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Bring On #snowmageddon2015. Just Don't Take Down My Internet

wired.com — Twenty-four inches of snow are heading down from Canada to lock Boston in a fluffy white straight jacket. The roads will close. The shops will close. The schools already have closed. No one is delivering food, and the shelves at Trader Joe's and Market Basket are nearly empty.

An Ode to SkyMall After It Files For Bankruptcy

wired.com — My parents didn't love each other anymore, so at 10, 7, and 2 years old, we flew unaccompanied between Idaho and LA for visits. We may not have had chaperones or the security of an intact nuclear family, but we had one essential comfort: The SkyMall catalogue.

The World Is Watching Our Net Neutrality Debate, So Let's Not Screw This Up

wired.com — Does the United States act in accordance with the same principles that we advocate to others? The answer needs to be yes. When it comes to the debate on network neutrality, the world watches what we do at home. That's one reason that the President's commitment to network neutrality is so important: In the struggle...

If Social Media Sites Were Drugs, These Are the Drugs They Would Be

LIVE: Watch Elon Musk's SpaceX Try to Land a Rocket on a Barge

wired.com — At 6:20 Tuesday morning, the private space flight company founded by Elon Musk will attempt to land a rocket. Back on Earth. The unmanned Falcon 9 spacecraft will first head to the International Space Station, delivering supplies and equipment, but then it's going to do something never done before: it's going to try to come...

Every Serial-Related Google Image Search You've Been Afraid to Do

wired.com — (Spoiler alert: Many spoilers for the Serial podcast ahead.) One of the most fascinating things about radio is how it forces your imagination to engage. You have to picture the stories in your mind, along with the places reporters are talking about and the people they are interviewing.

E-Book Legal Restrictions Are Screwing Over Blind People

wired.com — In late 2012, a 14-year-old high school student stood in front of a camera and began to read. Chris Nusbaum's voice was calm and steady. And so were his hands, which ran smoothly over lines of braille as he made a personal appeal to Amazon-maker of the most widely-used e-reader in the world.

Mom Sent My Fat Ass a Treadmill Desk

medium.com — Dreyfusses are good at a lot of things. Talking. Gesticulating. Interrupting. Relating to the news. Making everything about us. Eating. Relaxing. And giving gifts. Last year I sent a Dreyfuss a bar of soap for Christmas. It wasn't a very kind present, but it was useful.

Why This Scientific Watchdog Is Fighting to Protect Its Commenters Anonymity

wired.com — We are the founders of PubPeer.com, an online forum for scientific discussion of research scholarship. We and many of the users of our website are anonymous. That anonymity is important for free speech, for academic freedom, and for scientific inquiry. But it's being threatened, which is why we're going to court to defend the First Amendment right to anonymity.

What Women Want, According to the Designers of Women's Wearables

wired.com — Netamo Netamo I learned this week that I love snakeskin, which is weird because everyone in my family has a debilitating phobia of snakes. I didn't know this about myself until Mica, a haute couture smart bracelet for women, told me so. Mica also taught me that I love bracelets.
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Jan 30, 2015

We have a cockadoodle for the weekend named Stelllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh instagram.com/p/ygClP6uv7e/

Jan 30, 2015

@EmilyDreyfuss update: the music of Raz Simone diffused the situation. Thank the lord.

Jan 30, 2015

Current status: trying to edit in the middle of a cat vs dog showdown

Jan 30, 2015

@heavenrants @noahWG syrup and hot sauce, that's where the magic is. Honey and hot sauce is pretty great, too

Jan 30, 2015

@mattbuchanan let's occupy that tower casting its shadow over the park and turn it into public housing

Jan 30, 2015

Oh. Gotcha. Cool. Moving on. RT @nytimes Breaking News: Romney Says He Won’t Run for President nyti.ms/1659l1l

Jan 30, 2015

@rustyk5 was it on the PC article? Must be about silencing people, taping their mouths closed.

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