Leaking emails and phonecalls can prevent bigots like Kerry Smith standing for Parliament, but its growing popularity should terrify us all

independent.co.uk — In the private calls - now revealed for public enjoyment - no one escapes Smith's scattergun approach to sniping and snarkery. Lesbians, "disgusting old pooftahs", and anyone else in the "BLT" brigade received a shout-out. Ukip members Olly Neville, Lucy Bostick and head honcho Nigel Farage were also honoured by his smite.

Grace Dent on TV: The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies shows an innocent man's life ruined after being accused of murder

independent.co.uk — Not that strangeness is a crime, but it most certainly won't help if you're accused of one. As The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies showed compellingly, your solitary bookishness, or your lack of a "short back and sides", or a spouse or kids to bolster your levels of "normality", might be a very dangerous thing indeed, particularly if it's a slow news week and the media finds you odd.

Grace Dent's worst London restaurants of 2014

standard.co.uk — This year has seen the real beginnings of the waiter/waitress-free dining experience. I've been handed iPads (Rex and Mariano), asked to download the app (Grill Shack) and been directed to a bank of computers and told to serve myself (DF Mexico).

Grace Dent's best London restaurants of 2014

standard.co.uk — If Grace and Flavour learned anything during 2014, it was 'admit one's limitations'. I tried, heaven knows, to peruse all of the approximately 216 new London restaurant openings this year. I gave it my best shot. I ate ribs in a bib, I fondued in Fulham, I did Persian in Penge.

Ask Nigel Farage anything, and you can guarantee there will be outrage

independent.co.uk — Currently, we, the metropolitan media elite, are sniggering wildly at Nigel Farage over his notions about Britain's overloaded roads. Farage believes this is caused partly by immigration. More people equals more cars and more traffic jams, ergo more late appointments etc.

Grace Dent on TV: Remember me is bewildering in the worst pre-pre-Christmas week of television ever(!)

independent.co.uk — We are pre-pre-Christmas. All your Esio Trots, your Mapp and Lucias, your British Bake-Off Masterclasses and so on are biding their time for the big yuletide fortnight. Presently, I am the forlorn TV critic equivalent of The Little Match Girl, dreaming of festive TV largesse, while making do with BBC1's Wild Weather with Richard Hammond.

Grace Dent reviews Roka Aldwych

standard.co.uk — Even the most dedicated Yule-basher couldn't help but find pre-Christmas Covent Garden vaguely magical. There's a man-size, 70,000-brick Lego Santa's sleigh on the piazza right now, with reindeer-size reindeer. And only 19 more days until throttling someone in the Apple Store over the last neon-pink Nano seems a wholly festive act.

Shia LaBeouf's rape claim: Would we say to a woman 'Oh sure, why didn’t you fight them off?'

independent.co.uk — Until now, LaBeouf's behaviour has been erratic, attention-seeking and at times infuriating. Yet if anyone cited these things as relevant to me while announcing an alleged rape of a woman, I'd be incandescent. When investigating rape, I would argue, all that should really matter is that specific moment and the actions of the perpetrator, not the victim.

Cyber Monday: Now it's almost over, I can't wait until Psycho Saturday and Worst Behaviour Ever Wednesday

independent.co.uk — If you missed the memo about Cyber Monday bargains I expect you feel extremely silly. Actually, worse than that. Bloody furious. It sneaked up just like last week's Black Friday shopping armageddon. One moment Cyber Monday wasn't "a thing", but then it most definitely was a thing. A huge, exciting money-saving thing!

Grace Dent on TV: After watching Posh People: Inside Tatler I'm happier to be a peasant

independent.co.uk — I'd be handed Tatler at the hairdressers and sit there in tin foil, flicking and fuming, seething at these foppish, moneyed goons cavorting in their own trust-fund fuelled micro-climate. Death to the lot of them. Actually not straightforward death: posh person gulag and then death. Make them live on Lidl marrowfat peas in Macclesfield.
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Dec 18, 2014

@AdamMHyman @CODELondon it's arrived! You look marvellously noble on the cover.

Dec 18, 2014

@signesjohansen the chicken in green herb dressing is lovely. and the very honeyed parsnips. and well all of it.

Dec 18, 2014

Schnitzel at Fischer's last night. Then Blueberry Palatschinken. This place is always, always jolly. instagram.com/p/wvhft4zL2o/

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