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NYT Editorial Bd: Foreign, defense policy; Ferris prof of journalism at Princeton, Fall 2013; RT not necessarily=endorsement; some things r just interesting.NYT Editorial Bd: Foreign, defense policy; Ferris prof of journalism at Princeton, Fall 2013; RT n

Congress Opens the Door to Drafting Women — An influential congressional committee has taken another step towards sanity and equality in military policy by voting to require women to register with the Selective Service, making them eligible for the draft if another one ever is required. The 32 to 30 vote by the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday is just the beginning of an unpredictable process.

A Warning About the Secret 9/11 Pages — The leaders of the independent commission that investigated the 9/11 attacks, former Governor Tom Kean of New Jersey and former Representative Lee Hamilton of Indiana, carried out that highly sensitive task with integrity and rigor.

The New York Times — International humanitarian law, which the United States helped establish, prohibits deliberate attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks, which do not distinguish between military targets and civilians. Belkis Wille, a researcher for Human Rights Watch who focuses on Yemen and researched the incident, told The Times that the Americans may not have known the Saudis would use the weapons against civilians when the bombs were sold.

Questioning America’s Role in Yemen — Who is to blame when bombs kill civilians? The conflict in Yemen has become an albatross for the United States, and maybe worse. Human Rights Watch, the research and advocacy group, says that America may be complicit in war crimes.

Straight Talk From Bernie Sanders on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict — The only presidential candidate who spoke any real truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Monday was the one who did not attend the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the country's largest pro-Israel group.

The New York Times

Trump’s Brain and U.S. Foreign Policy — For weeks, journalists have been asking Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner for president, to name his foreign policy brain trust. Okay, it doesn't have to be a panoply of knowledgeable people; how about even a handful? Repeatedly, Mr. Trump has deflected or deferred such requests.

President Erdogan’s Thin Skin — Like other authoritarian leaders, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has made it a point to show his people who's boss. He has waged war on the Kurdish separatists, imprisoned critics, taken control of much of the media, cowed the military and convinced a preponderance of his people that he is indispensable.

Americans Are Still Flying Blind on Drones — One of the least understood aspects of American security policy is the use of armed drones for killing alleged terrorists overseas. These covert executions have long raised grave questions of morality, legality and secrecy. Yet President Obama is failing to adequately address them despite promises to make the program more transparent and accountable.

Women and the Draft — Now that all American combat jobs are open to women, there is no longer any reason they should not be required to register for the draft. Even though the possibility of a draft is small - it hasn't been used since the Vietnam War - registering should be a matter of common sense.
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