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Congratulations to Jia on Her Rare Double Longreads Day

thatswhatshesaid.jezebel.com — Jia! We're so proud of you. A Journey to the Center of the Uterus http://t.co/4d7WKlMrk9 #quotes pic.twitter.com/8HApicGzOD - Longreads (@Longreads) January 28, 2015 "Rush After 'A Rape On Campus': A UVA Alum Goes Back to Rugby Road" http://t.co/nmdVNNuQOU (@jiatolentino, @jezebel) pic.twitter.com/xVbWDaHBxH - Longform (@longform) January 28, 2015

Writer Safety & Perspective at Gawker Media

sausage.gawker.com — I sent this email to the Gawker Politburo today after our seating chart was leaked to The Awl. Lots of the Jezebel writers were upset by this. I explained why.

Local Woman Appears on Television

thatswhatshesaid.jezebel.com — Live from a subway station, here's our Erin Gloria Ryan saying smart things about the Golden Globes with Janet Mock and Jason Bailey on All In With Chris Hayes last night.

​Tommy Craggs Is A Herb-Ass Goober Who Rides Citi Bikes Around Town

deadspin.com — This is a true story. One hungover Saturday morning I was walking to get a bagel and I heard someone yell my name. I turned and there was Tommy Craggs, waving at me, on a Citi Bike, with a hoodie up and tied tight around his face, which is an awful thing to do.

Jia Loves Clickhole and Totally Gets It

thatswhatshesaid.jezebel.com — Jia: i pray every day for a new yorker longread on [Clickhole] i don't get this one though: http://www.clickhole.com/post/7-celebs-... http://www.clickhole.com/post/7-celebs-... These celebs may look flawless on the big screen, but you better believe they weren't always like... Read more Read more [a few seconds pass] me: they're all dead

Large Man Dressed As Little Teapot Successfully Distracts Free Throw Shooter

deadspin.com — "Wild Bill" Sproat, a man committed to Utah State basketball and revealing Disney-themed outfits, was responsible for the freshest style of fan heckling in college basketball last night: a "Mrs. Potts" costume and a nursery rhyme. Top that, Cameron. ( Video, again, via Mocksession )

NBC Apologizes For Editing George Zimmerman's 911 Call on Today Show

gawker.com — NBC today apologized for an editing "error" in the dialogue in George Zimmerman's taped 911 call during a segment on the Today Show. The "error" referred to was a segment of Zimmerman's 911 call that made it seem as if he was voluntarily racial profiling Trayvon Martin.

Would You Die On the Moon? A Lively Debate

thatswhatshesaid.jezebel.com — kara: btw jia a lot of people are not on board with the moon option I would choose not to go to the moon and to die whenever except that 65 is probably a good lifespan ...

These Deadbeat Parents Fell For The Old "Free Tickets To The Iron Bowl" Trick

deadspin.com — The Lee County Sheriff's Office in Opelika, Ala. took a creative approach to rounding up a few parents who'd fallen way behind in their child support payments: they told them they'd won free tickets to the annual Iron Bowl, and then they arrested them when they came to collect on the prize.

Why No One Remembers The Mark Sanchez Rape Case

deadspin.com — A friend sent me an e-card this week. It's a woman spraying a can of Mace into the air, and the caption reads, "I can't wait to see what strategic defense the Jets use against a gigantic rapist."
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Jun 02, 2015

thank you @PandaSquiggles for drawing this beautiful portrait of me pic.twitter.com/uSwr5qBlE3

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