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Ducey and pals to us: Shut up and hand over $9 billion — We should shut up and hand over the cash. Period. We shouldn't complain. In fact, we should be relieved. Just ask them. This way, if we just quietly go along, we don't have to think about things like education or corrections or child welfare or public safety or health care or any of that, If anything, the people we elected to the State legislature, along with new Gov.

End of a trial, birth of a legend: Winnie Ruth Arias — No. We're not done. We'll never be done. The hung jury in the Arias sentencing trial means that Arias won't be sentenced until April, receiving either natural life or prison with the possibility of release after 25 years. And, even then, will we not be done with Arias thing.

Giffords and Kelly: Outgunned, but not outworked — Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords understands that federal legislation to install a few small, common sense improvements to U.S. gun laws has zero chance of passing. None. Nada. She knew it before she made the trip to Washington, D.C., this week to testify on behalf of what is called the King-Thompson bill.

Stop the presses! We interrupt the usual mayhem to .. — We interrupt our regularly scheduled recitation of Arizona's nutty political machinations, our social indiscretions and our daily criminal atrocities to bring you a lighthearted, upbeat and, yes, irresistibly happy story of this guy with ... cancer. Hold on! I'm not making this up.

Sharks (lenders) versus Minnows (us) at the Capitol — Sharks don't give up. They keep circling and circling and circling. We cut off the predatory pay day lending sharks seven years ago. And now, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, they're back. Cue the "Jaws" music. This time around, with HB 2611 sponsored by Republican Rep.

Punished (too little) for failing at impossible job — We ask too much of police and firefighters, as we should. As we must. They take the jobs knowing that we ask too much of them, and that we'll criticize them, even punish them, when they fail to do what is sometimes impossible to accomplish. That's just the way it is.

Justice? When Jodi Arias becomes what's-her-name — No matter what a jury in the Jodi Arias sentencing trial jury decides -- or doesn't decide -- two results are absolutely guaranteed: 1. Travis Alexander's family finally will get some justice. 2. Jodi Arias will NOT get what she deserves.

Sorry, Hillary. Your e-mail is OUR e-mail. — We can't pretend that we don't like in the modern world. It was ridiculous that Hillary Clinton did not have a government e-mail address during her time as Secretary of State. It is equally ridiculous to believe that her personal e-mails, in which she did government business, weren't preserved on government computer servers, as was reported in The New York Times.

Sheriff violates order, WE pay. Thanks again, Joe. — When you're the most visible law enforcement officer in a county, like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, you're kind of supposed to, oh, I don't know, follow the law. For example, if you get taken to court, and lose, and someone like U.S. District Court Judge G.

AZ lawmakers protect right of kids to wield Uzis — Apparently the most powerful pro-gun lobbyists in Arizona are boys and girls under the age of 14 who want to fire automatic weapons. No one messes with them. Any proposed legislation designed to inhibit the opportunity for 'tweens' and early teens to squeeze off hundreds of rounds per minute is - to quote a grim cliché - dead in the water.
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Mar 06, 2015

RT @yvonnewingett: .@Dougducey and pals to us: Shut up and hand over $9 billion via @ejmontini

Mar 06, 2015

RT @SteveWeichert: .@ejmontini: "You couldn't find proof of that if you owned U-2 spy plane." in re: to @dougducey and #AZLeg transparency (or, lack thereof).

Mar 06, 2015

READER:Did you do a col before one about lawsuit over 20 dogs that died? ME: Before: After:

Mar 06, 2015

RT @AZSenateDems: This is not how we move #AZForward. MT @ejmontini: Ducey & pals to us: Shut up & hand over $9 billion…

Mar 06, 2015

Ducey and pals to us: Shut up and hand over $9 billion via @azcentral

Mar 05, 2015

RT @BE_Conklin: .@ejmontini Thank you for sharing Alan Zaben's story- 1 of the most inspiring people ever & living proof cancer is not a de…

Mar 05, 2015

RT @JMShumway: With second Arias mistrial, here's @ejmontini's column again: Arizona loses.

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