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A Tough Task: Preserving Political Support for Extended Iran Talks — Now that the U.S. and its international partners have agreed to a seven-month extension of their negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, they face two considerable challenges. The first, obviously, is to turn what officials describe as progress toward a deal in recent days into an actual, detailed, verifiable agreement in the seven additional months they have given themselves.

GOP, Obama Tread a Delicate Political Path on Immigration — This much is clear: President Barack Obama sets off an explosion with his plan to act on his own to change the nation's immigration practices. What's less clear is what happens next.

The Temptation to ‘Just Wait for 2016′ Already Emerges — With the midterm election a mere two weeks in the past, some in both parties already are starting to think, and even to say: "Just wait until 2016." It is a sentiment that, if it becomes too widespread, could seriously crimp prospects for meaningful action in the capital in the here and now.

Can the New Senate Avoid Payback Time? — If you're wondering how the new, postelection Washington will work, you need to know first of all the answer to this question: Will senators decide it's time to get even, or time to get over it?

Falling Oil Prices Strengthen Obama’s Hand Globally — President Barack Obama is traversing the world stage this week carrying something unusual for an American president: An oil weapon that he can wield to his benefit. Recent weeks haven't been an easy stretch for Mr. Obama, at home or on the international front, so this weapon, in the form of plunging world oil prices, represents a welcome if underappreciated development.

Capital Journal: Democrats Are Short of Fresh New Faces — Among the many questions Democrats might ask as they ponder their course after last week's electoral drubbing, here's one that gets relatively little attention: Where are the party's fresh young leaders? Even after a stunning defeat, the Democrats' hierarchy in Congress figures to be unchanged when leaders are picked for the new year.

Can Obama and GOP Leaders Find a Way to Work Together? — With the midterm election finally in the rearview mirror, President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders will awake Wednesday with a similar impulse: They now need to get something done-Mr. Obama to burnish his troubled legacy, Republican leaders to show voters they are capable of effective governance, not just obstruction.

On Election Day, a Tale of the Young and the Old — It's Election Day 2014, and while some will mourn its end (principally owners of local network TV affiliates making millions of dollars off of a gusher of campaign ads), the more relevant question is who will mark its close by actually showing up to vote.

Election-Day Ground Zero: The States That Tell All — Not all states are equal on Election Day, at least not equal in importance. And the four most unequal to watch Tuesday night are Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina. Those states will tell us the most about the long-term meaning of this year's voting-and about the current condition of the coalition that carried Barack Obama to the presidency twice.

The Policy-Free Campaign of 2014 — If you like an election campaign in which the candidates offer detailed policy plans explaining how they propose to address the nation's basic budget and entitlement challenges-well, this hasn't been the election year for you. Instead, the key races this year-the ones that will determine who will control the United States Senate-have been about mood, personalities and anger.
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