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Meet Alfreda Bikowsky, the Senior Officer at the Center of the CIA's Torture Scandals — NBC News yesterday called her a "key apologist" for the CIA's torture program. A follow-up New Yorker article dubbed her "The Unidentified Queen of Torture" and in part "the model for the lead character in 'Zero Dark Thirty.'" Yet in both articles she was anonymous.

Obama wins the right to invoke “State Secrets” to protect Bush crimes — (updated below - Update II) In a 6-5 ruling issued this afternoon, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed the Obama administration a major victory in its efforts to shield Bush crimes from judicial review, when the court upheld the Obama DOJ's argument that Bush's rendition program, used to send victims to be tortured, are "state secrets" and its legality thus cannot be adjudicated by courts.

NPR’s ombudsman: Why we bar the word “torture” — (updated below - Update II) Anyone who believes that NPR is a "liberal" media outlet - and anyone who wants to understand the decay of American journalism - should read this column by NPR's Ombudsman, Alicia C. Shepard, as she explains and justifies why NPR bars the use of the word "torture" to describe what the Bush administration did.

John Brennan's extremism and dishonesty rewarded with CIA Director nomination — (updated below - Update II) Prior to President Obama's first inauguration in 2009, a controversy erupted over reports that he intended to appoint John Brennan as CIA director.

The most misogynistic, hateful elected official in the democratic world: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro — In the lower house of Brazil's federal Congress on Tuesday, Maria do Rosário - a Congresswoman since 2003 from former President Lula da Silva's Workers Party (PT) who is also the country's former Minister of Human Rights under President Dilma Rousseff - stood to praise the National Truth Commission.

TNR’s ugly and reckless anti-semitism games — (updated below - Update II) Even by that magazine's lowly standards, The New Republic yesterday published an amazingly ugly, reckless, and at-times-deranged screed from its Literary Editor, Leon Wieseltier, devoting 4,300 words to accusing Andrew Sullivan of being an anti-semite, largely due to his critical ( i.e., forbidden) comments about Israeli actions and American neoconservatives.

Release of Six Detainees After Twelve Years Highlights the Historic Evil of Guantánamo — 'The U.S. military overnight transferred six Guantánamo detainees to Uruguay. All of them had been imprisoned since 2002 - more than 12 years. None has ever been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of any wrongdoing. They had all been cleared for release years ago by the Pentagon itself, but nonetheless remained in cages until today.'

What Bad, Shameful, Dirty Behavior is U.S. Judge Richard Posner Hiding? Demand to Know. — Richard Posner has been a federal appellate judge for 34 years, having been nominated by President Reagan in 1981. At a conference last week in Washington, Posner said the NSA should have the unlimited ability to collect whatever communications and other information it wants: "If the NSA wants to vacuum all the trillions of bits of information that are crawling through the electronic worldwide networks, I think that's fine."

The Intercept Welcomes Our New Editor-in-Chief, Betsy Reed — We are ecstatic that Betsy Reed, the Executive Editor of the Nation since 2006, will be our new editor-in-chief, beginning January 5. When, several weeks ago, we sat down to create a list of potential new editors, we placed only one name on it: Reed's.

The New Republic syndrome — (updated below - Update II - Update III) The number one problem facing the Democratic Party is that, as events of the last week demonstrate, it continues to be plagued by The New Republic Syndrome, one of the most fatal political afflictions that exist.
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Dec 20, 2014

RT @_cypherpunks_: Meet Alfreda Bikowsky, the Senior Officer at the Center of the CIA’s Torture Scandals… ( by @ggreenwald & @maassp)

Dec 19, 2014

@MichaelMicklow @RayNowosielski @johnjcook Our point was big media outlets had printed it, hence the Gakwer link, but an edit would be good

Dec 19, 2014

@RayNowosielski @MichaelMicklow Your work was fantastic and brave on that. You deserve credit. On a plane but will try to get an edit.

Dec 19, 2014

RT @ArarMaher: "They [terrorism analysts] generate fundraising for their own organizations as well as well as allied anti-Muslim campaigns"- @JamesRisen

Dec 19, 2014

Full list of all the confirmed and alleged anti-US attacks triggered by release of the torture report

Dec 19, 2014

@moorehn If you're actually interested in the story, you should read Jane Mayer's book about it. But yeah: Jane didn't make that up.

Dec 19, 2014

RT @trevortimm: Meet Alfeda Bikowski, the officer at the center of the CIA's torture scandals, who many news outlets refuse to name.…

Dec 19, 2014

@jamescdownie I agree - no obvious questions you could point to as about superficial topics that shouldn't have been asked.

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