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Freelance journalist with an abiding interest in all things science, tech and nature.

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

Clark Kent because these days you need to be Superman to remain relevant and active in the industry.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

Waking up in the morning with a head full of questions and the motivation to answer them daily.

What tools and software do you use to do your job?

Paper and pen, plus any additional gear that I can easily carry in a backpack without feeling distracted.

39 cooking terms you should know

mnn.com — No kitchen seems complete without a range of cookbooks lining the shelves. The conundrum, of course, is that chefs with years, if not decades, of kitchen experience usually write cookbooks for audiences who are not as well-versed in kitchen terminology.

8 gift ideas for the cook in your life

mnn.com — Why? Kitchen equipment gets a lot of abuse. What other household items are routinely cut, jammed, dunked, and exposed to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, on a regular basis? At some point, no amount of TLC will revive certain tools.

MNN - Mother Nature Network

mnn.com — Roasting pumpkins whole creates a beautiful presentation, but it begs the question: what should I stuff it with? The answer is simple: almost anything. Savory meats, seasonal produce, nuts, dried fruit, herbed stuffing, cheese, beef stew and cooked rice are all candidates - even pumpkin soup.

MNN - Mother Nature Network

mnn.com — Packing a turkey with stuffing isn't the only way to feed a crowd on Thanksgiving Day. Dressing - that is, stuffing cooked separately in a baking dish - can produce excellent results.

How to make great mashed potatoes

mnn.com — On Thanksgiving Day, turkey may be the star, but the supporting cast of side dishes often steals the show. Savory stuffing, cranberries, green beans and potatoes are the dishes we desire. Classic mashed potatoes made with sour cream, chives and butter are crowd-pleasers that satisfy everyone from picky vegetarians to full-on carnivores - which is good news for the cook, since making a batch is a straightforward process.

How to avoid a Thanksgiving dinner meltdown

mnn.com — The season of food-centered parties and gift-giving starts with a bang with Thanksgiving dinner. The annual meal comes with high expectations, as relatives and friends anticipate a multi-course feast. Mess up a margarita and burn a few hot dogs on the Fourth of July? No problem.

How to make Spiced Pumpkin Liquor

mnn.com — Have you ever wanted to pour the taste of fall into a bottle? Pumpkin season peaks around Halloween and wanes by the time Thanksgiving guests leave town. But during that brief period, consumers are bombarded with pumpkins, along with the all things pumpkin spice related, including cookies, lattes and pies.

How to make kefir (and what it is, if you don't know)

mnn.com — From a few kefir grains in the bottom of a bowl to a delicious smoothie, here's what you need to join the growing kefir movement. (All photos: Enrique Gili) Along with a surge in the popularity of traditional homemade foods, enthusiasm for pickling, fermenting and canning is at an all-time high - all part of the movement sprouting across the country that embraces DIY vegetable gardens and support for organic practices in general.

Can healthy soil fix our planet?

mnn.com — When's the last time you read a good book about dirt? Not a gossipy tell-all, but a story about the world beneath our feet, where a single teaspoon packs enough species to fill several rain forests.

New book urges Americans to embrace local seafood

mnn.com — The United States likes to think of itself as the alpha and the omega of everything. In terms of seafood consumption, however, the U.S. woefully lags behind other seafaring nations like Japan and China. Consider this: The U.S. imports 91 percent of its seafood from abroad, but exports most of its catch to Asian markets.
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