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Instagram Gets Serious About Messaging

fastcompany.com — Instagram is best known, of course, as a service that lets more than 300 million people a month share photos and videos with the world. Rather quietly, it's also racked up 85 million users a month who use it to exchange private messages with friends.

Android Wear Watches Come To The iPhone--But No Third-Party Apps

fastcompany.com — The rumors dating back to last spring were true: Google is announcing that smartwatches based on its Android Wear platform will henceforth work with iPhones as well as Android smartphones. There are some catches. The biggest one is that the 4,000+ available third-party Android Wear apps won't work if you're using a watch with an iPhone.

At Long Last, Instagram Ends The Tyranny Of The Square

fastcompany.com — In its own way, it's been as defining a restriction as Twitter's 140-character limit. Instagram photos (and videos) come in one format: square. It forces the service's photographers into choosing thoughtful compositions, and provides an aesthetic link to the square snapshots that folks once took with Instamatics and Polaroids. Except .
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With Obi Smartphones, John Sculley Takes Old Lessons From Apple--And Pepsi--To New Places

fastcompany.com — John Sculley's new smartphones are not coming to a store near you anytime soon. That's by design. The 76-year-old former Apple CEO-who ran the company in the years after Steve Jobs' ouster in 1985-is cofounder of Obi Worldphone. A large chunk of its strategy for doing well in the remarkably daunting smartphone business involves avoiding the U.S.
Aug 26, 2015

I had fun talking with John Sculley about his new phone company, Obi. And Apple. And Pepsi. fastcompany.com/3050377/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/5jzXVOCyEX

Aug 27, 2015

RT @harrymccracken: I had fun talking with John Sculley about his new phone company, Obi. And Apple. And Pepsi. fastcompany.com/3050377/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/5jzXVOCyEX

Aug 27, 2015

RT @harrymccracken: I had fun talking with John Sculley about his new phone company, Obi. And Apple. And Pepsi. fastcompany.com/3050377/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/5jzXVOCyEX

From App to Architecture: How Curbside Designed And Built Its "Pickup Pod"

fastcompany.com — I'm standing in a cavernous, hangar-like building in American Canyon, California, 40 miles north of San Francisco in the Napa Valley. Inside the 35,000-square-foot structure is another structure-a gleaming blue-and-white kiosk whose most striking feature is a 20-foot spire topped off by a light-up panel shaped like an upside-down teardrop.
Aug 14, 2015

A little time-lapse photography for you of the mold being made for Curbside's Pickup Pod. fastcompany.com/3049675/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/0v0ftsf83Q

Aug 14, 2015

How shopping app Curbside ended up doing architecture, in the form of a "Pickup pod" (by me). fastcompany.com/3049675/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/mLq7N0DHjj

Google And Dell Announce A Chromebook Built For Business

fastcompany.com — Once upon a time, when Google first talked about Chrome OS and the Chromebooks that run the mobile operating system, it pitched them as business tools. But when Chromebooks finally started to catch on, it wasn't in the workplace.
Aug 13, 2015

Dell's new 13" Chromebook looks like a happy medium between bargain models and the Pixel. fastcompany.com/3049815/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/6n0VpVXG0N

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+ And Note5: Almost The Same Phone, But Distinctly Different

fastcompany.com — Samsung being Samsung, it isn't content to have one flagship smartphone. It wants to offer several of them. So today, less than six months after unveiling the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the company is back with two more high-end models, which it's announcing at its "Samsung Unpacked" event in New York City.

The Invention Of Alphabet Is The Ultimate Larry Page Move

fastcompany.com — When a coworker shared the news that Google was creating a new holding company called Alphabet and splitting off all its non-core activities from the Google brand, I reacted in the only rational way: I wondered for a nanosecond if it was a wonderfully wacky hoax.
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Google Creates Alphabet, A New Umbrella Company For A "Slimmed-Down Google"

fastcompany.com — In what is surely one of the most startling corporate blog posts ever published, Google CEO Larry Page has announced that the company is creating a new holding company, Alphabet, Inc. It will replace Google as the publicly-traded overarching entity. Google, Inc. will be part of it, and will be run by Sundar Pichai, formerly Google's product chief.
Aug 10, 2015

Google creates Alphabet, a new umbrella company for a "slimmed-down Google" fastcompany.com/3049692/google… by @harrymccracken via @FastCompany

Google's New Project to Solve Death

time.com — Subscriber content preview. or Sign In Larry Page, 40, is the co-founder and CEO of one of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies on the planet. Google is, of course, in the search business, and, more important for its profitability, it is in the online-advertising business.
Aug 10, 2015

RT @TIME: "Google’s corporate strategy is one part mainstream services and one part risky long shots" ti.me/1MlvKtj

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Sep 04, 2015

DMV appointment disclaimer: "If you are using Netscape Navigator or Netscape Communicator, you may not be able to print the confirmation."

Sep 03, 2015

RT @williamfleitch: It takes nearly as long to bring up an average story page in 2015 as it did in 1998. Oppressive adware and popup videos are the new dial-up.

Sep 03, 2015

Anyone else ever have your network go down because a cat jumped on the power-strip switch?

Sep 03, 2015

Silicon Valley's own @blakeross couldn't wait for more SILICON VALLEY, so he wrote his own script. blakeross.com/SiliconValleyS…

Sep 03, 2015

I'm not shedding any tears for Ross Ulbricht, but this documentary sounds interesting. fastcompany.com/3050603/the-re…

Sep 03, 2015

RT @dcseifert: Lots of readers emailing me today wondering which phone to buy. So many great options, it’s a tough choice! Good problem to have, I guess.

Sep 03, 2015

RT @jonathanchait: Donald Trump is definitely not going to leave the Republican Party now that he's signed this prenup -- I mean, loyalty pledge.

Sep 03, 2015

My Chromebook is apparently staging a silent protest against Google's new logo. pic.twitter.com/tGbWoUM79h

Sep 02, 2015

Looking forward to talking about iPad Pro and Apple TV stuff on @TechNews2Night in a bit with @meganmorrone. live.twit.tv

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