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Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

Postcards from the edge: our fascination with death

theguardian.com — Sometimes it comes quietly, yawning, and other times it appears storming out of the sea to grab a man in the prime of his life and drag him away into the wet and green. You will never die. Nope.

Faye Dunaway's post-Oscar breakfast: 29 March 1977

theguardian.com — Even in the gloom of March, breakfast is glamorous. It's something to do with the glassiness of sleep, the decadence of pausing to eat, while in a rush. By the swimming pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel though, in silk and heels, breakfast is sublime.

Why femicide won’t end until we have a truly equal society

theguardian.com — Last week saw the launch of the Femicide Census, a list of murdered women that digs down into the internet like a terrible well. It was reported at length in this paper, in a piece that detailed what has changed since Karen Ingala Smith first started counting dead women in 2012, and contained tributes to some of the victims, pictured smiling and beautiful, looking off to the side of the photos, shy.

Why Fifty Shades finds itself in a world of pain

theguardian.com — One great thing about taking my baby to a parent and baby screening of Fifty Shades of Grey will be that it will save so much time in therapy 30 years down the line. I will be able to show her, not just the place her sexuality was formed, but the day, and the aisle, and that it happened before lunchtime, too.

Why are creative women dismissed as ‘quirky’?

theguardian.com — I'm reading a book that I love. It is heartbreakingly sad, and thoughtful, and disgusting and hilarious, but it's Miranda July's first novel, so the word most regularly being used to describe it in reviews is "quirky". And what that word does, as it falls on the work like a piano from a great height, is crush it.

If a stranger in the street looked like they needed help, would you intervene?

theguardian.com — Last summer was one of the hottest on record. The streets were full of prams and teenagers, pavements sticky with melted Twisters. I have a friend who has a friend called Rose who, in August, was waiting for a bus into Camden.

Questions to make you fall in love

theguardian.com — A thing happened last week. A list of 36 questions was published online (following an article in the New York Times) that promised to make two people fall in love. The questions start as networking-event ice breakers ("Who would you want as a dinner guest?") and end with the sharing of your darkest dreams, and a period of absolute silence.

Are we losing the London we love?

theguardian.com — For someone who really loves London, I'm starting to hate it a lot. The walk from my flat to Soho takes about 40 minutes, and on the way we pass One Commercial Street. It's made of grey glass, like a big powerless telly.

Up all night | Eva Wiseman | Life and style | The Guardian

theguardian.com — There's a time called 4am and there you will find me feeding a baby by the light of an iPhone 5. Our bedroom window faces the street. At the junction, almost facing each other, is the women's hostel and a block of student flats.

The seismic changes of having a baby

theguardian.com — Barnacle geese lay their eggs at the tops of cliffs, all blue and bleak, wind bloody everywhere. But their goslings, when they hatch, aren't yet able to fly, and the only food is in the grass at the bottom of the cliffs. The geese brood their eggs through an Arctic summer.
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Mar 06, 2015

RT @realDonaldTrump: Ringling Brothers is phasing out their elephants. I,for one, will never go again. They probably used the animal rights stuff to reduce costs

Mar 04, 2015

RT @MarkDuplass: The great thing about fame is that it offers you a platform to talk about the more important issues. pic.twitter.com/OoR57WeYH3

Mar 03, 2015

aka the day Bob Dylan became evil overlord Thorncloud the Unborn “@History_Pics: The day Johnny Cash met Bob Dylan. pic.twitter.com/pxORBbDCI3

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