If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@muckrack.com or call (212) 500-1883 or (855) MUCK-RACK

General Questions

Where does your database of journalists on social media come from?

Thousands of journalists have requested to be included on Muck Rack, and hundreds of media outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Financial Times and AP have shared their lists of journalists with Muck Rack. All journalists listed in our directory by publication and bear are vetted by Muck Rack’s editors, who also proactively search the social web for journalists.

Is Muck Rack international or for U.S. journalists only?

Muck Rack includes journalists from all over the world. Any journalist can create a Journalist Profile and Portfolio, but we currently only list English-speaking journalists in our directory.

Journalist Profiles and Portfolios

As a journalist, I hear "You need to be on Muck Rack" a lot. Why do people join Muck Rack?

There are many reasons to join Muck Rack, though in short, it is a great way to connect with fellow journalists, to showcase your portfolio, advance your career and keep informed about trending topics being covered on a daily basis. Find out more and sign up, it only takes a few minutes.

How can I be listed on Muck Rack?

Simply create a Muck Rack Profile and Portfolio. Once you do you’ll be able to request to be listed with your colleagues at your publication, blog or news outlet.

Are freelancers allowed on Muck Rack?

Yes, thousands of freelancers are already part of the Muck Rack community. Create a Muck Rack Profile to get started and add article from all the publications you’ve worked for to your portfolio.

Are student journalists allowed on Muck Rack?

Students are encouraged to create a Muck Rack Profile and Portfolio to get their career kickstarted and monitor our job board.

What does Muck Rack cost for journalists to use? It’s free?!?! How do you make money?

Muck Rack is completely free for journalists. We make money by charging people who want to reach journalists to use Muck Rack Pro's search and monitoring features.

How do I change which Twitter account my Muck Rack Profile is connected to?

After logging into Muck Rack, go to Edit Profile and click “Switch accounts”.

How do you change the graphic linked to an article in my portfolio?

Go to your portfolio management page, then click "edit" on the portfolio item in question. On that screen you'll see you can either replace or remove the image.

Muck Rack Pro

What's the difference between Muck Rack and Muck Rack Pro?

Simply put, the free version of Muck Rack is great for keeping up with what journalists are talking about in general, while Muck Rack Pro is a powerful tool for finding which journalists are the right ones to pitch on your business.

Every Muck Rack account can:

  • Monitor the Newsroom to find out which stories are being shared the most by journalists.
  • Browse journalists, stories, and tweets by publication.
  • Receive the Muck Rack Daily

Muck Rack Pro accounts let you:

  • Get more press by receiving email Alerts anytime a verified journalists tweets or links to a story about your company, industry, competitors and more.
  • Cut through the clutter of Twitter by searching our verified database of 10,000+ journalists and 300+ publications with our Advanced Search tool.
  • Keep organized by adding journalists to customized Media Lists that help you improve your pitch.

You can view pricing plans and sign up for Muck Rack Pro here: http://muckrack.com/plans

How does your search tool work?

Muck Rack indexes all the social media data and articles shared by journalists along with our own data. You can search Muck Rack’s database 10 different ways and filter it in many more ways:

  • By Beat — Sports, Politics
  • By Location — New York
  • By Twitter Replies — @pogue
  • By Topic — Libya, iPhone
  • By Company — Microsoft
  • By Keyword — weatherize
  • By Phrase — "tech bubble"
  • By Twitter Hashtag —#humblebrag
  • By Event — #sxsw
  • By Name — David Carr

Can I just search Twitter instead of Muck Rack?

While Twitter Search is an amazing resource, Muck Rack’s search goes much deeper for finding journalists. Muck Rack filters out tweets from non-journalists and indexes the links that journalists share. If a journalist even tweets a link to an article mentioning your keyword, we can draw the connection for you.

I already use Cision, Vocus or another media database. Do I still need Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a new type of media discovery, meant to be used in addition to or independent of traditional media databases. Rather than just searching journalists by their beat, Muck Rack allows you to find journalists based on their up-to-the-minute tweets and social media activity. You can export media lists from Muck Rack and merge them with your media lists from other media databases, however we encourage you to customize each pitch you send based on what you learn about a journalist from Muck Rack.

Can I cancel Muck Rack at any time?

Yes, Muck Rack does not require a long-term contract. If you decide you don’t like Muck Rack within the first 30 days simply let us know and we’ll refund all of your money. After that you can cancel your account and you won’t be charged again after that month’s term.

How can I email journalists from Muck Rack?

We provide access to journalists' social media profiles in addition to information in their Twitter biographies, which can often include other means of communication such as email addresses, personal websites, and phone numbers.
We are also in the process of testing an internal pitching system on our site, by which you can write a brief, targeted pitch to journalists on topics that they want to be pitched on. This feature is still being tested, and therefore not all of our 10,000+ journalists have this feature enabled on their profile page. Read more about pitching on Muck Rack.

What does Muck Rack Pro cost?

Our Intro plan is $99 per month and our Standard plan is $199 per month, and we are offering a 10% discount on all plans if you sign up for a yearly account. You can read about all of our plans here: http://muckrack.com/plans

What’s the difference between a Muck Rack alert and a Google alert?

Muck Rack alerts provide more updated coverage for journalist mentions since it covers both tweets and linked articles in tweets. With a Google alert, you need to wait for a story to be published before the alert is triggered. The lag between receiving a Muck Rack alert and a Google alert can be all the difference in the world. Muck Rack alerts are more actionable by allowing you to receive news about your industry ahead of your competitors and contribute to a relevant story ahead of its publication.

Who uses Muck Rack Pro?

Muck Rack Pro’s diverse client base includes large Fortune 500 companies, PR firms, startups, and any company or person looking to connect with journalists. Muck Rack Pro helps serve the PR and social media needs of companies of all sizes and lines of businesses.

Do you offer discounted pricing such as for non-profits or startups?

We do not differentiate our plans based on our clients’ businesses. We feel that our cheapest plan ($99/mo. or $89/mo. on 1 year commitment) is well-priced compared to other PR tools. We try to keep the subscription rate fair for everyone rather than up-charge select clients.