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Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

Which body should I try on next?

theguardian.com — I've been watching the "dad bod" debate. By now you will have heard the term. You will be aware of the original argument published by a 19-year-old student, that the desirable men's body today comes with a comfortable paunch rather than a crafted six-pack.

Where have all the ghosts gone?

The Tesco years: my love affair with a supermarket

theguardian.com — How do I love thee, Tesco? Let me count the ways. Let me count them in crumpets, in breadth of breads, in discount daffodils and spilt Yakult. There aren't many multinationals I feel this much affection for.

Teen dreams: would you want to be 15 again?

theguardian.com — A woman in Manchester went to sleep aged 32 and woke up aged 15. She did. Naomi Jacobs has written a book, Forgotten Girl, about the time she went to bed - her final exams for a psychology degree approaching; in the middle of a break-up with the father of her son; worrying about the success of her business - and in the night was struck with transient global amnesia (TGA), a form of memory loss brought on by stress.

The smiling face of ‘seaside sexism’

theguardian.com — My old flatmate, Tim, used to have a clipping on his wall from the Sport. It was a competition. The prize was the opportunity to wear glamour model Linsey Dawn McKenzie's "boobs" as a hat. We discussed the intricacies of this prize long into the night, because we were art students and had no real work to be getting on with.

Kim not Kosher: Kardashian airbrushed out of image by Israeli website

theguardian.com — For most media outlets a picture of Kim Kardashian, reality television celebrity and wife of rapper Kanye West, would be regarded as guaranteed click bait. Now, however, the woman for whom the word over-exposed might have been invented has found herself crudely excised from ultra-orthodox Jewish website Kikar HaShabbat.

All aboard the sex train

theguardian.com — When I read the recent furore about the Epping Ongar heritage railway, my mind became a gif, a train entering a tunnel, again and again and again. Local parents, it was reported, had been outraged to discover that the historic trains had been used as the set for a Canadian porn film, just days before their children visited for an annual Easter egg hunt.

Living with your parents when you are a parent yourself

theguardian.com — "What should I call you now, though?" I said to my mum last week as we sat side by side with our laptops, the baby slithering backwards under the table. "Judy?" she said. I tried it out. It's her name, but still. A little later she said she'd been thinking.

The pains and gains of breastfeeding

theguardian.com — "This is a column about breastfeeding" is a sentence I never thought I'd write. All those "Put a sheet over your tits, woman, says Claridges" stories happened in the write-off months when I'd recently given birth, when the baby was leeched to my chest for 20 out of every 24 hours, and it felt like everybody had an opinion about breastfeeding.

The hipster as fashion icon is under threat

theguardian.com — I am a hipster sympathiser. Even though it's a word I can't say out loud, I can only type. And then only if I la-la-la over the clicking of the keys. But I am pro-beard, pro-vintage cardies, pro-nail art with faces on, because I believe the hipster to be on the side of good.
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May 24, 2015

A column about seasonal bodies with a bit about flaunting your bowels I think gu.com/p/4943p/tw

May 22, 2015

Great fact: Gore Vidal did rewrites on Ben-Hur. His explanation for the hatred between the men was that they'd been lovers as teens.

May 22, 2015

@stellduffy @caitlinmoran just reminded me of that Celluloid Closet doc - have you seen it? I want to find a quote from Gore Vidal hang on..

May 22, 2015

That time on press day when I realise I've been watching Calamity Jane clips for 25 minutes youtu.be/p59nrGixAYY

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