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Would Joe Arpaio use Ebola to get attention? Duh... — If there's a big story in the news Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will find a way to hitch his wagon to that headline. Even Ebola. Arpaio issued a press release this week saying that a Sheriff's deputy who returned from a yearly visit to Sierra Leone has been placed on 21-day leave to make sure he does not have the virus.

If Dr. Seuss covered the Jodi Arias trial — Her name rhymes with nefarious. (We claim we do not care-ious.) But the media would not dare-ious Ignore the trial of Arias. Her position is precarious. Of that we are aware-ious. She should not have a prayer-ious. Yet still we sit and stare-ious. Our reasons are quite various. From serious to gregarious.

Shocker! Same-sex couples marry; sky does NOT fall — The sky did not fall. The economy did not collapse. The government did not dissolve. There was no chaos in the streets. No fire. No brimstone. No fissures in the Earth swallowed houses, neighborhood, cities, states. Arizona is still Arizona. And yet, something monumental happened.

Great day for equal rights in same-sex marriage ruling — It's a very good day for wedding planners. And an even better day for those who believe in equal rights ... for everyone. Federal Judge John Sedwick -- as he hinted he would -- struck down Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage. Several lawsuits has been filed against the law.

Tillman (finally) to be in veterans Hall of Fame — Pat Tillman is not in the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. I know. I couldn't believe it either. "That's the reaction most of the people I've spoken with about this have," said Chuck Schluter, a Navy and Army vet who was inducted into the hall in 2007.

Should fans see red over 'blackface' ban? — So, you're saying "blackface" is okay? From what I can tell, just about everyone responding to an article by the Republic's Dianna M. Náñez about Arizona State University officials telling football fans not to paint their faces black at football games call it political correctness run amok.

Justice for dead dogs? Yes. Caretakers indicted. — Is there such a thing as justice for dogs? Yes. Not long go the dog owners whose pets died this summer at Green Acre Dog Boarding in Gilbert filed a civil suit against kennel's owners and caretakers in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Don't let politicians or media freak you out about ... — I've been hearing from people who are worried about Ebola. They watch the news on TV. They listen to news about the virus on the radio. They hear from politicians who want to score points by using the Ebola crisis. They worry.

UofA kicker missed field goal but (despite haters) won — University of Arizona kicker Casey Skowron is taking a beating on social media, proving once again just how many on social media need to get a life. A real life. Not a virtual one. Skowron missed a last-second field-goal attempt in last Saturday's 28-26 loss to USC, and since then has been barraged by our brave new world's version of hate mail.

McCain politicizes Ebola with rhetoric, not reassurance — Even in these hyper-partisan times you'd like to think that major political figures would occasionally pump the brakes. Particularly when they know that people are tense and that a little public assurance could go a long way. But Sen. John McCain doesn't pump the brakes. He accelerates like a runaway semi-trailer truck heading downhill.
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Oct 17, 2014

@GBCowboy @azcentral Yes, regardless of vote. The courts judge constitutionality. And in this case got it right.

Oct 17, 2014

RT @PaulGiblinAriz: Republic columnist @EJMontini asks why it took so long for #PatTillman to get into the #Veterans Hall of Fame?

Oct 17, 2014

RT @whalekjit: @ejmontini @azcentral great column ej. Proud of my home state reason to not allow marriage between any two people.

Oct 17, 2014

The court got it right. Gov. Brewer gets it wrong -- again. What else is new? Oh yeah, equality won. via @azcentral

Oct 17, 2014

RT @azcentral: @ejmontini: Great day for equal rights in same-sex marriage ruling

Oct 17, 2014

RT @Cordovapartners: #ARIZONA Gran día en derechos #LGBT! Hoy se aprobó la unión civil entre parejas del mismo sexo | #Opinión @ejmontini

Oct 17, 2014

RT @MrSethLandau: @joannaallhands @ejmontini @ASU Fans wearing face paint adds NOTHING to the game or atmosphere. If this act offends people, don't do it.

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