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Montini: Time to call out the SOBs in politics ... and life — Former House Speaker John Boehner. (Photo: MOLLY RILEY, AFP/Getty Images) In his great book, "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72," the late Hunter S.

Montini: Why won't spineless Supreme Court stand up to Gov. Ducey? — Money or your sense of justice? Come on, judges. (Photo: Getty Images) You'd think that a group of smart, accomplished legal eagles who have dedicated their lives to determining right from wrong and who have risen to positions on the highest court in the state would have a little guts.

Montini: Budget bottom line: The 'chosen' get a tax break. You get the shaft — Yeah, that's us after the Legislature finalizes a budget. (Photo: Dan Moyle) The Arizona Republic 's first-rate team of State Capitol reporters is sifting through a mountain of data, discourse and rumor in the frenzied final hours of this year's legislative session, making sure you get the best information on what to expect when the political brush fire that's been raging since January finally burns itself out.

Montini: A letter to laid-off Intel workers — A guy with a good attitude. (Photo: Alberto Gottardo -) Dear human being with a family, You are NOT a number. People in my business are hung up on numbers, so the news articles you read about the layoffs at Intel will consistently point out that 560 employees will be (or have been) laid off.

Montini: Lawmakers' solar switcheroo shows that stupid is as stupid votes — Tom Hanks and Sally Field in "Forrest Gump," talking about that box of chocolates. (Photo: Handout, TNS) The Arizona Legislature is not like a box of chocolates. We know exactly what we're going to get. Even worse, lawmakers know us, and how easily it is too fool us, and just how to do so.

Montini: Proof in 4 letters that DeVry connection BOOSTS Arizona universities — How an institution under investigation by the feds is actually good for our state universities. (Photo: David Kadlubowski, AZR) Before we get to the four letters I offer as proof that a DeVry connection is actually good for Arizona's universities I would like to say thank you to University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart.

Montini: Is Montgomery being prudent on freeway shooting case, or is he embarrassed? — Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (Photo: Tom Tingle, Tom Tingle/The Republic) Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery presented a firm, reasoned, smarter-than-anyone-in-the-room demeanor at his press conference Wednesday, but I suspect that what he was really feeling, deep down, was...embarrassed.

Montini: YEEHAW! Ferget them durn kids 'n' such, we need more GUNS in public places! — Clint Eastwood in "The Outlaw Josey Wales." (Photo: Handout, Warner Bros. Pictures) The Legislature can't figure out how to provide health care for poor kids, fund education, provide fair accommodations for all voters, protect vulnerable citizens from predatory lenders or preserve the democratic process from dark money, but...its working real durn hard to figure out even more ways to put GUNS in public places.

Montini: Millions for Koch Bros. University branch campuses - ASU and UA — A protest in Palm Springs. (Photo: The Desert Sun) Funding foe the state's universities don't usually include "earmarks" for specific programs favored by right-wing billionaires. That kind of blatant politicizing of academic integrity doesn't happen in state-run, state-owned institutions of higher learning. Except here. (And several other universities around the country.)

Montini: Not buying Sen. McCain’s lame excuse for skipping GOP convention — Senator John McCain (Photo: Mark Henle/The Republic) Sen. John McCain will skip the Republican National Convention this year, an event at which he has played a significant role since the mid-1980s. He's been telling reporters that he'll be too busy campaigning. "I have to campaign for re-election, and I have always done that when I'm up," he said.
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Apr 28, 2016

RT @Luis1SCHMIDT: Great perspective.Corporate executives view workers as only number$ & don't give damn about the families.They matter http…<a title="" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">…

Apr 28, 2016

Montini: Lawmakers' solar switcheroo shows that stupid is as stupid votes via @azcentral

Apr 28, 2016

RT @JZSamm: APS, Koch, NRA, CAP. I'm going to get a bumper sticker: Arizona GOP: bought and paid for.…8QCXSwApj

Apr 28, 2016

RT @BruceLesley: His daughter would be dead without KidsCare. - @ejmontini - Arizona Republic #CHIPworks

Apr 28, 2016

RT @janer98: @First_Focus @ejmontini Unfortunately only rich kids qualify for compassion. Poor kids can get stuffed.

Apr 28, 2016

Montini: Proof in 4 letters that DeVry connection BOOSTS Arizona universities via @azcentral

Apr 28, 2016

RT @JZSamm: @ejmontini Election year. Pandering to NR, gun nut extremists. "Gun nut extremists" sporting events... *shudder*

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