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The Devil Made Me Do It — The Devil Made Me Do It is a group of recipes curated by New York Times editors.

McDormand makes no room for vanity — The statuette performed questionably in both roles, failing to muster any clever banter or a single win. Adapted from Elizabeth Strout's Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of stories, "Olive" is set in an unremarkable Maine town and traces several decades in the emphatically ordinary existences of its title character - a frumpy, grumpy math teacher - and her milquetoast husband, a couple played by McDormand and Richard Jenkins.

Most Latinos Don’t Hold Obama’s Immigration Delay Against Him " NewsTaco

By Stephanie Strom, Jim Trotter, Greg Sargent, Frank Bruni, Corrie MacLaggan, Matt Phillips, Jessica Guynn, Michael Bender, Josh Marshall, Steve Peoples, Lisa Schencker, Lila Shapiro, Aaron Blake, Niraj Chokshi, Paul Taylor, David Gonzalez, Andrew Rosenthal, Michael Shear, Motoko Rich, Paloma Esquivel, Sam Quinones, Lisa Mascaro, Peter Nicholas, Stuart Pfeifer, Joe Flint, Lance Pugmire, Ginger Gibson, Michael Van Sickler, Nia-Malika Henderson, Laura Myers, Louis Llovio, Kirk Semple, Russell Contreras, Hasani Gittens, Ross Ramsey, Julian Aguilar, Kat Stoeffel, Ben Finley, Tom Abrahams, John Gonzalez, Brian Kuebler, Molly Ball, Michael Cavna, Cindy George, Mark Miller, Susan Ferriss, Josh Lederman, Sara Morrison, Steve Bousquet, Perry Stein, Cindy Y. Rodriguez, Ian Duncan, Josh Gerstein, Olga Khazan, Jacob Margolis, Mary Plummer, Jayme Fraser, David Jackson, Julia Preston, Kate Taylor, David Davis, Gene Demby, Carolina González, Brian Bennett, Daniel Trotta, Daniel M. Jimenez, Rebecca Parr, Rebecca Aguilar, Josh Eidelson, Fran Berkman, Bill Briggs, Erica Werner, Victor Landa, Bill Richardson, Jose Gonzalez, Crystal Ramirez, Nicole Rojas, Paul Harris, Curtis Skinner, Steve Fisher, ERIC GONZALEZ, Patricia Guadalupe, Karoun Demirjian, Lachlan Cartwright, Juan Rodriguez, James Aldridge, Erika Sanchez, Roberta Rampton, Samantha Leal, Kevin Drum, Ezequiel Lopez, Martha Mendoza, Peggy Pico, Sandhya Dirks, Adrian Florido, Patty Lane, Alex Seitz-Wald, Caitlin Emma, Paul Gutierrez, Melanie Gonzalez, Alex Altman, Bailey McGowan, Cindy Carcamo, Melissa del Bosque, Melanie Mason, Justin Sink, Nancy Gibbs, Seung Min Kim, Joshua Goodman, Mayra Moreno, Manuel Rueda, Ted Hesson, Jorge Rivas, Mike Boehm, Mary Wisniewski, Hector Becerra, Adolfo Flores, Larry Gordon, Lee Romney, Patrick McGreevy, Allie Jones, Dylan Matthews, Scott Neuman, Alexa Ura, Jim Walsh, Dustin Gardiner, Roberto Ferdman, Elliot Spagat, Irina Gonzalez, Tal Kopan, Lisa Gray, Javier C. Hernández, Hugo Balta, Al Baker, Mark Sherman, Kimberly Hefling, Michael Martin, Bill Cotterell, Jorge Rueda, Laura Wides-Munoz, Suzanne Gamboa, Jay Weaver, Houston Chronicle, Ph. D., Douglas Martin, Carla Marinucci, Mike Barnes, MICHAEL GRYNBAUM, Alex Dobuzinskis, Bryce Covert, Amy Guthrie, Roque Planas, Mary Pitzl, Michael Hogan, Esther Cepeda, Feliciano Garcia, Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, Jake Sherman, Alexander Burns, Abby Ohlheiser, Karen Bates, Gary Gerew, Saki Knafo, Natalie Jarvey, Daniel Bice, Steven Reinberg, John Kennedy, Gabriel Sanchez, Marc Caputo, Christian Red, Yesenia Robles, Dan Mihalopoulos, Michael Memoli, Kate Sheehy, Dante Chinni, Gabriela Lemus, Jasmine Garsd, Eileen Pollack, Solange Uwimana, Dana Farrington, David Edwards, Joe Battaglia, Domingo Ramirez Jr., Eduardo Diaz, Aaron Cantú, Leigh Caldwell, Patrick Riley, Elizabeth Blair, Scott Stewart, Tristan Ahtone, Jim Robbins, Ralph Benko, Nina Terrero, David Damore, Joshua Davis — Most Latinos Don't Hold Obama's Immigration Delay Against Him *Seems that, according to a Pew poll, the majority... How Have Community College Funding Cuts Affected Latinos? *Interesting: when funding for community colleges decreased, tuition increased... The faces of Mexico's missing students *Mexican illustrators are standing for the 43 missing of...

Fathers, Sons and the Presidency — I'M always thinking back to that lunch in Kennebunkport, because I saw it all there: what drove George W. Bush toward the presidency; what shaped so many of his decisions in office. I was interviewing his parents at the family's compound on the Maine coast.

Capitalism’s suffocating music — Originally published Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 5:11 PM Onstage before thousands of fans, Sam Smith sang "Stay With Me," beseeching his partner in a one-night stand for a few minutes more, and I half wondered if the two of them needed the extra time to finish bottles of Miller Lite, because a printed plug for the beer hovered over his head.

The Virus of Cynicism — WE have no clue at this point how far Ebola could spread in the United States - and no reason for panic. But one dimension of the disease's toll is clear. It's ravaging Americans' already tenuous faith in the competence of our government and its bureaucracies.

Embrace the Bacon - NYT Cooking

What’s scarier than Ebola — Originally published Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 5:24 PM We Americans do panic really well. We could use a few pointers on prudence. Do me a favor. Turn away from the ceaseless media coverage of Ebola in Texas - the interviews with the Dallas nurse's neighbors, the hand-wringing over her pooch, the instructions on protective medical gear - and answer this: Have you had your flu shot?

Forget Ebola, get a flu shot — We Americans do panic really well.We could use a few pointers on prudence.Do me a favor. Turn away from the ceaseless media coverage of Ebola in Texas - the interviews with the Dallas nurses' neighbors, the hand-wringing over the pooch, the instructions on protective medical gear - and answer this: Have you had your flu shot?

Frances McDormand, True to Herself in HBO’s ‘Olive Kitteridge’ — Frances McDormand's Oscar, for "Fargo," isn't easily spotted. It's tucked into a corner of the floor-to-ceiling shelving that hems the foyer of her Manhattan home, a glint of gold among hundreds of books. But odder than its hiding place is its eyewear.
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Oct 26, 2014

Fathers, Sons & the Presidency: Our history is one of daddy issues. Look at the last 3 presidents. My column,

Oct 24, 2014

@OxPDX restaurant in Portland is absolutely fantastic. And nothing quite like it elsewhere. What a treat. If here try it.

Oct 23, 2014

To watch people jostle for bin space on a jammed plane is to see civilization give way to pure savagery. #UnfriendlySkies

Oct 22, 2014

Capitalism’s Suffocating Music: Must everything have a corporate sponsor? Is all the world an ad? My column,

Oct 18, 2014

The Virus of Cynicism: Ebola is Obama's presidency, and government's efficacy, in a petri dish,

Oct 18, 2014

RT @carr2n: Will @pete_wells serve up restocrit secrets @TimesTalks event? @SamSifton admit he was rarely anonymous? @FrankBruni cop to worst meal ever?

Oct 18, 2014

The Putin-Berlusconi bromance. Now that's a reality show waiting to happen. "Real Oligarchs of the G8."

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