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Olio's Connected Watch Envisions A World Beyond Apps

fastcompany.com — It's an interesting-and possibly dangerous-time to be introducing a new smartwatch. The market is currently fractured. A bunch of models are based on Google's Android Wear, but none of them have become a breakout hit. Samsung is doing both Android Wear and its own watch software built on the Tizen operating system.

The Tragic Final Days Of My Neighborhood RadioShack

fastcompany.com — The RadioShack at 938 Market St. in San Francisco is just another standard-issue RadioShack- one of thousands that are going to close in the very near future, now that the venerable electronics retailer has declared bankruptcy and is winding down its operations. But it also happens to be the one nearest my office.

Leap Motion's Hand-Tracking Technology Provides 3-D Input For 3-D Virtual Worlds

fastcompany.com — In 2013, I reviewed Leap Motion's controller-a steak-fry-sized $80 USB gizmo that let you control PC games, reading and creativity apps, and other software by waving your hands as if you were Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It was neat.

Instagram Introduces Layout, A Super-Simple Stand-Alone App For Photo Collages

fastcompany.com — More than just about any major smartphone app I can think of, Instagram's simplicity is core to its identity. If it ever gets overstuffed with features-even nifty ones-it'll stop being the Instagram we know. Which makes the app a good candidate for "unbundling," the practice ( championed by its owner, Facebook), of spinning off features into their own specialized apps.

Delphi's Autonomous Car Is Remarkably... Unremarkable

fastcompany.com — I took my first ride in an autonomous vehicle less than five years ago. Both "ride" and "autonomous" might be pushing it: It was a Volkswagen Passat which could park itself, but it wasn't smart enough to avoid any humans who wandered into its path.

Sony's PlayStation Vue Is The Closest Thing Yet To Cable TV For The Internet

fastcompany.com — At some point in the future when we look back on the major tech developments of 2015, there's a pretty good chance we'll remember it as the year that pay TV really began its migration onto the Internet.

Adobe Gives Acrobat The Cloud Treatment

fastcompany.com — In 2011, Adobe took its software for artists, designers, and multimedia types-Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and much more-and bundled it up with related Internet services and mobile apps. It called the result Adobe Creative Cloud, and sold it on subscription plans rather than as a boxed product.

Remember Twitter Lists? Six Years Later, Nuzzel Makes Them Useful

fastcompany.com — Back in 2009, Twitter introduced a feature it called lists-the ability for anyone to construct a feed made out of the feeds of any number of Twitter users. I got excited over it, and immediately built such a list. And then I pretty much moved on, and have rarely thought about Twitter lists ever since.

Delivery Startup Shyp Wants To Make Returns Painless

fastcompany.com — When Shyp launched its shipping service last year, a funny thing happened. The service-currently available in San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami, with more locations on the way-lets you use an app to snap a photo of something you want to ship.

Seven Sobering Takeaways From Lytro's Move Beyond Consumer Photography

fastcompany.com — Back in October 2011, I attended the press conference at which Lytro announced the first consumer camera based on light-field technology. I was dazzled both by the science-the camera captured all the light waves in a scene, giving it an understanding of dimensionality which no other still camera possessed-and its implementation in a camera unlike any the world had seen before.
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@kevinpurdy I've never had one tweet spawn identical responses from so many people before.

Mar 27, 2015

Stuff tech reporters shouldn't do, part 3,752: Assume that an Apple patent relates to an Apple product to be released this year.

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Mar 26, 2015

@dcseifert @arnoldkim My outlook is colored by sitting in a coworking space where it's just part of the air that the startups breathe.

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