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Larry and Sergey Have Passed the Crown to Google’s New King

wired.com — Each year, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin write a letter to share their thoughts on what the company stands for and where it's going. But this year's Founders' Letter is different: it wasn't written by a founder. Last year, Google become Alphabet, news that was itself shared in a letter.

Twitter Thinks Streaming the NFL Is a Big Deal for Twitter

wired.com — Football is officially coming to Twitter-and, for company executives, this is a big deal. Starting this fall, you'll be able to watch Thursday Night Football live on Twitter alongside tweets from friends and fans. As my colleague Brian Barrett noted earlier this month, Twitter reportedly beat the likes of Amazon, Verizon, and Facebook to secure the digital rights to the games.

You Aren’t as Mad About Twitter’s Changes as You Said, Twitter Says

wired.com — If you tweet, you inevitably get mad. Sometimes you get really mad. And sometimes you get so mad that you tweet about it. Twitter, after all, is something of a public square where outrage reigns-and there are few things tweeters love getting angry about more than Twitter itself.

What is the NSA's PRISM program? (FAQ)

cnet.com — Editors' note: Updated on June 12 to include new information. You've been hearing about a top-secret government program reportedly giving the NSA access to digital consumer information held by large tech companies. But what is it, really, and how does it affect you?

VW Will Buy Back Your Cheating, Polluting Diesel

wired.com — Volkswagen wants to buy back the 500,000 or so diesel cars that it programmed to cheat on US emissions test, or repair them and compensate owners for their trouble.

Marijuana Memo: Seriously, Guys. Do We Even Need 420 Anymore?

wired.com — I used to be so alone, just me, my bong, a dog, and the sound of the rustling leaves out the window in the quiet Idaho night. Or, wait, was that a rustle? It kind of sounded more like an intruder? Carrying a shotgun? But the dog didn't seem to notice.

The Way We Live Now: White House Launches @SCOTUSNom

wired.com — This morning, President Obama is expected to announce his pick for who will replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Republicans in Congress have said they would refuse to consider any nominee, arguing that the next administration ought to be able to choose the next justice.

Instagram Will Soon Show You What It Thinks You Want to See

wired.com — If you're anything like me, you follow a whole lot of people on Instagram. (Maybe even a few too many-you've got over 400 million people to choose from.) You likely follow your friends, some family, a few phenomenal photographers (ahem, HONY), lots of dogs/foodies/world travelers, and maybe a brand or two you like ( maybe!).

SpaceX’s Rocket Loses Its Battle Against a Robot Boat (Again)

wired.com — The rocket never had a chance. Rocket: zero. Boat: five. On the fifth encounter between Space's Falcon 9 rocket and its autonomous drone barge, the rocket's first-stage booster tried valiantly to land upright on its rocking, football field-sized landing pad, a barge called Of Course I Still Love You.

Linguists Not Exactly Wow About Facebook’s New Reactions

wired.com — When my 4-month-old son is angry he turns bright red. When he finds something funny, he makes an alarming gurgling sound. When something surprises him, he says "Ah!" You know: Like Facebook. The introduction of Reactions, a set of five new "graphicons" with assigned textual meanings, probably isn't supposed to be infantilizing.
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my daydreams used to be of adventures. or weeks on end to just write write write. now they're of sleep. dead, dreamless, drooling sleep.my daydreams used to be of adventures. or weeks on end to just write write write. now they're of sleep. dead, dreamless, drooling sleep.

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