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Apple is making an audacious bet with the Apple Watch

qz.com — As Apple prepares the Apple Watch for its April launch, it's worth considering how big of a deal this is for the company, and how different this is from some of its previous launches. The watch market is unfamiliar to Apple; smartwatches themselves are relatively new and their popularity is unproven.

The Apple Watch: What we don’t know

qz.com — Apple will reveal more details about the forthcoming Apple Watch at a media event on March 9. The company has incrementally released Apple Watch information since first unveiling it last September. But there are still many unanswered questions ahead of the device's April launch. Here are some we're thinking about.

Here comes Swatch’s defense against the Apple Watch

qz.com — As the Apple Watch launch approaches, one of the most interesting incumbents to keep an eye on is Swatch, the mid-price, design-driven Swiss watchmaker. Swatch has promised at least one smartwatch of its own. In the meantime, it has unveiled this chunky new fitness-oriented device, the Swatch Touch Zero One.

Half of US households could have Amazon Prime by 2020

qz.com — One of Amazon's most valuable assets is Prime, a $99 annual subscription service that includes express shipping and digital media streaming. Amazon, a notoriously opaque company, doesn't disclose how many Prime subscribers it has. ("Tens of millions" worldwide, it said last month, referring to its 2013 base.)

At least we know what the Apple car won’t look like

qz.com — The New Yorker's excellent, 17,000-word profile of Apple design chief, Jonathan Ive, does not mention the company's supposed car project. (Apple, reported the Wall Street Journal (paywall) last week, has "several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle" that "resembles a minivan.") But the profile does talk a bit about cars-including Ive's particular dislike for...

Americans can legally unlock their phones now. Hooray?

qz.com — The largest US wireless companies, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile, are now "honoring a voluntary code of conduct that, among other things, lets you get your phone unlocked without a big fight," Jon Fingas reports for Engadget. This development, which has been a long time coming, is always met with enthusiasm: This Reddit post...

AOL still has 2.2 million dialup subscribers, and they’re paying more

qz.com — While AOL is still trying to build a future around its internet media business, the company has done an excellent job managing and maintaining its legacy cash cow: the original subscription dialup internet access business, which still provides the majority of the company's income.

Snapchat has nailed mobile-native video

qz.com — Give Snapchat credit for knowing its medium. Its new original video series, "Literally Can't Even"-part of a new video and content effort called Discover-feels at home on an iPhone in a way few others do. The show, starring Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn-two 20-something daughters of Hollywood legends-is perfect in the context of Snapchat.

The chart that shows why ‘Facebook at Work’ might actually work

qz.com — Facebook is testing a new product for the workplace, Facebook at Work-basically a second Facebook that you can only use with coworkers. It's designed for communicating and collaborating on work projects, and nothing bleeds over to your personal Facebook account. Will it catch on?

Twitter’s darkest days are behind it

qz.com — The numbers: Twitter reported 288 million monthly active users in the fourth quarter, up 20% year-over-year but below Wall Street's expectations. Revenue nearly doubled to $479 million, which was far ahead of the analyst estimates. Shares initially fell in after-hours trading but are now up 11%.
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Mar 06, 2015

@jesusdiaz Of course. No one knows. But helpful to start with rough sketch and then fill it in?

Mar 06, 2015

@hunterwalk The smart ones (are there any?) are being more selective.

Mar 06, 2015

RT @MediaREDEF: Apple is making an audacious bet with the Apple Watch (@fromedome - @qz) redef.it/g7hm

Mar 06, 2015

@sama What, besides Angel List and cutting infrastructure costs, is tech industry doing to marginalize VCs?

Mar 06, 2015

@aagave Mine are grandfathered in to the free service.

Mar 06, 2015

@itsmejon Oh there are all sorts of things I should do! But haven't yet.

Mar 06, 2015

@gabrielsnyder It's somewhere in Gmail. They moved it. Helps w mobile too.

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