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Lessons From Chicago for Clinton’s Candidacy

wsj.com — Hillary Clinton's nascent presidential campaign is billed as a test of how the Democratic Party's centrist, establishment machine will do in pacifying a progressive wing unhappy with her ties to financial interests and hungry for some alternative. In fact, a test of that very struggle was conducted just this month.

Three Questions for Gauging the Iran Deal

wsj.com — Congress is back after a spring break during which the snow finally melted-and the world changed. Maybe. Depending on whether the framework nuclear deal with Iran becomes a final and complete nuclear deal with Iran. Lawmakers, at least some of them, now want to have a say on whether that change takes place or not, and the White House seems to...

Winning Over Arab Monarchs on Iran Deal Will Test Obama’s Salesmanship

wsj.com — President Barack Obama isn't a particularly big fan of Camp David, the bucolic presidential retreat in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, but sometime in the next few weeks it will be the site of a crucial event in the selling of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

How Congress’s Inaction on IMF Reform, Trade Hinders the U.S.

blogs.wsj.com — Is Congress undermining America's international economic competitiveness? Not intentionally, of course. But lawmakers' failure to act on two important fronts-the International Monetary Fund and trade-may well be having precisely that effect. Indeed, this may be one of the areas where it's easiest to see the real-world effects of Congress' balkiness and difficulty in finding common ground even on issues with some bipartisan support.

Possible Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Divides U.S., Israel

wsj.com — As profound as the disagreement is between Israel and the U.S. over the substance of the nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran, the two countries disagree just as fundamentally over the consequences of failing to complete such a deal.

Obama Struggles With a Messy Middle East

wsj.com — The Middle East has descended into a state of disarray unusual even for that troubled region, imperiling President Barack Obama's policy dreams and leaving him with limited ability to control events. The latest complication has erupted in Yemen, where rebel forces backed by Iran have driven out the country's president and are expanding their control southward across the country.

Ted Cruz’s Call in Sync With GOP Voters’ Fears, Priorities

blogs.wsj.com — Sen. Ted Cruz officially kicked off the 2016 presidential campaign by announcing his candidacy Monday, and along the way issued a clarion call for the U.S. to battle Islamic extremism: "Imagine a president who says we will stand up and defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and we will call it by its name," he said in his announcement speech at Liberty University.

As 2016 Race Begins, National Security Moves to Front Burner

wsj.com — A lawyer approaching trial knows it is important to develop a theory of the case-that is, a succinct statement of what his argument is all about. So it is with candidates approaching a presidential election. Their first job is to figure out what, in a nutshell, the country is most concerned about in the extended quadrennial argument that is a national campaign.

Tom Cotton, the Man Behind the Explosive Iran Letter

blogs.wsj.com — A letter signed by 47 Senate Democrats warning Iranian leaders that the next president could simply toss out any nuclear deal that Congress doesn't approve represented a loud shot across the bow of both American and Iranian nuclear negotiators.It also represented a kind of Senate coming-out party for Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

GOP Senators Thrust Themselves Into Iran Talks

wsj.com — A classic quandary facing any Congress is deciding just how deeply to get involved in the making of foreign policy. It's an area where the president usually is given wide berth, and lawmakers traditionally are wary of getting too invested on the front end of tough international decisions, because that means they own the messy consequences of a bad decision on the back end.
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Apr 15, 2015

OK, so it's the anniversary of both the Titanic sinking and Lincoln's death. Tough day in history. twitter.com/BeschlossDC/st…

Apr 15, 2015

By going to Chipotle, Hillary went left.To be centrist, she should hit Taco Bell, @dchinni says. on.wsj.com/1CNtFvU via @WSJPolitics

Apr 15, 2015

Wherein Harry Reid calls Mitch McConnell a lump of coal, and all GOP presidential contenders losers: cnb.cx/1JJZiMZ

Apr 15, 2015

Today's Clinton/Obama split screen will show "political center of gravity has shifted in the Democratic Party." on.wsj.com/1FJMe6p

Apr 15, 2015

The Florida doctor of Sen. Menendez' corruption indictment now has been indicted for Medicare fraud: on.wsj.com/1Oz3UYV via @WSJ

Apr 14, 2015

RT @PhilipRucker: A woman named Cookie Vanous just whispered in Hillary Clinton's ear, "Tell Joe Biden hi for me! He'll remember me because my name's Cookie."

Apr 14, 2015

My conversation on Charlie Rose Show last night w/@ktumulty, @AlHuntDC on the Hillary and Rubio candidacies: charlierose.com/watch/60544672

Apr 14, 2015

Why Hillary's relations with Israel and Netanyahu are likely to be just fine, via @aarondmiller2: on.wsj.com/1CTX8EI via @WSJPolitics

Apr 14, 2015

Christie starts off by going right after the third rail: Proposes curbing Social Security, Medicare. on.wsj.com/1JGOmjc via @WSJ

Apr 14, 2015

RT @seibj10: Happy Strasburg day #Nats fans! Stras struggled after an error last start. Is this an ongoing problem?navyyardnotes.blogspot.com/2015/04/strasb… in short: maybe

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