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This interview will make Leslie Knope cry

vox.com — In their new book I spoke with Lawless about the book by phone. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows. Ezra Klein: So why are you worried that we're not going to have more snake people running for president? Running From Office EK: Let me push on this a bit.

A full-time minimum wage job won't get you a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in America

vox.com — There is no state in the union where a full-time, minimum-wage worker can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment for less than 30 percent of his paycheck (which is a standard measure of housing affordability). That's the depressing takeaway from a new report by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition.

Announcing embeddable card stacks

vox.com — When we launched Vox.com, we launched it with a signature new editorial product - the card stack. The card stacks were an attempt to solve a problem we believe bedevils the news: we're good at telling readers what just happened, but we're not always so good at giving them the crucial background information that led to the latest development.

7 Myths about the filibuster

vox.com — If people know anything about the filibuster at all, they tend to know that it's where senators stand up and talk, and talk, and talk - sort of like Jimmy Stewart did in Mr. Smith Goes to...

The New York Times blows a hole in the case against Obamacare

vox.com — There are basically two versions of the looming Supreme Court case against Obamacare. One of them makes sense but doesn't pose enough of a threat to Obamacare to satisfy Republicans. The other poses a real threat to Obamacare, but it's never made much sense - and the New York Times just blew a hole right through the middle of it.

Bernie Sanders has big ideas, and they deserve our attention

vox.com — Bernie Sanders's announcement speech was pretty much what longtime observers of the Vermont populist have come to expect from him: a staccato list of policy ideas that most in Washington think too radical to seriously discuss. In the space of a few paragraphs, Sanders endorsed breaking up the biggest banks and moving to a single-payer health-care system.

The most predictable disaster in the history of the human race

vox.com — Ask him, and he'll tell you himself. "I'm very optimistic," he says. See? And why shouldn't Bill Gates be an optimist? He's one of the richest men in the world. He basically invented the form of personal computing that dominated for decades.

The Vox Media-Re/code deal, explained by Vox Media’s CEO

vox.com — On Tuesday night, Vox Media - the parent company of Vox.com - announced it was purchasing (For more on the Re/code deal, read this piece by Nilay Patel, editor of Vox's sister site The Verge, and marvel at his exceptionally tight gif game.) Re/code , the technology site/conference juggernaut started by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

Read Bernie Sanders’s populist, policy-heavy speech kicking off his campaign

vox.com — On Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a rousing speech kicking off his campaign in his home state of Vermont. "This campaign," Sanders said, "is not about Bernie Sanders. It is not about Hillary Clinton. It is not about Jeb Bush or anyone else.

The Unpersuaded - The New Yorker

newyorker.com — Richard Neustadt, who died in 2003, was the most influential scholar of the American Presidency. He was a founder of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and an adviser to Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, and, in his book "Presidential Power" (1960), he wrote the most frequently quoted line in Presidential studies: "The power of the presidency is the power to persuade."
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May 29, 2015

LA Times reports that hastert was paying hush money to cover up decades-old sexual abuse of another man: bit.ly/1FkniCU

May 29, 2015

The other takeaway on this is Stanford is really lucky to have @dbroockman: sciof.us/1FSbR9i

May 29, 2015

RT @voxdotcom: FIFA President Sepp Blatter proclaims himself ‘president of everybody’ vox.com/e/8452284?utm_… pic.twitter.com/3awB4bBCWt

May 29, 2015

Excellent @Jessesingal piece on the LaCour affair: sciof.us/1FSbR9i

May 29, 2015

RT @AnnieLowrey: TIL there are more than 500,000 state and local elected positions in the United States: vox.com/2015/5/29/8683…

May 29, 2015

My interview with Jennifer Lawless would make Leslie Knope very sad: bit.ly/1FS7JGi

May 29, 2015

This map should remind our former British masters of their fundamental insignificance: bit.ly/1PSEmdy

May 29, 2015

FIFA's president gave a bizarre speech sarcastically, but correctly, describing everything that's corrupt about FIFA: bit.ly/1PSwxED

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