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It's a GIRL! The gray wolf at the Grand Canyon

azcentral.com — It's a GIRL! The gray wolf at the Grand Canyon. She traveled 450 miles from the Rockies to a place where her ancestors lived. Is that awesome or what? The DNA confirms it. I can hear her, I can. As I said here. Read or Share this story: http://azc.cc/1qXDloX

Wait ... the sky didn't fall? (After Obama's speech)

azcentral.com — If you're reading this we know one thing for a fact: The world did not end. President Barack Obama did not trigger the apocalypse with his executive actions on immigration. And he did not - cue the dun dun duuuun music - grant anyone "amnesty." That's what President Obama's critics call it.

More likely to be jailbate - Obama or Arpaio?

azcentral.com — In a shocking development, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio filed a lawsuit against President Obama within minutes of the president announcing his executive actions concerning immigration reform. The shocking part is: What took the sheriff so long?

Obama didn't trigger the apocalypse (or grant amnesty)

azcentral.com — No, it's not the end of the world. It's not even - cue the dun dun duuuun music - amnesty. That's what President Obama's critics call it. But, in elementary school grammar class the nuns would say that's using "hyperbole," which is when we try to make a point by way of wild exaggeration.

Obama vs.'The Biggest Loser' ... or are they the same?

azcentral.com — So, what will you be watching on TV tonight, the president or something else? No, really. What will you really be watching? Never mind, the major television networks have spilled the beans. They know what you want to watch. What you will watch.

Dr. Huxtable and Mr. Hyde

azcentral.com — The justice system can't touch Bill Cosby. But another comedian just might bring him down. Last month the comic Hannibal Buress ignited a firestorm on the Internet when video clips of him calling Cosby a rapist went viral.

Rep. Salmon to President Obama: Don't do it.

$hanesha $chooled u$ $uckers

azcentral.com — Don't condemn Shanesha Taylor. Thank her. Thank her profusely. (Just don't thank her with money.) Shanesha schooled us, played us for the suckers we are, educated us about the dangers of jumping to conclusions in an age when none of us hesitates at the edge of the cliff that is the Internet.

Must Arizona allow same-sex prison inmates to marry?

azcentral.com — So, now that same-sex marriage is legal in Arizona should prison inmates be permitted to marry. Given the law MUST they be permitted to do so. That is the position of Donna Leone Hamm, the director of Middle Ground Prison Reform, a long-time advocate for the incarcerated.

Does Ferguson matter in Phoenix? Geography versus race

azcentral.com — Does what happens in Ferguson, Mo., mean anything in Phoenix, Az.? Or does that depend on your race? We'd like to pretend that race doesn't matter. We'd like to believe that we're over the "racial thing." We're not.
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Nov 23, 2014

@repcampbell Agree. And it's FEMALE! So awesome. Some parts of nature we can't screw up, no matter how hard we try. azc.cc/1qXDloX

Nov 22, 2014

Wait ... the sky didn't fall? (After Obama's speech) azc.cc/1zNPlcd via @azcentral

Nov 21, 2014

RT @leoverdugo: @Juanco_Bravo @ejmontini @lapalabraferoz coolness! Hay que ver si la dispersión fue por competencia con otros lobos o el humano.

Nov 21, 2014

@gfallar @azcentral One reason: We put him in office and pay his salary.

Nov 21, 2014

Arpaio sues Pres. Obama minutes (Or was it seconds?) after immigration speech. What took him so long? azc.cc/1zJM5if via @azcentral

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