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Rethinking Itzhak Perlman on the eve of his 70th birthday

latimes.com — Honey-toned. Velvety. A golden sound. These are just some of the terms that generations of music lovers have used to compliment the violin playing of Itzhak Perlman. For nearly five decades, the marquee virtuoso, one of concert music's most charming emissaries, has infused his playing with sweetness and ease that can smooth out the most unruly passages, infusing masterworks with rich life.
Jul 10, 2015

RT @culturemonster: Rethinking Itzhak Perlman on the eve of his 70th birthday lat.ms/1NUJjgB

Beyond the Boundary Principle

opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com — It was a murky winter morning; I could tell that much from my hospital window. I carefully shifted my neck, trying to keep my head straight so that my newly bald scalp wouldn't burn as it brushed against the pillowcase. A small sea rock rested in my right palm.
Apr 21, 2015

RT @bonnietsui: a startling, moving essay on the boundary between your therapist and you, by adam baer: nyti.ms/1PbHjCc @glassshallot

Apr 21, 2015

Exploring therapist-patient boundaries as a 20-something with stage 4 cancer. A moving essay by @glassshallot. nyti.ms/1G2S6I2

Apr 21, 2015

RT @bonnietsui: a startling, moving essay on the boundary between your therapist and you, by adam baer: nyti.ms/1PbHjCc @glassshallot

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On Not Toasting Kim Jong-Un

roadsandkingdoms.com — Let me get this out of the way right now: I didn't have to toast to Kim Jong-un. I didn't have to toast to the downfall of American capitalist pigs, either. Or apologize for Team America: World Police, or the whole "axis of evil" thing. No one asked me if I knew Dennis Rodman.

Johnnie Wadie Red Tabel

roadsandkingdoms.com — I might never have learned about Johnnie Wadie Red Tabel had it not been for Mustafa, a chubby-faced guy in his mid-twenties who worked as a tourist hustler in the various backpacker hotels near Cairo's Orabi Square. Mustafa's career hinged on the refined tastes of middle-class Cairenes, who were willing to pay him inflated prices ...

Seize the Chacha

roadsandkingdoms.com — When Beso, the bearlike owner of Café Niko, a no-frills Georgian café seemingly built on stilts above the Caucasus-bound-bus station in Istanbul, delivered another round to the men huddled around tables on the terrace, the whole structure squeaked and shook. Per-haps accustomed to drinking on the long bumpy ride from Tbilisi, they carried on, un-fazed ...

A Tecate in Hidalgo County

roadsandkingdoms.com — One of the skinniest, best-dressed drug dealers in Hidalgo County was throwing himself a birthday party, and I was drinking his beer. It wasn't really my intention. First we were just trying to interview him. Photographer Shaul Schwarz and I were roaming outside of McAllen, Texas, in between flights with a drug interdiction unit of ...

5 O'Clock Somewhere

roadsandkingdoms.com — To celebrate this fellowship of booze, we're starting a daily series of drinking dispatches here at Roads & Kingdoms. We're calling the series Five O'Clock Somewhere, a name we chose out of a desire to free alcohol from its velvet evening-cage and also as a nod to the fact that our readers are spread across too many time zones to reckon with.

50 Foods with Superpowers

How Chromatik Disrupted the Sheet Music Industry

inc.com — As other industries have gone digital in new, interactive ways, the sheet music business--despite publishers' attempts to sell digitized products--has remained relatively static. One startup, Chromatik, is trying to change that, by creating a Spotify of sheet music.

Inside the Tenenbaum House

mrbellersneighborhood.com — Just east of Amsterdam Avenue, in a section of Harlem called Hamilton Heights, a newly poignant obsession of mine was given life.
Nov 16, 2014

RT @glassshallot: @sternbergh Wrote at serendipitously finding it (& meeting owner) in 2002 for @thomasbeller. piece here: http://t.co/vI5V…

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