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Beyond the Boundary Principle — It was a murky winter morning; I could tell that much from my hospital window. I carefully shifted my neck, trying to keep my head straight so that my newly bald scalp wouldn't burn as it brushed against the pillowcase. A small sea rock rested in my right palm.

On Not Toasting Kim Jong-Un — Let me get this out of the way right now: I didn't have to toast to Kim Jong-un. I didn't have to toast to the downfall of American capitalist pigs, either. Or apologize for Team America: World Police, or the whole "axis of evil" thing. No one asked me if I knew Dennis Rodman.

Johnnie Wadie Red Tabel — I might never have learned about Johnnie Wadie Red Tabel had it not been for Mustafa, a chubby-faced guy in his mid-twenties who worked as a tourist hustler in the various backpacker hotels near Cairo's Orabi Square. Mustafa's career hinged on the refined tastes of middle-class Cairenes, who were willing to pay him inflated prices ...

Seize the Chacha — When Beso, the bearlike owner of Café Niko, a no-frills Georgian café seemingly built on stilts above the Caucasus-bound-bus station in Istanbul, delivered another round to the men huddled around tables on the terrace, the whole structure squeaked and shook. Per-haps accustomed to drinking on the long bumpy ride from Tbilisi, they carried on, un-fazed ...

A Tecate in Hidalgo County — One of the skinniest, best-dressed drug dealers in Hidalgo County was throwing himself a birthday party, and I was drinking his beer. It wasn't really my intention. First we were just trying to interview him. Photographer Shaul Schwarz and I were roaming outside of McAllen, Texas, in between flights with a drug interdiction unit of ...

5 O'Clock Somewhere — To celebrate this fellowship of booze, we're starting a daily series of drinking dispatches here at Roads & Kingdoms. We're calling the series Five O'Clock Somewhere, a name we chose out of a desire to free alcohol from its velvet evening-cage and also as a nod to the fact that our readers are spread across too many time zones to reckon with.

50 Foods with Superpowers

How Chromatik Disrupted the Sheet Music Industry — As other industries have gone digital in new, interactive ways, the sheet music business--despite publishers' attempts to sell digitized products--has remained relatively static. One startup, Chromatik, is trying to change that, by creating a Spotify of sheet music.

Inside the Tenenbaum House — Just east of Amsterdam Avenue, in a section of Harlem called Hamilton Heights, a newly poignant obsession of mine was given life.

The Value of Voice by Adam Baer — The prompt that appeared in this space before I began typing said: "Write your thoughts." The idea: that this is just a place to share -- no big deal, they're just your thoughts -- and since "thoughts" are just ideas filtered through a writer's voice, they're worthless; go ahead, write them, share them, send them out to the world.
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