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24 hours with the Apple Watch: There is a strange but wonderful computer from the future wrapped around my wrist

qz.com — The Apple Watch launched today in nine countries after a long, dramatic, celebrities-on-Instagram-fueled lead-up. Early stock sold out in pre-orders two weeks ago, despite blasé initial reviews. After spending a day with one-on loan from Apple-it's easy to see why Apple decided to make this its next big platform.

Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business, and it’s growing 50% a year

qz.com — Amazon has just revealed the size of its near-decade-old cloud computing business for the first time: Amazon Web Services generated $5.2 billion over the past four quarters, and almost $700 million in operating income. During the first quarter of 2015, AWS sales reached $1.6 billion, up 49% year-over-year, and roughly 7% of Amazon's overall sales.

Amazon is about to reveal one of its biggest secrets-the size of its cloud business

qz.com — Amazon's cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services, has revolutionized the way software is created and how technology startups are formed. Now, some nine years after its launch, AWS has grown large enough that Amazon will start to report its revenue and profitability as a separate business segment.

The hacked Sony emails show how Silicon Valley dealmaking really works

qz.com — Sony Pictures' thousands of hacked executive emails, published yesterday on Wikileaks, have already highlighted significant drama at the studio. But now that they are more easily searchable, typing a few simple keywords-names, companies, internet domains-reveals a fascinating trove of communication. These discussions include financial negotiations and personal (and professional) favors; the messages range from the mundane to the regrettable.

AOL vs. Netflix: The Entire Internet In One Simple Chart

fromedome.com — At the end of March, almost 2.7 million people still subscribed to AOL service, the company reported this morning. That's about where Netflix stood at the end of 2004. Since then, Netflix's subscriber base has grown - 29 million at the end of March - and AOL's has declined at a remarkably parallel rate.

Netflix subscribers streamed 10 billion hours last quarter

qz.com — There were some nice, round-number milestones for Netflix in its first quarter earnings report (pdf). The company passed 60 million subscribers for the first time. (It finished March with 62.3 million worldwide, with more than 41 million subscribers in the US and almost 21 million internationally.)

We tried on the Apple Watch and it was surprisingly intriguing

qz.com — As Apple prepares to start watch sales on April 24 in nine countries, it has started offering appointments at its retail stores to try on the various sizes and colors it will offer at launch. We attended one of these fittings this past weekend in New York.

Apple Watch pre-orders were 1 million in the US on its first day, a shopping data firm estimates

qz.com — Apple's next big thing is off to a solid start, according to pre-order projections from Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks and projects US consumer spending through e-commerce email receipts. Apple received almost one million US watch pre-orders on Friday, April 10, its first day of accepting orders, according to Slice's projections, based on receipts from 9,080...

Should you buy an Apple Watch? Well, that depends

qz.com — The Apple Watch goes on sale April 24 in nine countries-Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, and the US-and pre-orders start at 12:01 am Pacific time tomorrow, April 10. Should you buy one? The early reviews have done a decent job at summarizing some of the watch's features, strengths, and weaknesses.

300 Days With The iPad Mini

fromedome.com — It's still - very much - the ' real iPad'. The major difference between the iPad mini and my original iPad, purchased in 2010: I'm still actually using this one every day, almost a year after I bought it. That wasn't the case for my big, bulky first-gen iPad.
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Apr 25, 2015

@CitiBikeNYC FYI balancing in Williamsburg is not working today. Just went way out of our way. pic.twitter.com/0XaZiDjtkO

Apr 25, 2015

@alicesperi Surprised you'd consider it creepy. Seems one of the most powerful uses of social media.

Apr 25, 2015

@jonathanglick @pkafka @mokoyfman Semi-related: Is Facebook's embedded in-app browser the most-used browser in the world?

Apr 25, 2015

@mokoyfman @pkafka The main thing is that reading *anything* on the watch is uncomfortable and unnecessary. Usage session must be <15sec.

Apr 25, 2015

@mokoyfman @pkafka Even Twitter is dumb. Browser would be the worst. BUT, a Google "I'm feeling lucky" app would rock. Guess that's Siri.

Apr 24, 2015

@msquinn Uber is compelling because it has Google "I'm feeling lucky" level success. Not many other services do.

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