Grace Dent on TV: Fortitude is essentially Broadchurch with polar bears — You will have noticed Sky Atlantic's new Arctic murder mystery, Fortitude. I say this confidently, because when Sky TV chose to spend more than £25m of our monthly subscription fee on Sofie Grabol, animatronic polar bears, kitting out a cast of hundreds head to foot in Canada goose and situating them in a recreated Swedish Arctic research centre (in Iceland), well, the channel was bound to factor in a serious promotional budget.

Grace Dent reviews Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill — London doesn't need any more honking great skyscrapers. We're quite full now, thank you. Well, I think so anyway. Cutester nicknames - Gherkin, Cheesegrater, Walkie Talkie - may distract slightly from their tedious corporate roles, but I refuse to be seduced.

Thank heavens for Louise Mensch and her foul-mouthed tweets to world leaders — Thank heavens for Mensch in the days following the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, as Britain's church and state bowed and scraped their condolences in a manner appropriate to the passing of a Nelson Mandela or an Oskar Schindler, and not that of the leader of a country where women are beheaded in the street, bloggers flogged, and his own four daughters are held captive.

When rents are so high that you have to share a bed with a stranger, surely the revolution can’t be far off — I have woken, grumpily, from my slumber over housing, and am ready for revolution. Forgive me for taking a backseat, but as a nation we've moaned so hard for so long about the affordable homes shortage that I've been guilty of snoozing through debates in which us everyday joes are utterly impotent.

Grace Dent on TV: Damian Lewis smouldering in tights is epic value for licence-fee money — BBC2's Tudor season, during this cold January, has felt as welcome to me as a 15-tog duvet and my fur-trimmed Hunter welly socks. It's hard to quibble about value for money when six slices of Wolf Hall - Damian Lewis smouldering in tights - are on offer.

Grace Dent reviews Babaji — Being a foodie isn't just about augmenting one's belly. Oh no. It's also about blag and bluster. 2015 will involve much feigning of knowledge on the subject of Korean kimchi carnitas disco fries, paleo-friendly bone broth, the minute specifications of the perfect lobster roll and, of course, one's innermost thoughts on authentic Istanbul pide (pronounced pee-day).

And we all thought this Pope was a bit more gay-friendly than his predecessors... — If I needed further evidence that Pope Francis is not - as millions the world over believe - the one chosen earthly representative of an infallible, omniscient, super-power, and is, in fact, just a bloke in a frock, "winging it as he goes along", then his current tour of the Philippines has delivered it.

‘A bill for £15.95’ and what it tells us about modern parenting — News of the legal action towards five-year old Alex Nash for his non-attendance at schoolfriend's birthday party at a dry ski slope is darkly hilarious, although to me, not wholly surprising. One of the chief reasons I am yet to provide a son (or daughter) and heir to the Dent dynasty is that I find that many people, after pro-creating, mutate into genuinely awful human beings.

Grace Dent on TV: Rita Ora is a singing Kardashian - a perfect product-placement unit — Because of the unique and fascinating way that the BBC goes about things, we are now experiencing the fourth cycle of talent search The Voice. It is fair to say that the first three outings of the BBC's hunt for greatness have been little short of an abject failure.

Grace Dent reviews Pure Taste London — Showy sobriety and saintliness in January vexes me. We remain, I remind you, in the bleak midwinter. If one can face freezing cold, pitch-black daily commutes and go without carbs, booze and refined sugar, lucky you. We don't need Facebook updates on it. Of course, the one thing worse than January dining martyrs are year-round faddy eaters.
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Jan 30, 2015

@raymond_blanc @Chocs4Chance People are powerless in the face of my Taittinger truffles! what can I say? :)

Jan 30, 2015

Dinner at the top of the Walky-Talky. This week’s Grace and Flavour.…

Jan 29, 2015

RT @ESgoingout: 'Elegant, sophisticated - and other words for ‘not massively fun’'- @gracedent on Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill... http://t…

Jan 28, 2015

RT @Chocs4Chance: What a treat! @gracedent is including a love letter addressed to whoever you’d like & a signed collection of her novels w…

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