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Sympathy for Flight 9525 victims; rage for co-pilot — The guy on the telephone sounded angry and said something odd, at least I thought so at first. "I wish the pilot had lived," he said, referring to Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 who officials say "intentionally" crashed the jet into the side of a mountain, killing 144 passengers and five other crew members.

Sen. Allen would make church mandatory. God help us. — Our Father who art in heaven ... could you take a moment out of your busy schedule and come down here, please? We need You to explain a few things to Arizona state State Sen. Sylvia Allen. (I know. You're shaking your head, aren't you? This might be too daunting a task even for YOU.)

Republicans 'solve' non-existent voter fraud problem — The Republicans who control the Arizona Legislature could be honest about this. They could say, simply: "Since we're in charge at the Capitol and we have the votes we would like to make it even more difficult for Democrats in Arizona to win elections. That's what we're doing here."

Sad song of the busted brawling 'Christian' buskers — Do not laugh. The news sounds funny when you first hear it. I get that: A group of supposedly Christian street musicians -- buskers -- get busted for a brawl with police at a Walmart in Cottonwood.

A mother. A child. A murder. Again — There was never a proper funeral for 5-year-old Jhessey Shockley, but investigators came to believe they know where she is buried. The dump. They spent weeks in the boiling summer of 2012 sifting through tons of garbage at the Butterfield Station Landfill in Mobile, south of the Valley, but they found nothing.

Great idea! Apply state's new abortion rules to guns — A reader who is a lot smarter than I am (I know what you're thinking, "Is there a reader who isn't?") has offered a brilliant suggestion to Arizona lawmakers. Although, anything rising to the level of simple common sense would rise to the level of brilliance at our State Capitol.

How NOT to protect officers? Hide their names. — I can't fault lawmakers for wanting to protect the police officers who protect us. And I can't fault police officers for wanting the protection. But good intentions aren't the same as good ideas. And this is a bad idea.

McCain hates Obamacare (thousands in AZ might disagree) — Sen. John McCain issued a scathing condemnation Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, saying in part, "Five years after its enactment, Obamacare has been full of empty promises that have only made our nation's health care problems worse."

Arpaio's paranoid prophesy to pay off (for plaintiffs) — A got a call last week from a depressed lawyer, which normally pleases me. Especially when I am the cause. "I missed out by one a day," he told me. "I had the perfect quote for you to explain Sheriff Arpaio, but I had court, and then you went and blew it with your column.

The end of an affair: Spring Training and me

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Mar 26, 2015

RT @BK2Zona: American Taliban RT @ejmontini: Sen. Allen would make church mandatory. God help us. via @azcentral

Mar 26, 2015

RT @WCaddict: @ejmontini @azcentral Apparently she's not familiar with the Constitution?

Mar 26, 2015

RT @Linderloos: @ejmontini ...THIS: "...I say this with both exasperation and solicitation: God help us." #BRILLIANT(not2 disregard genius of entire art.)

Mar 26, 2015

Sen. Allen would make church mandatory. God help us. via @azcentral

Mar 25, 2015

@JohnMPowersII @noprezzie2012 @azcentral Wrong again. County recorders say we KNOW it's not a problem. Take off the political blinders.

Mar 25, 2015

@JohnMPowersII @noprezzie2012 @azcentral No. And I don't. But there's SO little this bill is not needed. The motive is voter suppression.

Mar 25, 2015

RT @RobbieSherwood: Montini nails it: Republicans 'solve' non-existent voter fraud problem #SB1339 #azleg

Mar 25, 2015

RT @LuisAcosta22: @noprezzie2012 @ejmontini @azcentral is the answer really to choke voter turnout without providing a safer alternative resource?

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