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New Findings About The ACA’s Impact On Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

healthaffairs.org — Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law, some of its critics have predicted that businesses would discontinue offering employer-sponsored health insurance, moving employees into the individual Marketplaces. If widespread dropping of employer-sponsored health insurance were to occur, government costs could increase since many low-wage workers would qualify for federal subsidies in the Marketplaces.

The real reason Obama pushed House Democrats so hard to pass the CRomnibus

vox.com — For all the S turm und Drang of the bill's passage last night, there's a simple reason House Democrats ultimately provided the votes to pass the CRomnibus, and always were going to provide the votes to pass the CRomnibus: they didn't have a better alternative.

Preparing US Hospitals To Safely Manage Ebola Virus-Infected Patients: At What Cost?

healthaffairs.org — Since Ebola first reached US shores this summer, hospitals nationwide have attempted to prepare. National guidance has been helpful, but no such guidance can deal with the fastidious attention to every minute and mundane aspect of caring for a patient with Ebola virus infection that could place a health care worker at risk if a breach occurs.

Should Doctors Deny Ebola Patients CPR?

healthaffairs.org — The first time I did CPR, coagulated blood spurted onto my new white coat from a wound in the patient's chest. Another time a patient's urine soaked through the knees of my pants as I knelt at his side.

How to sound smart about the 2015 appropriations bill

vox.com — House and Senate negotiators have crafted a $1.013 trillion deal to fund most of the government through 2015 (well, with one exception). The bill, which weighs in at more than 1,600 pages (full text here), will avert a government shutdown. But it's also loaded down with non-funding "policy riders" - including one that has Sen.

Does Public Health Have A Future?

healthaffairs.org — Ebola's arrival in the U.S. hit Americans with a jolt. Regardless of how you feel about the response to date, it should remind everyone of the importance of public health. Fortunately, public health in the U.S. has built an extraordinary track record of success. Smallpox, one of the most dreaded diseases in history, was eradicated worldwide.

One sentence that proves the American torture program was a national disgrace

vox.com — Ezra Klein points out the sentence in the CIA torture report that shows what a complete and utter failure the program really was.

From The National Coordinator For Health IT: The Federal Strategy For Collecting, Sharing, And Using Electronic Health Information

healthaffairs.org — Making our nation's health and wellness infrastructure interoperable is a top priority for the Administration, and government plays a vital role in advancing this effort. Federal agencies are purchasers, regulators, and users of health information technology (health IT), as they set policy and insure, pay for care, or provide direct patient care for millions of Americans.

Section 1332 Waivers And The Future Of State Health Reform

healthaffairs.org — Editor's note: This post is part of a series of several posts stemming from presentations given at "The Law of Medicare and Medicaid at Fifty," a conference held at Yale Law School on November 6 and 7.

A third party won't fix what's broken in American politics

vox.com — The question I get more than any other about American politics is: The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both suck. Don't we need a third party to fix this? Well, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends what the meaning of "this" is.
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Dec 22, 2014

Credit to Tylenol's ad agency, this is actually a very heartwarming ad series: bit.ly/13WnL2K

Dec 22, 2014

So basically it's impossible to change people's political beliefs if you don't start from a place of agreement: bit.ly/1zOHsnN

Dec 22, 2014

North Korea's insane rant against Sony and the US, translated into plain English: bit.ly/1ARv8Cx

Dec 22, 2014

RT @voxvideos: If our CO2 emissions weren't invisible, they'd look like this ift.tt/1Az1Z0G

Dec 22, 2014

RT @mattyglesias: Comcast lobbyists give out special customer service cards to VIPs: vox.com/2014/12/22/743…

Dec 22, 2014

North Korea's internet appears to be under mass cyber attack: bit.ly/13wveoc

Dec 22, 2014

10. All of this is to say, read Sarah’s piece. It’s worth it. bit.ly/1wBC5IS

Dec 22, 2014

9. That might work if employers actually wanted to get out of the health insurance business, which they should. But they don’t.

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