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New York, NY
Assistant Editor, International — New York Times
As seen in:  New York Times, GlobalPost
Covers:  india, social media, myanmar, gender, world news, reproductive health, maternal health

Digital storytelling & strategy at @NYTimesWorld. Past: reporter in Mumbai; editor at @GlobalPost, @HuffingtonPost & @TheMyanmarTimes. hanna.ingber@nytimes.com

Hanna Ingber's Biography

Hanna is a staff editor on the social media desk of The New York Times.

Before joining The Times, Hanna worked as GlobalPost's editor of breaking news and social media and the Huffington Post's founding World editor.

She spent two years living in India, where she worked as GlobalPost’s Mumbai correspondent, freelanced for a variety of publications including The Independent of London and PRI’s “The World ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

I worked as the lifestyle editor of the Myanmar Times immediately after college.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

A few times in middle school. I know typewriters are now "cool," but I am happy to live without.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

A journalist is a voice for the voiceless. A journalist holds people w/ power accountable. A journalist engages with and covers a community.

Sharing News on WhatsApp, an International Desk Experiment

nytimes.com — One person responded with a thumbs up. Another with an emoji of two hands clapping. A third wrote: "Thanks for the updates. Your efforts make Pope visit feel closer." The New York Times launched its first experiment with a messaging service around Pope Francis' trip to Latin America earlier this month, and for many of our readers, it was a hit.
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Shinzo Abe’s Military Plan Draws Sharp Response From Readers

nytimes.com — The government of Japan moved forward this week with its controversial plan to reverse its 70-year ban on sending its military forces to fight in conflicts abroad, and many Japanese as well as others in the region cried out in anger.
Jul 18, 2015

We asked readers in Japan, Korea & China to tell us their views on Japan's military plans. Received sharp responses: nyti.ms/1CO30WO

Jul 20, 2015

We asked readers in Japan, South Korea & China their views on Abe's military plans. We received sharp responses: nyti.ms/1CO30WO

Courtney Love Describes Ordeal During Violent Uber Protests in Paris

nytimes.com — Courtney Love had what she called the scariest day of her life on Thursday, when the car in which she was riding was attacked during protests in Paris and she and her driver were held hostage, she said. Ms. Love live-tweeted the whole episode.
Jun 25, 2015

RT @HannaIngber: .@courtney live tweets her ordeal in Paris during Uber protests. "I'm safer in Baghdad" nyti.ms/1e5Vmf4 pic.twitter.com/lupydsDZ1A

Jun 25, 2015

Courtney Love Tweets Ordeal During Violent Uber Protests in Paris nyti.ms/1QRPkQW

Jun 25, 2015

Please join me in praying for @Courtney Love's safe arrival to the George V in Paris through this #UberPOP riot. nyti.ms/1QRPkQW

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The Many Miseries of Yemeni Families

nytimes.com — As the civil war in Yemen continues, many families say they are living in constant fear. Parents say that their older children have been wetting their beds at night, and that younger ones are so traumatized that they are sent running for cover by the sound of a door slamming.
Jun 24, 2015

We heard from 350 Yemenis about how the war is affecting them & their families nyti.ms/1Lv8dpe pic.twitter.com/nMsFJ7hzYm

Jun 24, 2015

Heartbreaking stories from Yemen. A young mom tried to flee to the border with her baby but was turned away, twice. nyti.ms/1Lv9sVk

Jun 24, 2015

RT @HannaIngber: We heard from 350 Yemenis about how the war is affecting them & their families nyti.ms/1Lv8dpe http://t.co/nMsFJ7hz…

Jun 24, 2015

A sister returned to Yemen to rescue her brother who had been injured in a bombing. He couldnt get treatment there nyti.ms/1Lv9sVk

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Amid MERS Outbreak, Readers Reflect on South Korean Hospitals

nytimes.com — As South Korea struggles to contain an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome that has infected close to 100 people, the country's health care system has come under scrutiny. Experts have said that the MERS outbreak may have been fueled by a hospital system that encourages family members to take on nursing duties, reported Choe Sang-Hun, a New York Times correspondent based in Seoul.
Jun 09, 2015

Fascinating window into culture of South Korean hospitals (& insights into why #MERS might've spread so widely there) nytimes.com/2015/06/10/wor…

Jun 09, 2015

Amid MERS outbreak, our readers in South Korea reflect on hospitals there nyti.ms/1f1yz4K

Jun 09, 2015

RT @jyangstar: Fascinating window into culture of South Korean hospitals (& insights into why #MERS might've spread so widely there) http:/…

Jun 10, 2015

South Korean Hospitals: according to former patients, no nurses, no gloves, not cleaned often enough nyti.ms/1Mm7RhB #MERS

Readers Around the World Shed New Light on the News

nytimes.com — In the past couple of weeks, the International desk had a number of stories that we knew would be told even better if we invited our readers and others on social platforms to share with us their experiences.
May 28, 2015

My Times Insider piece on our recent efforts to involve our readers more in our coverage: nytimes.com/times-insider/…

Muslim Women on the Veil

nytimes.com — To some, a Muslim head scarf represents patriarchal oppression in a backward society. To others, it symbolizes modesty, identity and respect for a higher being. After Suzanne Daley and Alissa J.

For One Irish Couple, Backing Gay Marriage Is a Matter of Family Values

nytimes.com — Thirteen years ago Padraic Whyte did one of the hardest things he has ever had to do: He told his Roman Catholic parents living in rural Ireland that he was gay. He had waited until he was completely comfortable with himself and his decision.
May 22, 2015

Brighid & Paddy, married 50yrs, made a viral video to get Irish voters to support gay marriage nyti.ms/1Rb6Kog pic.twitter.com/dnMuJ7H18L

May 22, 2015

RT @nytimes: An Irish couple's video on the country's same-sex marriage referendum goes viral nyti.ms/1LuH5Uq pic.twitter.com/bIigsy7kpo

May 22, 2015

This 50-year-long married Roman Catholic couple are the loveliest people in the world. nytimes.com/2015/05/23/wor…

May 22, 2015

RT @Hearns: Nora Ephron-style couch interviews with adorable, old couples should be used to solve all social justice issues. nyti.ms/1FtFQmp

May 22, 2015

For One Irish Couple, Backing Gay Marriage Is a Matter of Family Values nyti.ms/1FtFQmp

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Soul-Searching as Ireland Prepares to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

nytimes.com — One person described a vicious fight around the family dining room table. Another said her sister, mother and elderly grandmother were all on the same page. A third said his children couldn't understand why anyone would vote no.
May 21, 2015

We asked readers in Ireland how their families are reacting to tmw's gay marriage referendum. Some amazing responses: nytimes.com/2015/05/22/wor…

May 21, 2015

The Times asked Irish readers how they felt about tomorrow's gay marriage referendum. Here's how they responded nyti.ms/1BfawUA

May 21, 2015

RT @liamstack: The Times asked Irish readers how they felt about tomorrow's gay marriage referendum. Here's how they responded nyti.ms/1BfawUA

May 21, 2015

Irish people offer their thoughts on tomorrow's gay marriage referendum. j.mp/1PA0c5b

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A Photographer in Katmandu Assesses the Earthquake’s Damage

nytimes.com — Patrick Adams, 36, an American writer and photographer who specializes in public health reporting, was in Katmandu Saturday when a major earthquake hit the country, killing nearly 4,000 people. Since then, Mr. Adams has been traveling around the city to see the destruction, and talking to victims and health care workers at the city's teaching hospital.
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Oct 08, 2015

RT @diaahadid: Hani, 17, a tunnel worker, shows media a smuggling tunnel during a tour of the border area between… instagram.com/p/8k7AJhzVch/

Oct 05, 2015

@storybench @MelissaWall @jorgecaraballo and yes, we do spend a lot of time thinking about terms refugee vs migrant and when to use which

Oct 05, 2015

RT @MediaShiftOrg: "Each story needs to stand alone. We sell each one." ~@nytimesworld's @HannaIngber on covering the refugee crisis ow.ly/T1FTb

Oct 05, 2015

Arab-Israeli TV journalist hit by stun grenade and then goes back on air hours later bit.ly/1Q0AGm3 pic.twitter.com/rYYsbmAptK

Oct 01, 2015

RT @diaahadid: On a historic night, Palestinians watch President Mahmoud Abbas speak at the United Nations General… instagram.com/p/8S4oTyTVdJ/

Oct 01, 2015

RT @DougSchorzman: On the 4th day of Taliban rule, the fight to retake Kunduz has started. Afghan forces making headway. nyti.ms/1O5fFaF

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