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How Google Makes Sure Google Now Is Useful, Personal, And Efficient--And Not Creepy

fastcompany.com — When Google director of product management Aparna Chennapragada was growing up in south India, she liked reading the newspapers that local stores used to wrap up goods. She enjoyed doing puzzles. And she was a comics fan. That may not sound like a collection of pursuits that would naturally lead someone to pursue a computer-science education and career.

Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer On The Present And Future Of Android And Chrome OS

fastcompany.com — In 2005, software engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer got a call from Andy Rubin, his former boss at Danger Research, the creator of the Sidekick (aka Hiptop), the first truly web-savvy smartphone. Rubin was now at Google, which had recently acquired his new startup. Lockheimer was working on Internet TV software for Microsoft, after stops at Palm and Good Technology.

R.I.P. Photoshop Touch: Adobe Rethinks Its Approach To Mobile Apps

fastcompany.com — I get lots of pitches from tech companies hoping that I'll write about products they're introducing. I don't remember ever having heard from one who wanted to tell me about something it was discontinuing. Until now, that is. Today, Adobe is announcing that it's ending development of Photoshop Touch, the version of its photo-editing application for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

In A Little-Seen Early Apple Video, Jobs And Wozniak Talk About The Company's Beginnings

fastcompany.com — By 2015 standards, 1984 might seem to fall rather early in the chronology of Apple Computer, Inc. But the company had already seen a lot of history by then. And in the vintage nine-minute video below, cofounders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak looked back at some of it, dating all the way back to 1976's Apple I.

Slack's New Podcast: "'This American Life' Meets 'Office Space' Meets 'Monty Python'"

fastcompany.com — For a Silicon Valley phenom, Slack has an atypically low-key personality. Yes, its goal-getting the busy people of the world off email and into a more modern and efficient form of teamwork-is audacious. Sure, it's been remarkably successful, racking up 750,000 daily active users for its messaging platform and reaching a valuation of $2.8 billion in less than two years.

Shyp's Delivery Service Goes Live In Los Angeles, With A Few Tweaks

fastcompany.com — The whole point of delivery startup Shyp is to replace the hassles of shipping-the rummaging around for packaging materials, the boxing items up, the driving, parking, and waiting in line-with a smartphone app. Snap a photo of the item you need to ship with your phone's camera, and the phone summons a Shyp "Hero" to take away your stuff.

A History of AOL, as Told in Its Own Old Press Releases

technologizer.com — Twenty-five years ago today, a company named Quantum Computer Services rose from the ashes of a failed startup called Control Video Corporation. It launched a dial-up online service for the Commodore 64 which eventually spread to Macs and PCs-one that became a lot better known after it was renamed America Online in 1989.

The 2000 And 2015 AOL Merger Press Releases: Compare And Contrast

fastcompany.com — In a tech merger that only counts as a medium-sized whoop by current standards, Verizon is acquiring AOL for $4.4 billion. The news shouldn't strike anyone as an out-of-left-field stunner: Bloomberg reported that the two companies were discussing such a deal back in January.

How Kickstarter Is Priming Itself For Success In Germany, Its Biggest International Expansion Yet

fastcompany.com — Starting today, people in Germany can crowdfund their bright ideas using Kickstarter. If it comes as a surprise that they haven't been able to do so for a long time, that's understandable. Germany, after all, is the fourth biggest economy in the world. It has the largest population in the European Union.

Can Amazon save the e-book?

slate.com — Amazon.com unveiled its Kindle e-book reader last week with a PR extravaganza that might impress even Steve Jobs. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos brandished his first hardware product on Charlie Rose and the cover of Newsweek, and secured testimonials from such dead-tree luminaries as Toni Morrison and Lemony Snicket. The marketing...
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May 27, 2015

Aparna Chennapragada on how Google makes Google Now useful and efficient (and not creepy). fastcompany.com/3046644/tech-f… pic.twitter.com/E2fUDmQdmy

May 27, 2015

Between deflategate and this FIFA thing, we need a word for sports-specific schadenfreude.

May 27, 2015

My rent-a-car is a Mitsubishi Lancer. The first Mitsubishi I've driven since my used 1980s Galant, and uncannily reminiscent of it.

May 27, 2015

RT @JamesFallows: Fiorina claim that Chinese are “not entrepreneurial” is contender for stupidest thing anyone will say in ’16 race twitter.com/harrymccracken…

May 27, 2015

RT @alizaknox: Having just come from #CESAsia in Shanghai, I can only suggest that @CarlyFiorina get out a bit more often twitter.com/harrymccracken…

May 27, 2015

@JamesFallows Some of the most entrepreneurial people I've ever met have been from China.

May 27, 2015

Fortunately, my fear that my hotel would offer no opportunities for gambling proved groundless. pic.twitter.com/I054K8tW89

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