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Reagan’s Lessons for Obama on Israel, Iran and Working With Congress

blogs.wsj.com — The president is at loggerheads with the leader of Israel over a big foreign-policy initiative. Israeli officials and their supporters begin working hard to block the president in Congress. Lawmakers from the opposition party seem prepared to heed the call and block the White House's initiative.

Getting Past the Partisan Passions of Netanyahu’s Speech

wsj.com — Tuesday's speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be half foreign-policy event, half partisan spectacle, which raises a question: Is this a sign that national security, once thought to be at least slightly above the political fray, is becoming just another exercise in today's polarized Washington?

Theodore Hesburgh: A Life at the Intersection of Change and Progress

blogs.wsj.com — A few years ago, the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, retired as president of the University of Notre Dame, sat in his office high atop the university's library building and, though already in his 90s, talked with remarkable clarity about one of the many issues he knew well: immigration policy.

White House-Netanyahu Rift Isn’t Over the Speech, but the Deal

wsj.com — As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Washington for a controversial speech to Congress next week, the immediate problem isn't that he and the Obama administration disagree. At the moment, the problem actually is that they seem to agree on this: As things stand now, the Israeli leader is virtually certain to oppose and try to block the deal the U.S.

France’s Pain Helps Explain Islamic Extremism’s Causes

wsj.com — Bernard Cazeneuve, France's interior minister and a man on the front lines in the struggle against Islamic extremism, was in Washington a few days ago, and over dinner he mused about what France has learned in the newest chapter of that struggle.

The Case for, and Against, Marco Rubio as Republican Presidential Candidate

wsj.com — In the early 2016 Republican presidential jockeying-as the field of potential candidates grows, and as Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and Rand Paul grab the recent headlines-an interesting development is unfolding just beyond the limelight: In the eyes of many in the party, Florida Sen.

The Big Switch: Senior Citizens Change Party Allegiance

blogs.wsj.com — Back in 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton won the presidential election over incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush, in no small measure because he carried senior citizens by a healthy 11 percentage points. Not long after Mr. Clinton took office, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll confirmed the advantage Democrats then held among America's seniors.

Medicare and Social Security Costs? Out of Sight, Out of Mind

wsj.com — Here are two words that seem to be slipping from the Washington vernacular: entitlement reform. There was a time, not so long ago, when both parties were at least paying lip service to the idea that the giant Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs-their long-term solvency in peril, their contributions to long-term deficit and debt daunting-needed to be adjusted before they either broke the bank or failed future...

Why the GOP Could Take Obama’s Corporate Tax Proposal Seriously

blogs.wsj.com — President Barack Obama's budget for next year, released Monday, is filled with ideas, programs and proposals with prospects for adoption by the new Republican-controlled Congress that range from dismal to zero. Then there is corporate tax reform.

Jeb Bush and the Power of Positive Thinking

wsj.com — Jeb Bush was winding through remarks to the U.S.'s National Automobile Dealers Association a few days ago when he struck what figures to be the central but little-appreciated tenet of his likely presidential campaign. What, he was asked, is the most important message for Republicans to offer voters? "Hope," he replied succinctly.
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Mar 03, 2015

That time a president and Israel fought out a big disagreement in Congress?It was Reagan, 1981. on.wsj.com/1BCokvV via @WSJPolitics

Mar 03, 2015

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Mar 02, 2015

Netanyahu's speech is ramping up partisan divides on foreign policy, but it doesn't have to stay that way. on.wsj.com/1AwGx8y via @WSJ

Mar 02, 2015

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Mar 02, 2015

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Mar 01, 2015

A sobering look at the extremist elements at work in the university attended by Jihadi John. wpo.st/a2160

Feb 27, 2015

Nobody sat at the intersection of religion, education, politics and society like Fr. Hesburgh of #ND My take: on.wsj.com/1C5PUTo

Feb 27, 2015

Don't be confused: The real spat between Netanyahu and Obama isn't about a speech. It's about a deal. on.wsj.com/1G0WTP1 via @WSJ

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