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First Teaser for Snowden Comes With a Big Dose of Mystery

wired.com — It's fitting that the character of Edward Snowden doesn't appear in the new teaser trailer for the Oliver Stone-directed flick about his life. Real-life Snowden is not just "the most wanted man in the world," as the trailer forebodingly tells us, he is also the best-known champion of personal privacy on Earth.

Fly Your Rainbow Flag High! Same-Sex Marriage Ruled a Right

wired.com — There is dancing in the streets today. This morning, America righted a wrong. No longer will anyone be barred from marrying the person they love because that person happens to be their same sex. No longer will loving families be barred from the rights and benefits of marriage.

Hack Brief: The Cardinals May Have Hacked the Astros

wired.com — Hacking just hit the major leagues. Professional sports has a long inglorious history of subterfuge-remember the New England Patriots' SpyGate? Or that time Formula One team McLaren "came into possession" of all those documents describing Ferrari's tech? Dirty tricks are nothing new-and neither is digital espionage-but for the first time the two have come together to rock Major League Baseball.

Security News This Week: The NSA Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Neither Will Israel, China, or Britain)

wired.com — Well, it was quite a week for hacks, folks. That breach of the government Office of Personnel Management turned out to be much more serious than the Department of Homeland Security first described. The WIRED Security team delved deeply into the reasons why in this analysis piece, which is a must read.

Hack Brief: There’s a New iPhone Text Message Attack

wired.com — You can crash an iPhone merely by texting it the exact right string of English and Arabic characters. Anyone can pull the hack off if they know the right combination of characters. It was uncovered by users on Reddit. Anyone with an iPhone is a potential target, until Apple fixes underlying iOS code.

MIT's Humanoid Robot Goes to Robo Boot Camp

wired.com — As Russ Tedrake flings up the garage door to the dusty MIT lab, light whooshes in, revealing a 360-pound humanoid robot hanging from a rope. The hulky human form sways as the Cambridge breeze blows into the room. The deactivated dangling thing looks like a metal rag doll, vulnerable and grotesque.

'I Have More Followers Than The President,' People on Twitter Cry

wired.com — Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account. - President Obama (@POTUS) May 18, 2015 It's hard to measure a life. Are you loved? Are you contributing meaningfully to society? Are you able to learn from your mistakes, to feed your family, to take time to appreciate the...

Here's How to Submit to WIRED Opinion

wired.com — WIRED cares about the things you care about. And we want to give you the chance to speak to our readers directly. We accept op-ed submissions on all topics relevant to WIRED (Business, Gear, Culture, Entertainment, Design, Security, Gaming, and Science). Submissions must be original, no longer than 1,000 words, and they must argue a specific point of view.

Verizon Is Buying AOL for $4.4 Billion. Twitter Reacts.

wired.com — Verizon announced today that it is going to pay $50 a share to buy AOL, the dial-up Web site from the '90s that gave many people their first email address and chat-room screen name. Verizon's offered price is 17 percent over the closing of AOL stock on Monday.

My Struggle With the Last Great Taboo: Admitting My Salary

wired.com — I was 21 and they wanted to pay me $21,000 a year to be a full time staff writer. A thousand bucks for every year of life. That sounded decent. How much did life cost? Who knew. I hadn't lived any yet. What did staff writers at a paper make?
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@nicktheandersen @bendreyfuss right? I didn't plan to tell a story but I was like well, someone needs to step in here

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@bendreyfuss @nicktheandersen lol well they don't ask what you do for a living and I only decided to go bc the room needed a mood shift

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@bendreyfuss @nicktheandersen this was when mom and I flew ALONE to look at colleges. I'll tell Italy next time.

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@bendreyfuss remember that letter i wrote bush sr. asking what was happening w/ the gulf war bc "mebbe i could halp"? can u help me find it?

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can amanda hess just please stop being such a good writer for a second so the rest of us dont develop a drinking problem

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i distinctly remember the moment a boy in preschool taught me to clap correctly. he saved me from a life of shame. twitter.com/funnyordie/sta…

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