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AirAsia plane missing over Java Sea, 161 on board

pbs.org — An AirAsia flight with 162 aboard lost contact with ground controllers over the Java Sea between Surabaya, Indonesia, and the plane's intended destination, Singapore, the airline said Sunday. Flight QZ8501 lost communication at 7:24 am local time (7:24 p.m. ET). Below are flight details from a flight tracking service.

Recalling Luke Somers as a 'passionate' and 'dedicated' colleague

pbs.org — American photojournalist Luke Somers, who was killed by his Al Qaeda captors during a failed U.S.-led rescue attempt, was remembered on Saturday by colleagues who knew him in Yemen, including NewsHour Desk Assistant Tik Root. "It really hit home with a lot of us," said Root, describing Somers's capture in September of 2013.

ISIS uses half a Quran verse to justify beheadings, see what's in the other half

pbs.org — There has long been debate about the nature of Islam and its use as justification in violent and inhumane brutality - including the recent beheadings of journalists and aid workers - from the Middle East to Africa and beyond.

A decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is almost here

pri.org — How much is Ken Winston opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline? "Let me count the ways," he says. Winston is the policy advocate for the Nebraska Sierra Club. He argues that the controversial pipeline extension, which was proposed in 2008, would help enable one of the most "environmentally destructive activities on the planet:" extracting tar from sand.

Hear from the scientists who saw the algal blooms coming

pbs.org — For a second day, residents of Toledo Ohio are not able to drink water flowing from their taps. The water is unsafe because of an algal bloom in Lake Erie, which is affecting the city and surrounding areas' water supply.

Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau's 31-day mission underwater

pbs.org — We've done several Google+ Hangouts at the NewsHour, but until now, none were filmed underwater. On Saturday, we dialed up Fabien Cousteau, whose Mission 31 team is spending more than a month 63 feet beneath the waves at Florida International University's Aquarius Lab.

In a land of plenty, a reporter’s snapshots of malnutrition

pbs.org — When we asked Maria Pilar whether she would save some of the peas she was tirelessly weeding, she looked at us like we were nuts. Her answer was, "I've heard people eat these things. But no, not me." And that was part of the very problem we were in Guatemala to unpack.

World’s largest ocean may lie below the ocean floor

pbs.org — A study in Science reveals that a massive reservoir of water - in its molecular form - may lie hundreds of miles below the earth's surface and may hold more water than the earth's oceans. I spoke with the study's coauthor and geophysicist at Northwestern University, Dr. Steven Jacobsen, in a conversation that looked at what researchers found and how they did it.

When 'Happy Memorial Day' is painful for some families

pbs.org — Memorial Day can be an emotional day for those who have lost a loved one serving in the military. In turn, common remarks like "Happy Memorial Day" can be painful for some families to hear. That's according to Ami Neiberger-Miller (@AmazingPRMaven) of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS, who joined me for a Google + Hangout on Sunday.

Study finds phone metadata can reveal sensitive personal information

pbs.org — The government has your number, and the meta-data surrounding it. What does that really mean? From the heads of intelligence agencies to the president, they've all said it is not identifiable, but a couple of students at Stanford are finding something different in their research. Continue reading →
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May 29, 2015

RT @harikondabolu: Hey @ESPN, it might be a good idea to have an Indian-American announce the #SpellingBee to get the Indian names right.

May 26, 2015

@digiphile in webverse - i bake, you feast don't pay. as I try to sell access to you, you can act horribly to others and expect free speech

May 26, 2015

@digiphile say I bake bread, I sell it, you don't like it, you don't buy more. I'm out of business.

May 26, 2015

@digiphile closed communities / private Co. have other problems but not senses of entitlement (to things like free speech) from users

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