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Freed killer Betty Smithey IS Jodi Arias - in 50 years — She may not quite look like it, not anymore. (Time and prison can lay waste to comeliness.) But Betty Smithey is Jodi Arias -- 50 years from now. In 2012 Smithey, then 69, was released from prison in Arizona after having served 49 years for killing a 15-month-old girl she was babysitting back in 1963.

Yo, Gov. Ducey, still support your pal Joe Arpaio? — Why isn't Gov. Doug Ducey coming to the aid of his pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio? I mean, when Gov. Ducey was candidate Doug Ducey he went begging to Arpaio for an endorsement, like most other Republican candidates. And when Arpaio endorsed Ducey, the future governor issued a statement that read: "We have the world's best-known sheriff right here in Arizona.

Will Arpaio's Republican bootlickers ask him to resign? — Where are the Republican leaders who should be calling for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign? The sheriff admits to ignoring a federal judge's order. He admits that a man was used to follow the judge's wife because of something she supposedly said about her husband not wanting to see the sheriff reelected.

Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio having his Evan Mecham moment? — Sheriff Joe Arpaio is having his Evan Mecham moment. His Evan Mecham day. His Evan Mecham week. The only question that remains is, will Arpaio have an Evan Mecham fate. It was 27 years ago, at just about this time of year, when Mecham was convicted at a State Senate impeachment trial and removed from office.

Actually, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's week CAN get worse — It's really difficult to imagine that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's week getting any worse. This is just as well, since we don't need to imagine it. It's actually happening. His week is getting worse. As Arpaio squirms under questioning in his civil contempt hearing before Judge Murray Snow, he's about to get hit with another lawsuit.

Ducey takes stand for all adoptions, including same-sex — It shouldn't be difficult for a politician to support families. It shouldn't require toughness or daring to do what is best for children. But if you are Gov. Doug Ducey, and you were elected with the backing of ultra-conservative power brokers and their constituents, publicly standing up for families - all families - requires grit.

Will contempt case put Arpaio in the pink (underwear)? — Sheriff Joe Arpaio invented pink underwear for inmates. Should he now be sporting a pair? Should Arpaio, at the very least, receive a pink slip from county voters? Even if you are among Arpaio's most ardent supporters, and he has many of them, you can't like what you've heard about the testimony in the civil contempt hearing going on in federal court before Judge Murray Snow.

That time last year I interviewed Edward Abbey's ghost — It''s Earth Day and who better to interview on such an occasion than the great Edward Abbey, author of "Desert Solitaire," "The Monkey Wrench Gang" and much more. The man who was the inspiration for radical environmentalism and who for the past 26 years has been ... a ghost.

Morris twins make Suns happy NOT to be in the playoffs — This isn't exactly what a bargain hunter is hoping for when he hears the phrase: "Two for the price of one." The Phoenix Suns went for a deal like that. They purchased the services of Marcus and Markieff Morris. With the Morris twins, however, they bought double trouble.

Will Arizona tribes legalize pot before us? They can — Will Arizona's Native American tribes do for marijuana (and for themeslves) what they did for gambling (and for themselves)? Will they legalize it on reservation land? And reap the profits. They can. Late last year the U.S.
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Apr 26, 2015

Jodi Arias fifty years from now is ... this woman. via @azcentral

Apr 26, 2015

Freed killer Betty Smithey IS Jodi Arias - in 50 years via @azcentral

Apr 25, 2015

RT @JonesForGov: @noprezzie2012 @ejmontini So, you're saying, if he committed a crime, he should not resign?

Apr 24, 2015


Apr 24, 2015

Yo, Gov. Ducey, still support your pal Joe Arpaio? via @azcentral

Apr 24, 2015

RT @NathanSproul: @ejmontini @azcentral At some point very soon, I think some republicans will start standing up to him. #hopeful

Apr 24, 2015

RT @ecampos381: @ejmontini No, clearly they don't have the guts. They're more interested in what his supporters will think than what's best for the state

Apr 24, 2015

@steve_meissner @lenclark @azcentral That's a good question. You should ask them. I'm closer to the baseboard and floorboard around here.

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