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Ron Klain is a great choice for Ebola czar

vox.com — Something I learned during the first two years of the Obama administration, when the staff infighting was at its worst: if you wanted to get somebody to say something nice, ask them about Ron Klain. if you want to get somebody to say something nice, ask them about Ron Klain Klain entered the administration as Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff.

What people get wrong about the Yes Means Yes law

vox.com — When I first looked at California's Yes Means Yes law, I thought it was ridiculous. The law redefines consent such that the everyday actions of loving couples would technically be unprosecuted assault. Meanwhile it did nothing to resolve the core problem in college sexual assault cases: one party says there was consent, the other party says there wasn't, and there's no clear way to settle the dispute.

The 2014 midterms, explained in 8 bits

vox.com — On November 4, 2014, a small fraction of Americans will vote in the midterm election. Polls consistently show Republicans are very likely to win the Senate and make gains in the House. But why?

Americans should panic about Ebola, but not because it threatens the United States

vox.com — Right now, the American people are getting two seemingly contradictory messages about the Ebola outbreak. Message 1: PANIC! Message 2: CALM DOWN! The tricky part is that both messages are true. Ebola's rampage across West Africa really is terrifying. With more than 8,000 infected and 4,000 killed, this is the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

"Yes Means Yes" is a terrible law, and I completely support it

vox.com — SB 697, California's " Yes Means Yes" law, is a terrible bill. But it's a necessary one. It tries to change, through brute legislative force, the most private and intimate of adult acts.

Health Affairs Web First: New Study Shows Low-Income Residents In Three States Support Medicaid Expansion

healthaffairs.org — Expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to millions of low-income adults has been controversial. However, little is known what these Americans themselves think about Medicaid. A new study, recently released as a Web First by Health Affairs, surveyed nearly 3,000 low-income adults in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas (states that have adopted different approaches for Medicaid expansion).

Obama ditched a key campaign promise. And it saved his presidency.

vox.com — During the 2008 campaign, Paul Krugman was one of Barack Obama's most relentless critics. Relations between the campaign and the economist got so bad that Team Obama actually dropped an oppo document on Krugman. Which did not help. After Obama's election, Krugman became something of a liberal frenemy to the administration: he was a much-sought ally, and a much-feared critic.

The 2014 election isn't as boring and meaningless as you think

vox.com — Pew calls it the "Meh Midterm": with weeks left in the 2014 election, only about 15 percent of Americans are closely following news about the midterms. That's a lot lower than the (still pretty low) 25 percent who were closely following the news at this point in the 2010 midterm, or the 26 percent who were closely following the news at this point in the 2006 midterm.

Why Slavoj Zizek wants to tax cats

vox.com — Slovenian critical theorist Slajov Zizek did a web chat for the Guardian this morning, and because this is the internet, he was asked about cats.

Health Affairs October Issue: Specialty Drugs - Cost, Impact, And Value

healthaffairs.org — The October issue of Health Affairs , released today, includes a number of studies looking at the high costs associated with today's increasingly prevalent specialty drugs. Other subjects covered in the issue: an assessment of whether some hospitals may be taking advantage of the 340B drug discount program; a review of how shortened residency shifts impact patient care; a study on the increasing costs associated with Hepatitis C and advanced liver disease; and more.
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