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More Female Speakers Than Ever At Biggest Gaming Conference — Women are slowly being invited into the male-dominated culture of game developers. After a year where gamergate dominated the conversation-one of those awful Internet scandals that only seemed to worsen with time-progress is finally being made. On Monday, about 24,000 people will attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, billed as the "world's largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry."

Dark Net Ricin Seller Sentenced To 9 Years — A Florida court sentenced Jesse Korff, 20, yesterday to nine years in federal prison for manufacturing and selling the deadly toxin ricin to customers around the world. According to the indictment, Korff sold it via the dark net marketplace Black Market Reloaded, which the FBI shut down in December 2013.

How to Manage a Virtual Sales Force — By the end of this year, around a billion people across the globe will be mobile workers, according to IDC, a global market research firm. As virtual work becomes more accessible to small businesses on a tighter budget, some CEOs and entrepreneurs are beginning to recognize that a virtual sales force not only can cuts down on costs, but can also add a competitive advantage for the company.

Robot Ethicist: Chill Out About The Guy Who Kicked The Robot Dog — Everyone knows that it's not OK to kick a real dog, but how about an android dog? According to Kate Darling, a roboethicist at MIT, letting humans have at their robot animals might actually be a good thing. Sure, kicking a robot might make that person more likely to kick a real dog.

The Odd World Of USB "Dead Drops" — Around the world, people are filling up USB drives with everything from porn to personal stories, and then hiding them inside walls, steps and phone booths in the hopes that strangers will find them.

DARPA Plans to Hunt Down Human Traffickers Using the Deep Web — Perhaps you've heard of DARPA, the Department of Defense sci-fi offshoot known for its robot hummingbirds and mind-controlled artificial arms. Earlier this week, the Virginia-based agency put out a curious announcement: It wants to find human traffickers using a specially developed supercomputer.

What If Boston Shipped All Its Snow To Water-Starved California? — Some civic-minded Americans are wondering if the snow that's inundating Boston wouldn't come in handy in parched California. It has been estimated that it will take 11 trillion gallons of water to reverse California's drought. How about just redistributing the water from coast to coast?

$387 Million In Bitcoin Disappears In Ponzi Scheme — Several reports this morning are claiming that the owners of a Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange, MyCoin, closed the company's doors and walked away with more than $387 million worth of investors' money. Before its abrupt shutdown on Monday, MyCoin fashioned itself as a bitcoin exchange, where customers could log on and trade government-issued currency for digital currency.

Deadly Selfies — On Wednesday, a 24-year-old Israeli man backpacking through India was reportedly killed when he fell off a train while taking a selfie. Sadly, this is becoming something of a trend. It's tough to scroll through your Instagram feed these days without scanning through at least a few selfies.

Stolen Airline Miles (and Lots of Them) — It's not foolproof: Some airlines and mileage brokers are wise to the scheme. As a user who goes by "N0body" writes on one Evolution forum: Some free advice, if you're trying to sell a decent amount of AA miles you need to be prepared to bullshit the brokers over the phone otherwise you won't get anywhere, AA fraud has been around for years and they're all well aware of it and what goes on in places like this.
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Feb 27, 2015

A+...@mollyfitz on Abercrombie's Mike Jeffries: "resembles both the Hulk and Gary Busey, yet fails to match the charm of either"

Feb 26, 2015

“But how do you convince a bunch of white people to trust you?” interesting piece on Lagos startups @KCaulderwood…

Feb 20, 2015

can't wait til Sunday night when millions of people celebrate human adults pretending to do stuff and say things

Feb 19, 2015

This is an awesomely random yet endlessly entertaining story about medical models who get paid to...well, read…

Feb 19, 2015

Do people literally not understand how to use Snapchat?

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