oct 30, 2014

@Black_Shoals @Simon_Nixon alas that's the most recent such report I've found. Shout if you've found anything more up-to-date

Oct 30, 2014

@Simon_Nixon agreed. Also note big differences in mortgage interest tax deductability between € members. Surely also important in mon union

Oct 30, 2014

"Spending cuts planned next parliament are about as severe as over past five years." The IFS rebukes the PM:…

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