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5 Reasons Why New Chip Credit Cards Won’t Reduce Fraud — Banks in the United States are undergoing a major transformation in credit card technology, a process similar to the one Europe successfully completed several years ago. Despite the technological advances in mobile payment that have already rendered plastic cards obsolete, the financial industry wants to replace every magnetic stripe credit card in every wallet.

Raise Money-Smart Kids: The Opposite of Spoiled, by Ron Lieber — I can't claim to be an expert on raising children. In fact, this is one of many, many topics about which I am not an expert. I do not have children of my own, and my observations of my friends and their children are limited.

Wells Fargo Improving Transaction Posting Order — Banks typically look for every possible instance to charge customers to fees. That's why it's particularly important to stay aware of your bank account balances. With the increasing popularity of automatic payments (outgoing) or automatic withdrawals (pulls), a poorly timed deposit can result in overdraft fees or insufficient funds (NSF) fees.

Podcast 171: Kimberly Palmer, The Economy of You — I'm a reluctant entrepreneur, but I've learned to be less self-conscious about the fact that this is the designation society has given to me as someone who started his own business. While many people after, but also before, the recession have started side businesses to improve their financial security, for me, a hobby turned into a profitable and enjoyable way to spend my time.

Plutus Awards Winners (Blog Categories) — Congratulations to the winners of the Fourth Annual Plutus Awards! Last night at the Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the Plutus Awards recognized excellence in the personal finance blogging community with an awards ceremony hosted by Kevin McKee of Reward Boost. Special guests presented winners in attendance with trophies, certificates, and prize bags from sponsors.

Happiness is a Choice, Not an Ultimate Goal — Consumerism Commentary and the articles I write here have changed since I started writing about personal finance in 2003. I've personally gone through four financial phases over the thirteen years or so, and because I draw much of my writing from personal experiences, any readers who have been around over the past decade might have noticed the changes and how they've affected my perspective.

The Occupy Debit Card — Can an organization offer mainstream financial products while being ideologically opposed to the mainstream financial industry? That's the question I began considering when I first heard that the Occupy Wall Street movement was in the process of developing a prepaid debit card product.

Luke’s Calendar for the 2013 Financial Blogger Conference — Posted on October 8, 2013 Below is my calendar for the Financial Blogger Conference. I haven't yet chosen all of the sessions I'll be attending. The events with a diamond icon are sessions in which I'm speaking in some form. Times marked "busy" are private or semi-private meetings with bloggers, chats with company representatives, or invitation-only events.

An Unauthorized Charge From TransUnion: Was My Identity Stolen? — Earlier this year, the university where I studied as an undergraduate, the University of Delaware, announced that the school had been the victim of a security breach. The announcement indicated that personal information of anyone who had been on the university's payroll might be compromised, and those who were compromised would receive a letter from the university.

Real Financial Progress Requires Quantum Jumps — I don't completely agree with the "get rich slowly" theory. I accept the fundamental advice, like paying yourself first, making conscious decisions about big financial decisions as well as the full series of small financial decisions, and setting long-term goals, but there is a fundamental flaw with taking this theory as the sole approach to building long-term wealth.
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