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Today's Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking — By a 5-4 majority, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that laws denying same-sex couples the right to marry violate the "due process" and "equal protection" guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. With or without the court ruling, full-scale marriage equality was an inevitability thanks to rapid trans-ideological generational change in how this issue was perceived; today's decision simply accelerated the outcome.

The Greatest Obstacle to Anti-Muslim Fear-Mongering and Bigotry: Reality — The think tank New America issued a report today documenting "the lethal terrorist incidents in the United States since 9/11." It found that a total of 26 Americans have been killed by "deadly jihadist attacks" in the last 14 years, while almost double that number - 48 - have been killed by "deadly right wing attacks."

GCHQ documents raise fresh questions over UK complicity in US drone strikes — Details of 2012 Yemen drone strike prompt call for UK to reveal extent of involvement in US targeted killing programme outside recognised war zones

Spies Hacked Computers Thanks to Sweeping Secret Warrants, Aggressively Stretching U.K. Law — British spies have received government permission to intensively study software programs for ways to infiltrate and take control of computers. The GCHQ spy agency was vulnerable to legal action for the hacking efforts, known as "reverse engineering," since such activity could have violated copyright law.

Controversial GCHQ Unit is Deeply Engaged in Law Enforcement, Domestic Operations, Online Propaganda, Psychology Research — The spy unit responsible for some of the United Kingdom's most controversial tactics of surveillance, online propaganda and deceit focuses extensively on traditional law enforcement and domestic activities - even though officials typically justify its activities by emphasizing foreign intelligence and counter-terrorism operations.

The Refusal to Call the Charleston Shootings "Terrorism" Again Shows It's a Meaningless Propaganda Term — Greenwald writes: "Yet other than the perpetrator's non-Muslim identity, the Charleston attack from the start had the indicia of what is commonly understood to be 'terrorism.'" Dylann Roof.

Inside the mind of Newsweek on “terrorism” — (updated below - Newsweek's response) On so many levels, this is one of the most stunningly revealing things I've read in quite some time.

Refusal to Call Charleston Shootings "Terrorism" Again Shows It's a Meaningless Propaganda Term — In February, 2010, a man named Joseph Stack deliberately flew his small airplane into the side of a building that housed a regional IRS office in Austin, Texas, just as 200 agency employees were starting their workday. Along with himself, Stack killed an IRS manager and injured 13 others.

The Sunday Times' Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst — Western journalists claim that the big lesson they learned from their key role in selling the Iraq War to the public is that it's hideous, corrupt and often dangerous journalism to give anonymity to government officials to let them propagandize the public, then uncritically accept those anonymously voiced claims as Truth.

Inside the West's Greatest Intelligence Disaster (Kindle Single) eBook: Edward Lucas: Kindle Store — Edward Lucas is a senior editor at the Economist. A former foreign correspondent with 30 years' experience in Russian and east European affairs, he is the author of, among other publications, Deception (2011), which deals with east-west espionage, and The New Cold War (2008), which gave warning of the threat posed by Vladimir Putin's Russia.
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Jun 29, 2015

Amazing case of US Govt trying to turn a Muslim into a "terrorist" because of books he read, & a Judge who said no…

Jun 29, 2015

RT @MazMHussain: “You own a few books & some guy tells an informant you said something...suddenly you're sent to prison for decades.” https…

Jun 29, 2015

Here was @LilianaSegura in April on the sadistic drug death cocktail the Supreme Court just approved…

Jun 29, 2015

You love Russia -----> You love the Terrorists ----> You love Russia: time for some new slurs, American Jingoists. You're going in circles.

Jun 29, 2015

Leading candidate to be regarded by future generations as the leading shame of ours #WarOnDrugs....…

Jun 29, 2015

@BigRicardo23 Muitas outras paises ja fizeram isso. E sobre direitos humanos.

Jun 29, 2015

For so many reasons, Brazil & Dilma are obvious choices to take cleared INNOCENT Gitmo detainees…

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