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When is an abortion bill like a duck? (Think: Quacks) — Gov. Doug Ducey signed an anti-abortion bill that supposedly prevents taxpayer money from being used on abortions and requires Arizona doctors to tell patients about a virtually untested procedure that is meant to reverse abortions. The first part is unnecessary, since the law already keeps taxpayer money from being used.

Is Gov. Ducey giving charter pals a $24 million 'gift?' — It looks like Gov. Doug Ducey might want to use $24 million in guaranteed loans (which is a nice way of saying your money) to help out his pals in the charter school business. I say "looks like" because the bill allocating the money wasn't very specific, as an article by The Arizona Republic's Mary Jo Pitzl points out.

'Ballot harvesting' fuss sprouts from political manure — Smell something? You should. I'm told that Arizona's Republican-controlled Legislature hasn't quite given up on its plan to combat the non-existent problem of voter fraud by denying legitimate voters of their ability to cast ballots. Why would some of our elected officials do such a thing? Easy. So they can remain elected officials.

Top salaries in Phoenix are an outrage! (Or ...not) — I know you'd like to be outraged, because I'd like to be outraged. But I'm not. There's no need. But that's the problem with a news article outlining the salaries of the top-20 salaries of city officials. Simply reporting the numbers makes it seems like they're making too much. Doesn't it?

Did Indy's gay bias cloak Arizona's abortion ignorance?

State senate votes in favor of whimper instead of bang — The Arizona State Senate did something right. Seriously. No. Seriously. I am not making this up. HB 2320, which would have allowed guns in public buildings, failed on a 14-15 roll call vote on Monday afternoon. This doesn't mean that this bill or one like it won't come up again in Arizona.

County must stop treating dogs worse than ... dogs — The dogs pictured with this blog are named Jack and Minnie. They are rescue dogs, shelter dogs, and they were willing to best friends with everyone in my family from the moment they met us. That's how dogs are. Getting a human being to be a dog's best friend takes a little longer, apparently.

Legislators want to gag school board members — You know that funny notion that pops in your head now and then about how, in a perfect world, all politicians would be gagged? It's not like you feel that way all of the time, of course. Only when they open their mouths.

Commenters: Girls get assaulted, boys get ... 'lucky?' — Is this humorous? A man a 32-year-old man at a big family gathering, one that includes kids, decides to unzip his trousers and flash his private parts. Then, the man takes a group of underage girls into a room with him, lets them fondle him and, ultimately, performs oral sex on one of them.

Send lawyers, guns and money ... to the Capitol! — It's that time of year when the State Capitol turns into a Warren Zevon song: "Lawyers, Guns and Money." Although, this being Arizona, we might have to alter the title a little bit to: "Lawyers, Guns and Guns and Guns and Guns... and Money."
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Apr 01, 2015

@RobbieSherwood From science to reverse science, in which political manure is spread to PREVENT a 'harvest.'

Apr 01, 2015

RT @MVM2510: @ejmontini @azcentral He'd rather play doctor and Vagina Gatekeeper instead of paying the education funding owed to children by #AZGOP

Apr 01, 2015

RT @senyorreporter: I just love @ejmontini's challenge to @GoldwaterInst: Are you really for free-markets or for crony capitalism? Well?…

Apr 01, 2015

When is an abortion bill like a duck? (Think: Quacks) via @azcentral

Apr 01, 2015

At the State Capitol they actually spread manure to PREVENT a 'harvest.' via @azcentral

Apr 01, 2015

Traditional public schools got the shaft. Will charter schools get a $24 million 'gift?' via @azcentral

Apr 01, 2015

Is Gov. Ducey giving charter pals a $24 million 'gift?' via @azcentral

Mar 31, 2015

Smell something? It's the legislature's smelly plan to rob people of their votes. via @azcentral

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