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My Struggle With the Last Great Taboo: Admitting My Salary

wired.com — I was 21 and they wanted to pay me $21,000 a year to be a full time staff writer. A thousand bucks for every year of life. That sounded decent. How much did life cost? Who knew. I hadn't lived any yet. What did staff writers at a paper make?

On John Oliver, Edward Snowden Says Keep Taking Dick Pics

wired.com — John Oliver is worried that you don't care about government surveillance because you have no idea what it is. After doing an informal poll of passersby in Times Square, who for the most part had no idea who whistle-blower Edward Snowden was or what it was he leaked, Oliver said Sunday, "It seems like we've kind of forgotten to have a debate over what Snowden leaked."

Point-Counterpoint: Is Tinder's New Pricing Policy Ageist?

wired.com — Tinder, the simple dating app that makes picking a lover as easy as swiping left or right, announced a new pricing policy for its premium version earlier this month. Tinder Plus lets you undo an errant negative swipe, browse unlimited Tinder profiles, and look beyond your vicinity to hit on Tinder users the world over.

Opinion: Why Women Who Code Can Close the Wage Equality Gap

wired.com — More than a week after the Academy Awards broadcast, people are still buzzing about Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech, punctuated with a poignant and resounding call for wage equality and equal rights for women. Arquette's rallying cry struck a chord with both audience members and viewers at home - a reaction shot...

How To Ask Your BFF If She'll Run Your Facebook Page in the Event of Your Untimely Death

wired.com — Editors' note: Today Facebook announced that you can choose an heir to run your page after you die. This is how you might go about telling your heir they've been chosen. Monica, sit down. Here's some ice tea. It's sweetened just how you like. No, let's talk about book club later.

Dear RadioShack, This Is Why We Adored You. Love, WIRED

wired.com — The time is near to bid farewell to that old security blanket, RadioShack. When the remote control broke, it was there. When we needed a cable or 20, it was there. But soon, it won't be. The company is about to file for bankruptcy. Shares of its stock have been suspended from trading.

Bring On #snowmageddon2015. Just Don't Take Down My Internet

wired.com — Twenty-four inches of snow are heading down from Canada to lock Boston in a fluffy white straight jacket. The roads will close. The shops will close. The schools already have closed. No one is delivering food, and the shelves at Trader Joe's and Market Basket are nearly empty.

An Ode to SkyMall After It Files For Bankruptcy

wired.com — My parents didn't love each other anymore, so at 10, 7, and 2 years old, we flew unaccompanied between Idaho and LA for visits. We may not have had chaperones or the security of an intact nuclear family, but we had one essential comfort: The SkyMall catalogue.

The World Is Watching Our Net Neutrality Debate, So Let's Not Screw This Up

wired.com — Does the United States act in accordance with the same principles that we advocate to others? The answer needs to be yes. When it comes to the debate on network neutrality, the world watches what we do at home. That's one reason that the President's commitment to network neutrality is so important: In the struggle...

If Social Media Sites Were Drugs, These Are the Drugs They Would Be

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May 03, 2015

@JesseBarron i thought executive assistants got paid really well. is that true only in tech firms?

May 03, 2015

@JesseBarron oh yeah, i definitely feel that. but instead of feeling like im paid too much, i think they are paid too little

May 03, 2015

@imagehound_ @WIRED that's definitely a concern! you want to be able to get paid what you are actually worth when and if you move to new job

May 03, 2015

@ccronner agreed. i think w some positions, like post-doc or adjunct prof, there's the sense that negotiation is itself taboo

May 03, 2015

@JesseBarron i used to feel that way, but now i don't. and you shouldn't either! i think i just fear feeling exposed.

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