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Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

Kim not Kosher: Kardashian airbrushed out of image by Israeli website

theguardian.com — For most media outlets a picture of Kim Kardashian, reality television celebrity and wife of rapper Kanye West, would be regarded as guaranteed click bait. Now, however, the woman for whom the word over-exposed might have been invented has found herself crudely excised from ultra-orthodox Jewish website Kikar HaShabbat.

All aboard the sex train

theguardian.com — When I read the recent furore about the Epping Ongar heritage railway, my mind became a gif, a train entering a tunnel, again and again and again. Local parents, it was reported, had been outraged to discover that the historic trains had been used as the set for a Canadian porn film, just days before their children visited for an annual Easter egg hunt.

Living with your parents when you are a parent yourself

theguardian.com — "What should I call you now, though?" I said to my mum last week as we sat side by side with our laptops, the baby slithering backwards under the table. "Judy?" she said. I tried it out. It's her name, but still. A little later she said she'd been thinking.

The pains and gains of breastfeeding

theguardian.com — "This is a column about breastfeeding" is a sentence I never thought I'd write. All those "Put a sheet over your tits, woman, says Claridges" stories happened in the write-off months when I'd recently given birth, when the baby was leeched to my chest for 20 out of every 24 hours, and it felt like everybody had an opinion about breastfeeding.

The hipster as fashion icon is under threat

theguardian.com — I am a hipster sympathiser. Even though it's a word I can't say out loud, I can only type. And then only if I la-la-la over the clicking of the keys. But I am pro-beard, pro-vintage cardies, pro-nail art with faces on, because I believe the hipster to be on the side of good.

The real way to kick out prejudice

theguardian.com — The sight that greeted people as they approached Wembley from the station, the looks on their faces. After a mob of Chelsea fans was filmed singing "We're racist and we like it" and preventing a black man getting into their carriage on the Paris Metro, most Chelsea supporters have been keeping their heads down, quietly apologising.

Moving house? Step away from the mouse

theguardian.com — I know I've spent too long on Gumtree when I find myself thinking, yes, I do need a 3kg bag of hair. Since you're offering. Since you're offering all this hair. Next week I'm moving house.

Postcards from the edge: our fascination with death

theguardian.com — Sometimes it comes quietly, yawning, and other times it appears storming out of the sea to grab a man in the prime of his life and drag him away into the wet and green. You will never die. Nope.

Faye Dunaway's post-Oscar breakfast: 29 March 1977

theguardian.com — Even in the gloom of March, breakfast is glamorous. It's something to do with the glassiness of sleep, the decadence of pausing to eat, while in a rush. By the swimming pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel though, in silk and heels, breakfast is sublime.

Why femicide won’t end until we have a truly equal society

theguardian.com — Last week saw the launch of the Femicide Census, a list of murdered women that digs down into the internet like a terrible well. It was reported at length in this paper, in a piece that detailed what has changed since Karen Ingala Smith first started counting dead women in 2012, and contained tributes to some of the victims, pictured smiling and beautiful, looking off to the side of the photos, shy.
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This is 'simply WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE IT ALL..Who can handle "it all"? "ALL" IS A WHOLE FUCKING HELL OF A LOT.' twitter.com/caitlinmoran/s…

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@caitlinmoran 'Who can handle "it all," anyway? "ALL" IS A WHOLE FUCKING HELL OF A LOT. ' I love this

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