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Amazon’s Fire Phone is officially a bust

qz.com — Amazon's Fire Phone isn't selling. The company said today "it would take a $170 million charge 'primarily related to Fire phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs'," Recode's Jason Del Ray reports. The Fire Phone was worth a try, but ultimately not good enough.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet just isn’t taking off yet

qz.com — Microsoft pitches its Surface Pro 3 as "the tablet that can replace your laptop." But it seems that people aren't craving such a device. The company said today that Surface revenue passed $900 million last quarter, driven by the new Surface Pro 3, which launched this summer.

The Mac is back: Why Apple just set an all-time Mac sales record

qz.com — Apple's Mac business, now 30 years old, just had its best three months in history. Apple shipped 5.5 million Macs last quarter, up almost 1 million units-a 20% increase-from the year before. The Mac's big performance comes as a bit of a surprise. The broader PC industry has been shrinking-or flat at best-for a couple of years....

Apple Pay also works in New York City taxis

qz.com — Apple Pay, the company's new mobile payments service, launched yesterday with several large retail partners, including McDonald's and Whole Foods, and key iPhone apps, including Uber and OpenTable. But it also works-unannounced-in at least some New York City taxi cabs. Several people have tweeted that they've been able to pay for their rides with Apple Pay in...

Tim Cook, in his own words, on why the iPad has a bright future

qz.com — Apple's iPad business was the lone drag in its otherwise strong earnings report today. iPad sales last quarter dropped 13% from the previous year, to 12.3 million, their third straight quarter of decline. The iPad, which once looked like it could become an iPhone-sized pillar for Apple, represented just 13% of the company's sales last quarter.

Apple sold 39 million iPhones last quarter and is predicting a huge Christmas

qz.com — The numbers: Good and improving. Apple's September-quarter results were better than expected-showing overall strong performance, except for the already struggling iPad business. Overall, revenue passed $42.1 billion and profit reached almost $8.5 billion. That represented 12% year-over-year sales growth, which is an acceleration over the past 1.5 years of slower growth.

The complete guide to Apple Pay

qz.com — Apple launched its mobile payments service, Apple Pay, today in the US. It has the chance-if successful-to become the first mainstream mobile payments service in many markets. We've assembled what we think will be common questions (with answers) about Apple Pay-and its potential implications for Apple, its users, and the world of payments.

Why You May Not Want An iPhone

forbes.com — Give credit: He's managed to get the entire tech community-and much of the rest of the world-talking about a pricey gadget that only a handful have seen or touched. Apple's iPhone finally goes on sale June 29, and for many potential buyers, the only issue is whether they'll be able to get their hands on one, as it's certain to sell out immediately.

Why Buy Palm? - Forbes

forbes.com — Smart phone pioneer Palm may finally be giving in to shareholder pressure to sell. Is it too late? The company behind the Treo smart phone has hired Morgan Stanley to "explore its strategic options," The Wall Street Journal reports.

Smart And Skinny Meet Again

forbes.com — Cingular Wireless unveiled its latest smartphone Monday, mixing brains, beauty and music. The slim, black Samsung BlackJack, on sale this month to new subscribers for $199, is set to go up against a growing set of phones-most directly, Motorola 's "Q" handset-designed for both business users and gadget-loving consumers.
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Oct 24, 2014

@nitashatiku By the time this is over… you might edge out Denton as the best Valleywag.

Oct 24, 2014

@silviakillings Whoa… I got 100/0 on that one. Are we being lied to?!

Oct 24, 2014

@caro I did! Guess I just don't overdrink/get hangovers that much anymore. #old

Oct 24, 2014

@jyarow Those juice boxes that Richard Lewis drank?

Oct 24, 2014

@tcp Yeah. I've only sat in coach. It's sweet.

Oct 24, 2014

@tcp Great, right? Did you sit up front?

Oct 24, 2014

@jkrums Will never forget that day... Though I'm guessing your memory is a lot crazier!

Oct 24, 2014

@waltbtig Is there a technical reason for that or just @ATT being jerks? (Kinda surprised Apple is letting them.)

Oct 24, 2014

@jasonhevans I'm sure it's complicated to balance supply and demand. But I still find myself needing to wait more than I'd like.

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