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Keith Olbermann: Then and now — (updated below - Update II) On January 31 of this year, Keith Olbermann donned his most serious face and most indignant voice tone to rail against George Bush for supporting telecom immunity and revisions to FISA.

Questions About NBC's Conduct in the Richard Engel Kidnapping are More Serious than the Brian Williams Scandal — Throughout 2012, numerous American factions were pushing for U.S. intervention in Syria to bring down the regime of Bashar Assad, who throughout the War on Terror had helped the U.S. in all sorts of ways, including torturing people for them.

Some hateful, radical ministers - white evangelicals - are acceptable — (Updated below - Update II - Update III - Update IV - Update V - Update VI) One of this week's hysterical press scandals was that Minister Louis Farrakhan praised Barack Obama's candidacy even though Obama had previously denounced numerous Farrakhan remarks and the Obama campaign did nothing to seek out the Farrakhan praise.

Religious Fanaticism is a Huge Factor in Americans' Support for Israel — A new poll from Bloomberg Politics contains a finding that, if you really think about it, is quite remarkable: Almost half of all Americans want to support Israel even if its interests diverge from the interests of their own country.

Iranians Are Much Talked About on Sunday Morning TV, But Never Heard From — Sunday morning news television is where Washington sets its media agenda for the week and, more importantly, defines its narrow range of conventional, acceptable viewpoints. It's where the Serious People go to spout their orthodoxies and, through the illusion of "tough questioning," disseminate DC-approved bipartisan narratives.

Serious doubt cast on FBI’s anthrax case against Bruce Ivins — For years, the FBI believed that it had identified the perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks - former Army researcher Steven Hatfill - only to be forced to acknowledge that he wasn't involved and then pay him $5.8 million for the damage he suffered from those false accusations.

Political Smears in US Never Change: the NYT's 1967 Attack on MLK's Anti-War Speech — John Oliver's Monday night interview of Edward Snowden - which in 24 hours has been viewed by 3 million people on YouTube alone - renewed all the standard attacks in Democratic circles accusing Snowden of being a traitor in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Why John Oliver Can't Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden's Name (It's Not About Snowden) — On his HBO program last night, John Oliver devoted 30 minutes to a discussion of U.S. surveillance programs, advocating a much more substantive debate as the June 1 deadline for renewing the Patriot Act approaches (the full segment can be seen here).

Obama Offers Egypt's Dictator More US Weapons and Cash for His Regime — 'Yesterday, the Egyptian regime announced it was prosecuting witnesses who say they saw a police officer murder an unarmed poet and activist during a demonstration, the latest in a long line of brutal human rights abuses that includes imprisoning journalists, prosecuting LGBT citizens, and mass executions of protesters.'

Britain Used Spy Team to Shape Latin American Public Opinion on Falklands — Faced with mounting international pressure over the Falkland Islands territorial dispute , the British government enlisted its spy service, including a highly secretive unit known for using "dirty tricks," to covertly launch offensive cyber operations to prevent Argentina from taking the islands.
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Apr 17, 2015

RT @jeremyscahill: The U.S. is “doing shady stuff behind the scenes" in Germany to run its drone war, says ex-drone operator

Apr 17, 2015

RT @coracurrier: Intel shows US knew it killed “imam of a mosque who had reportedly preached a sermon that had insulted AQAP”…

Apr 17, 2015

@ixaos @JenniferCohagen We don't have foreign bureaus and don't purport to provide comprehensive coverage of foreign wars.

Apr 17, 2015

@ixaos @JenniferCohagen Right - and if we devoted more to that and less to other things, people would be complaining about that.

Apr 17, 2015

RT @EvanMcSan: Howard Dean: “I was a pro-biz governor. Liberals didn’t even like me that much in Vermont until I did the civil unions and stuff like that.”

Apr 17, 2015

@JenniferCohagen @ixaos Still waiting for you to admit your accusation was totally false. Do you have any integrity?…

Apr 17, 2015

RT @the_intercept: Disney World security are trained by TSA to SPOT terrorists for: -Wearing a disguise -Whistling -Excessive laughter

Apr 17, 2015

RT @TonyKaron: Teju Cole: Slow violence, cold violence – Teju Cole on East Jerusalem

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